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The text message that guarantees conversations are started on Facebook

This will work if you are currently generating 1000’s of leads online, or if you just generated your first.

The irony for many agents is they spend a bunch of time or money generating a lead….only to discover the work has just begun.

“Time” is exactly what so many agents are trying to get back in their lives. Time with their kids and loved ones.

Every agent that is honest with themselves knows that cultivating leads takes time, but what if you could at least get that first “win”.

We have worked with 1000’s of Realtors, and we often found that agents with the best results (most leads/dollar spent) were often the least likely to convert into a client.


Because they initially came to us because they needed help generating leads, but what they were really saying is “I don’t have time to learn Facebook, set up campaigns, build landing pages, build lead capture forms, automation etc etc”

And we said you’re in the right place! We can do that for you. And then we delivered a bunch of leads in their account and…..they panicked.

Because we thought leads was the problem…but it wasn’t. Time was the problem. As the leads started to pile up, so did the work for the agents. The endless hours of follow-up.

So this is why we saw a curve, the more leads meant more panic. Not for every agent, of course, we had agents that CRUSHED every lead we could send them, and maybe that is you too. But even for those agents…this helped a TON.

starting conversations with SMS

So we knew agents needed that first “win”. Definition of that win: A conversation with a lead.

The agent needed some motivation to see that these leads and this journey was going to pay off big time.

Realtors struggle with a major under-estimation and over-estimation complex.

They over-estimate how much revenue they will make in the short term.
They underestimate how much revenue they will make in the long term.

With this complex, they often give up WAY too soon.

So this text message was born, it was created to start a conversation with leads. Allowing the Realtor to spend 80% of their time on the leads that would convert in the next 30-60 days, giving them the revenue and peace of mind they needed to build the systems to convert the other long-term leads.

Here it is:

This one is for buyers:

“Hi this is Julie, I work with (Your name). I see you are interested in a list of upcoming listings in (Area). I’m here to help you through that process! I’d love to get a little more info about the property you’re looking for. What specific locations are you interested in finding a new property in?”

This one is for sellers:

“Hi this is Julie, I work with (Your name). I see you are interested in your home value. Is there anything specific about your home that may affect its value? i.e Updates”

This text message HAS to be sent within the first 2-5min that the lead comes in.

The key here is it is provided by “your assistant Julie”. Julie obviously does not exist, but it is key you use it like this.

It offers the right amount of professionalism and respect required to generate a nice response. And any response is good.

It will either get you to focus on them or not waste your time on them, either way, you just prioritized your time!

Try this out and let me know how it works for you.

OH and a BONUS

Send this one 10 minutes later:

“Just let me know if I can help”

To your success!

Here are some of the REAL responses this text message has provided:

Message: 350,000

Message: Kingston, battersea, inverary, Sydenham, Odessa

Message: I’m looking to stay in Windsor and surrounding area.

Message: Really rather stay in Paulding. Ranches are what we are really looking for. Thank you

Message: We’re looking for a 4 bed 3 bath in a quiet neighborhood preferably with some distance between neighbors. Our style is modern rustic

Message: We are pretty open to it . We just started looking in lutz, Wesley chapel, Brandon, river view, and dade city lol we are all over the place obv. I work in New Tampa and he works in Brandon . So anywhere around those two areas .

Message: North of the 401 would be my first pick 3 bedroom with either a garage or a barn or both with big yard

Message: South east, mint hill, Matthews.

Message: I would like a garage or two. We currently own a property. We are not yet ready to move however we want to see what’s out there

Message: Hi there, it is definitely something I’m interested in! I own a house in Tamworth now. I want a three bedroom turn key. I want a fenced in yard, I like Napanee and surrounding area.

Message: Im looking for around 2000 sqft with open to below area.not more than 3-4 yrs old

Message: Would like to stay roughly 10 mins out of town and closer.

Message: I am looking around 400k


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How To On Marketing

How to be the first agent home sellers meet using Facebook

We live in a pretty amazing world today, thanks to the tools around us, we can make a big impact with a little amount of money and time… If lead generation is done correctly.

Here is a strategy you can use over the next 7 days to engage new home seller opportunities.

Meet Home Sellers on Facebook using StreetText Note: please don’t use this if you are expecting a ton of listings to come your way in 7 days. The reality is you will use a strategy like this to meet sellers early in the selling process. I am not saying you won’t win your next listing in 7 days, I have witnessed that myself. But it is unlikely, and it is unlikely because of two important facts. Trust and Timing. (Which we will dive into shortly). Agents who believe in treating their leads like referrals build trust almost naturally.

What is a digital door knocking test?

I am going to show you how in 7 days you can digitally door knock on 100’s or 1000’s of homes in the exact location you want to attract new listings and how to establish trust immediately with each one all for $99 including Facebook ad budget. Sounds like a pretty amazing strategy to test, right? That is because it is, and it’s unlike no other. I will leverage some free trials during the 7 days. So the cost structure would change after 7 days, but at least you will be able to fully test the strategy with no risk other than $99 and about 1 hour of your time with HUGE upside. Once set up, it can keep running for as long as your business needs. What is one more listing worth to you over the next 3 months?

Important fact number 1: Trust

If you were meeting a seller for the first time, do you think they will just hand you their home? It can happen… but you should probably approach it by adding value. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. And you have just been given an incredible opportunity to meet someone and now blow them away with how much you care about their needs and their home by providing more and more value. Some of the strategies I will show you actually help accelerate the trust process. It allows you to build trust without even meeting the client.

Important fact number 2: Timing

This one surprises a lot of Realtors, but If you think about it, it makes sense. Agents often want sellers ready to list tomorrow, and who doesn’t. But by the time the seller has made that decision they most likely have already started a conversation with at least one Realtor. In fact, the reason they have not phoned you is that you are not on their short list. But you can be the first agent they call. Use a strategy like this to get in front of sellers early making sure you ARE the agent they want to work with. Build that equity now. Get in front of them early. The stats show that most seller leads are 3-6 months out. Because agents don’t understand this concept, they unintentionally burn the lead or do not take it seriously in the first week. This means that eventually they’ll have no way of staying in touch or adding value. In 3 months the lead can’t even remember the agent when they are more serious.

Okay now let’s get into the strategy.

StreetText + Zapier + BombBomb = Ability to build relationships with home sellers early StreetText is the leader in providing agents proven Facebook ads, and they do everything. They will set up your ad, create a funnel to capture leads, provide you a dashboard to manage your leads and provide 1 on 1 calls over the 7 days explaining how your ad is performing and strategies to convert your leads. Also, there is no commitment required, so unless you decide to sign up to StreetText nothing happens after the 7 days. Zapier allows you to connect applications, and is very easy to use. For your convenience, we even made a quick video showing you exactly how to connect StreetText to BombBomb. Using this alone will save you tons and tons of time, because as soon as new real estate leads come in instantly BombBomb can send your video to them. How cool is that, right? Its pretty safe to say that BombBomb is the leader in video emailing. It is a great way of building trust early. I have even included a video showing you what to say to your new seller opportunities. It only takes you a few minutes to set this up and now you are able to meet people long before you meet them face to face.

Here are the step by step instructions:

StreetText (Time required 5 min)

Step 1. Create a $99 7-day market test 1. Start by clicking this link and entering in your City. Think of the exact zip or postal code you want to attract more listings in. Then think of the neighborhood the zip or postal code is in. So, for instance, let’s say I wanted to target zip code 92101 which is found in the neighborhood of Little Italy of San Diego. I could enter that. I could add more zip codes too, but for Little Italy, there is only one zip code so I will just enter the one. 2. So in this example, I would put. City: San Diego Neighbourhood: Little Italy Zip/Postal Code: 92101 Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.47.13 PM 3. Now select “Add Your Facebook Page” Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.49.51 PM After you click YES on the pop up you will see your Facebook Business Page. 4. Then add your Phone number and Company Name. Then click “See Your Ad” Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.50.44 PM This is NOT your ad, the StreetText team will put an ad together for you. But it gives you a quick perspective of what the ad could look like. 5. Now Click “Let’s Get Started” Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.54.13 PM 6. Enter your billing details, click verify, and then on the next page review the order and make sure you check the two checkboxes and then click set up. Congrats! You are done! StreetText will take it from here, the only other step is you need to accept the request from StreetText to run the Facebook ad on your business page. If you need help or you get stuck feel free to reach out to StreetText 1-888-287-4686 or book a demo at a time that works for you.

Next up Zapier (Time Required 10 min)

Step 2. Connect Zapier to save time Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 4.05.01 PM 1. Click “Sign Up Free” Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 4.19.08 PM 2. Next Click watch the below below on how to “Make A Zap”

Next up BombBomb (Time Required 30 min)

Step 3. Build trust early with BombBomb Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 4.52.39 PMStep 1. Start your 14 Day Trial


Congrats! You are well on the way to meeting new home seller leads in your market of choice! There you have it. You just put in place a system to generate seller opportunities AND engage with on autopilot. Give yourself a pat on the back!! Well Done!

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How to “Test Your Market” on Facebook

When you are looking to attract new seller leads on Facebook, there is simple math you can use to determine if your ad is performing well or not.

Everything comes back to your goal. Is the campaign moving you towards your goal with an acceptable ROI? Or not.

Math used in the video.

Goal: $80,000
Lead cost over 7 days: $10
Daily ad spend: $9
Monthly Leads: 27
Annual Leads: 324
Conversion %: 3%
Deals: 9.72
Average commission: $10,000
Revenue: $97,000
ROI: 17.23X

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How To On Marketing Strategy

Are you using Facebook Messenger?

Are you using Facebook messenger to contact your leads?

We always recommend emailing, but this quick video will show you a super cool technique to engage your leads through Facebook. 

Makes sense, they found you through Facebook. So why not communicate to them through Facebook. 

UPDATE: See a couple updates below the video.

Updates: Instead of seeing the Facebook and Twitter links on the right, you will now see them under the “SOCIAL” tab.


Click on the “Social” tab.

Social Tab Open

Then scroll down to see all the social links StreetText was able to find.

Social Tab Links

See How StreetText Works
See How StreetText Works
Click “Send to Messenger” to see a video on how StreetText works

Case Studies Interviews On Marketing Strategy

Part 2: Strategy to WIN Listings on the SPOT

If you have not listened to Part 1: The PERFECT Technique to Turn Facebook Seller Leads into Appointments then I recommend reading that article first.

Julia Hurley is a master when it comes to growing her Real Estate business. She grew from brand new to number 6th in her company using these EXACT techniques, and you will quickly see why she is growing so fast.

Here is her Strategy to WIN Listings on the SPOT.


Key Listening Points:

00:39 Tell them more on the phone but send less.
1:38 Trial close, go for the listing.
1:44 Take the listing on the spot.

Now your turn, what have you used that you have found has worked well for you?

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Case Studies Interviews On Marketing Strategy

Part 1: The PERFECT Technique to Turn Facebook Seller Leads into Appointments

One thing is certain whether you are in Real Estate or any sales role, you will find yourself on the phone with prospective clients.

In this short interview with Julia Hurley you will hear how she does it, we call in the “sales dance” and she does it brilliantly.

Her PROVEN technique turns phone conversations into Listing Appointments.


Key Listening Points:

  • 0:30min 8 Appointments, 2 cancels, 2 WON listings.
  • 1:40min Based on Type of Lead Call Immediately!!!!
  • 2:00min Objection handling PRO
  • 2:25min Uncover TRUE motivation
  • 3:18min The “Take Away”
  • 3:47min “They want to sell they just don’t know it yet – Free Money”

Share what you think of her strategy and what you have used yourself.

See Part 2 Here. Julia’s strategy to win listings on the spot.

To learn more about Julia you can visit her website

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On Marketing

How do the BEST AGENTS Convert 13.1% of ALL Online Leads?

After interviewing the best converting clients we noticed a number of similar trends.

Which correlated perfectly to a study Inman did on online leads.

Lead generation success
Success will be within your reach only when you start reaching out for it – StreetText
Stephen Richards

Inman found that 1 in 10 agents that responded to their survey claimed 46% of their transactions came directly from online leads.

What is also interesting is that same 10% claim that their conversion rate is 13.1%, which is more than triple the conversion rate cited by most respondents.

So what does that top 10% do to see a 13% conversion rate on online leads?

From all our research this video explains exactly what the top 10% do.

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On Marketing

The PERFECT scripts to convert leads into conversations.

Client connecting with sales professional because of good scripts

Even wanted to know what the perfect text message is to send a new lead?

Or maybe the best initial email?

You will find that all in this video.


There are also two great ways to overcome the most common objections.

What have you found to be the best script?

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On Marketing

Wow your clients with this simple vacation tip!

Facebook is excellent at showing you which friends are on vacation, you can use this simple tip to add value to them while they are away.

Be memorable!

Have you tried something like this before?


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Hi everyone, it’s Steve Whiting here from StreetText. Here’s a cool little tip that you can use to engage your clients while they’re traveling. Facebook is so cool for showing you people that are traveling, because while they’re traveling they end up uploading their photos, they can share their experience while they’re away. So what you can do is you can see where they’re at, take a quick a look maybe in Yelp, look at some of the best restaurants, or some really cool activities to do in the area, and send that to them as a nice little list. Send it through Facebook Messenger, to make sure it gets to them. It’s such a cool way of just showing that you’re thinking about them while they’re away and providing value, and it’s much more memorable than if you just send a postcard to their house. That’s a cool little tip, hope you like it. Have a great day.

On Marketing

How we received a 90% Response Rate from leads through Text

We were able to prove that sending a text message to our leads within 5 minutes prompted a 90% response rate!

However the challange is you are busy, and your team is busy so how do you make sure that no matter what time of the day, you are able to text your leads?

Here is a quick video to show you how to set up StreetText with CallFire to automatically text your leads and even text you the lead information.

1. Set up your StreetText account to have your Facebook campaigns created and start the process of receiving leads.

2. Create a free CallFire account and set up a local phone number for $3/month. (Buy credits as needed, you will start with 25 free texts)

3. Create a free Zapier account and follow my steps in the video above.

Hope you find this useful, it is an easy way to automatically prompt a lead response.


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Video Transcript:

“Hi everyone. It’s Steve Whiting here, with StreetText. I’d like to show how we got a 90% response rate from our leads using text messaging. It’s very simple to do and super, super, powerful.


So, what you’d wanna do is, you’re wanna go over, this obviously works if you have a StreetText account. So, what you’re gonna do is, you’re gonna go over to a website called CallFire, and you can sign up for free, you can go in for free. Then what you can do is you can get a local phone number or a phone number in another area if you like, I think that you have to pay something like two or three dollars a month, it’s very inexpensive. And set up a phone number.


Then what you’re gonna do is, you’re gonna go use a free app called Zapier. So, if you go to Zapier, you can set up Zapier for free. When you log in, it’s sorta one of these tools where, it’s sort of, “If you do this, you can do that.” So, what you’re gonna do is, you have a StreetText account and you’ve gone and set up a free account at CallFire, you set up a phone number there. Then what you do is, you go to Zapier, and you go… Type in “StreetText.” Choose that. If you can’t see this, let me know, and I can give you a special link, so you can see it. You go, a new lead comes in, click “Save and continue.”


Then it will have you set up an account, I already have, obviously, an account set up. But it will get you just to connect to your StreetText account. Click “Continue.” And what you do is, you choose your funnel ID, so depending on what source of leads are coming in from Facebook. In this case, I’m just gonna go and pick one of our many different funnel options. Then click “Continue.” And then it’s gonna go to “Pick a recent lead” just to use as a default. So, it allows you to connect the two.


So, I’ll go “Fetch and continue.” So, it’s going into StreetText now, great. And this is basically getting a lead. Then it’s saying, “Okay, now what do you wanna do next?” So, in this case, you’re gonna choose “CallFire.” You can type so many different other ones, if you wanna. Mail Chimp, whatever you wanna use. There are so many different ones you can connect to. So, in this case I’m gonna choose CallFire. Great, so CallFire. I wanna send a text message when a new lead comes in.


Then you have to set up your account and connect to the phone number. In this case, I’ve already done it. So you click “Save and continue.” Then you type in the message, and I’ve got one prewritten here. But say, “Hey, I’ve just received your inquiry. Do you have a quick minute to chat now?” So, a new lead comes in and you can automatically send them a text message.


Then you pick the phone number. So, when you click this little button here, it will pull up all of the StreetText details, and you say, “Oh, this is the phone number I wanna text.” Great. And the “From,” you can just leave this blank. It doesn’t have to have anything in here. Or you can type in your number from CallFire that you’re using, but you don’t need to. Hit “Continue” and that’s it. You basically hit “Create and continue” and now you have, literally, just when a new lead comes in, it’s gonna automatically go to CallFire and text that lead, your information.


And then, from within CallFire, you can respond to those leads. So then, what I do next, and this is a cool, cool, little tip that I do. I would then go, “Hey, I wanna add another notification. I wanna know when one of these text messages gets sent out.” Then, all you do, you’d go down. One of the features within Zapier is, you can say, “I wanna have an SMS.” So, you can say, “Send an SMS.” “Save and continue.” I’ve already plugged my phone in here, it’s free to do. You can do the same, you just connect your phone. Click “Save and continue.”


So then I go, “Okay, I wanna get known from,” and Zapier is just giving you the numbers that they send, so you can do random or pick one if you want it to always stay the same. And then, when you go “message,” I wanna go, “Okay, I wanna know that a new lead came in.” So, click on this, and you go, “I wanna use the information from StreetText.” And go, okay, “First Name,” and I wanna know their phone number so that I can respond to them really quickly. And then you click “Continue.” And now, literally, when I “Create and continue”, I will now know that a lead has come to me as well. And that’s how powerful Zapier is.


So, just to recap, a new lead comes into StreetText, an automatic text message from CallFire is sent to them. And then a message is sent to me as well, letting me know that a new lead came in as well, It’s incredible powerful.


If you’d like, you can chat to me in a little bit, I’ll show you some advance features. You can have this inter with your CRM, you can have it send automatic mail. It is amazing what you can do using Zapier and StreetText.


Click “Finish,” you just name it, So I’ll name this one “Auto-text lead.” If you want, you can put it in a folder, turn it on, and you’re ready to go.


Feel free to leave a comment. If you get stuck, let me know and I’d be more than happy to help you through that. Otherwise, enjoy the rest of your day. “