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Be the word on the street

StreetText is changing the way people advertise online, for the better.
We are making the ad platform purpose-built to get new customers & clients.

Our mission

Growth advertising, done better

We're on a mission to make digital advertising so simple that everyone can be part of the future.

With the rise of the mobile revolution, online advertising, and the rapidly growing digital landscape - we believe that customer acquisition advertising should be measurable, effective and accessible to all. Which is why we founded StreetText.

The meaning behind the name

StreetText - Be the word on the street (noun).

Street: A public place that connects people and businesses.

It is "on the street" where one bumps into an old acquaintance, where one greets a business, where one hears an interesting story [Wikipedia]. "Urban planners draw a crucial distinction: a road's main function is transportation, while streets facilitate public interaction."[2]

Text: The copy, the word, or the message, that conveys the meaning.

In advertising one uses copy to connect with the audience.

Our story

We're here to see you succeed

In 2008 Stephen and Art were in real estate and Jonathan had a web design firm. In 2009 they converged and joined forces. By the 2010 they founded StreetText. And the rest is, as you say, a long story ;)

With text messaging taking off they asked the question, "Why can't a person text a code and receive info instantly to their phone instead of having to call and reach voice mail or go home and search the internet?" The solution seemed so obvious, so we built it. And was quickly adopted across Canada.

Then in 2012 Facebook released promoted post ads. We began experimenting with them. And in 2013 were teaching others to do the same. We uncovered a big need. We had the problem of trying to navigate Facebook advertising and struggled through getting ads to work and it became obvious that others had this problem too. It was confusing, overwhelming, and constantly changing. Plus, no one knew what ads would perform or how to reach new clients from the platform. This was a problem we felt passionate we could help people with.

We had already developed an API on Facebook in 2013 and so it seemed natural to extend it and build a Facebook advertising tool.

In 2014 we released the platform so anyone could have success with paid ads.

But Facebook's API wasn't ready for what we wanted to do. We kept finding the breaking points. Facebook themselves told us they were building around our use case.

Building an application over Facebook (Meta) proved much harder and took much longer than we were anticipating. Today we’ve invested millions and millions of dollars into it.

Often discovering bugs Facebook themselves did not know existed. And then communicating with their team to help them resolve it. We were part of the journey when Facebook began implementing machine learning. We were there as they changed their algorithms again and again. And we were there when Apple released iOS 14.5 and completely changed how ad results were tracked.

Fast forward to today and we are investing in being the adtech platform of the future. Simplifying your experience and improving your outcomes.

The problem we set out to solve hasn't gone away. It’s only gotten bigger. And we aren't going away, either. We are on a mission.

Our vision is to lead the digital advertising space. To create stand out experiences for our customers. To partner with like-minded tech platforms to improve the lives of our mutual clients. And to keep you on the cutting edge of digital advertising. So your ROI continues to grow and you can navigate the digital advertising landscape with ease.

Our values

"Talent wins games, but teamwork... wins championships." Michael Jordan


We care about seeing all parties winning. Customers, team, partners, and even us.


It's about choosing to be better today than yesterday.


We play to our potential, deliver excellence, and care about quality.


We have each others backs and crush our goals as a team.


We are incredibly thankful and embrace gratefulness in our day.


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