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12 Real Estate Photos That Make You Go Ouch

Warning! The following is a list of 12 real estate photos that never should have happened. They may be hilarious, odd or even slightly marvellous but please note that these photos were taken by amateurs and as such should not be attempted at home.

Photo #1.

Looks nice on the outside …

Real estate photo

And then the inside.

terrible real estate photo
Somebody killed an entire zoo and placed it in their living room!

Photo #2.

Bad reflection real estate photo
Oh dear. This is awkward

Photo #3.

Terrible steady cam
steady cam

Photo #4.

Terrible property photos
This is where dreams go to die

Photo # 5.

terrible real estate photos
I’m afraid this really is a real estate photo

Photo # 6.

Bad dog terrible real estate photo
Business as usual

Photo #7.

bad realty photo
Home staging done right, things are looking up

Photo #8.

bad realty photo
Realtor wins award for best selfie

Photo #9.

creepy doll holding a doll realty photo
It’s only a doll holding a doll

Photo #10.

Terrible realty photo watering hole
“After days of waiting this agent’s patience is finally rewarded. Weak with thirst, a pair of wild mattresses appear at the watering hole.” – Terrible Real Estate Photographs

Photo #11.

bad real estate photography
The seller assures buyers that the entire neighborhood will be upgraded to 1200 x 1040px resolution shortly

Photo #12.

bad realty photos
It’s not small, it’s far away


All jokes aside, real estate photography is really important. It could mean the difference between getting a cold shudder or a warm call about your listing. Have a great day, love to hear your thoughts below.