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See how top real estate team Nicolas & Boles are meeting new clients from StreetText

Real estate team Nicolas Boles & Associates are set to grow their business by 25% this year. With 200 transactions under their belt last year, they are one of real estates fastest growing teams.

I spoke with Matthew Nicolas to learn more about their business and to find out what is driving their success. Fortunately they were willing to share their experiences with you today.

Based in Winnipeg, Canada, they are focused on being the best Condo specialists in their market place. They share strong values in providing superior service to their clients and as a result have established strong name recognition in their market place. Just recently Matthew Nicolas was named one of Canada’s Top 100 agents.

In order to sustain their growth Nicolas Boles & Associates needed a steady stream of Home Seller and Buyer inquiries.

With existing solutions in print advertising they turned to StreetText to help them with their digital marketing strategy. Today their pipeline is full of new prospects.

“We are really impressed,” says Mathew. “The campaign we are running through StreetText is generating the highest volume of lead inquiries out of any advertising we’ve done, ever.”

Nicolas Boles associates

Having moved back to the river city of Winnipeg in 2010, Matthew quickly rose the ranks of Winnipeg’s Top Realtors. Within three years he was a Gold Medallion winner.

Reid Boles meanwhile had built up his real estate business with a trusted name and solid brand recognition. His attention remained on providing better customer service and negotiation skills than the competition.

Since combining efforts, Matthew and Reid have done an excellent job of turning their opportunities into clients.

“We have a real good track record in Winnipeg, that helps a lot. But ultimately it comes down to our systems and touches,” says Matthew. “We use Top Producer CRM and StreetText for our digital lead generation.”

Nicolas Boles are doing all the right things to build trust with their opportunities. They initially put in place a system to stay top of mind with their prospects. “We do a 12 week program,” says Matthew. Each week they send a direct mail campaign, such as a post card, and an email blast through Top Producer. This system keeps them engaged with their leads, automatically.

With the 12 week program in place they were in a position to maximize their advertising efforts. All they needed was an effective advertising channel that could generate good consistent inquiries.

It was at this point they decided to give StreetText a shot. They had invested in print advertising in the past but were, “transitioning out of paper and getting into digital.”

Since adding StreetText to their business they’ve closed numerous contracts. Today they are getting steady inquiries from both Home Buyers and Sellers from their StreetText Facebook campaigns.

“On the Buying side we usually get someone right away,” says Matthew. “And on the Listing side it’s 4 or 5 months out, so we have to stay in touch.”

With their built in nurturing system, StreetText is the perfect fit for their business.

They use StreetText to create and manage their Facebook Ads, registration pages, and lead capture systems. By working with StreetText they’ve been able to create campaigns that take advantage of their unique city and maximize their targeting to attract Home Buyers and Sellers.

“Getting setup with StreetText has been super easy,”

We’ve got nurturing emails set up on Top Producer. When we signed up to StreetText we put the new leads on the drip email and away we go.”

Their team consists of Sandra Sass, an experienced and caring Office Manager, and Tori Rowinki, a warm and friendly Business Administrator. “We do everything in our office. Our team uses Top Producer to manage our clients and we mail the print campaigns in house,” explains Matthew.

“We’ve tried a lot of stuff, but with StreetText it’s an easy and straightforward system.”

Their nurturing system ensures that each lead they capture through StreetText gets at least 12 touches. “We are backing it up a with the direct mail and post cards as well.”

Furthermore, their brand is getting a lot of attention through their StreetText Facebook campaign. Matthew explains, “We’ve done conversions directly because of the visibility. Our brand gets a lot of exposure from StreetText through our Facebook page. We landed a pretty large multi-unit contract as a result!”

Nicolas and Boles are two smart agents taking their business to new heights. Today they are growing their clientele by utilizing the powerful tools of StreetText to attract clients and Top Producer to manage them. They are definitely agents to watch.

If you need a quality real estate agent in Winnipeg, you can Find Nicolas Boles website here.

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Interviews On Real Estate Study

“I closed 30 transactions that I got directly from StreetText”

Sydney Waits, StreetText Client
Real StreetText client, Sydney Waits, RE/MAX Heritage, TX

Most agents close less than a handful of deals their first year. Sydney Waits closed 15. In her second year selling in the Fort Worth area, she earned admission into the REMAX 100 percent club for agents paid commissions between $100,000 to $249, 999.

Her goal for the next year? Sixty sales.

Leads that became listings needed to be her focus.

So she turned to StreetText and the power of marketing on Facebook in her second year. Waits had tried other marketing and lead generation systems and been disappointed so her expectations were low.

StreetText set up her Facebook ads, a campaign to attract Seller Leads and the systems required to help her convert her leads. All she needed was a Facebook business page, which only took about 10 minutes to set up. StreetText then did the rest.

In her first month using the service, she picked up three listings. One of them was for $390,000 in a hot-selling neighbourhood, well above the average price in her area.

“I’d say that’s pretty successful, right?” she says.

Sydney Waits Signing Contract, StreetText client
“StreetText is fantastic. It’s helping build my business.” Sydney Waits

She likes the control StreetText helps her target the right zip codes and instantly raise or lower her monthly budget. Best of all, she says, she feels like the StreetText team is invested in her success.

“I understand how the system works. I understand how to follow up. Every step of the way there’s communication,” she says. “I feel like they truly want me to succeed.”

Thanks to StreetText, Waits has changed her business model to prospect only for listings, not buyers. It improves her bottom line – she can handle more listings – and helps at home with work/life balance, giving her time to spend with her husband and two daughters.

When the leads come in, Waits notes they are more robust and easier to sort than those from other services, providing her with details such as whether the homeowner is looking to sell immediately.

“I can really hone in on clients in areas where I want to do business,” she says. “If someone says I’m selling immediately, I am calling them in three seconds.”

If she doesn’t reach them, she’s dropping off a gift — a box of brownies is her favorite — to win them over. That’s the kind of zeal Waits has for her business. With StreetText, that zeal meets its match.

Other leads are longer term. Waits puts them on a drip marketing system that spans 18 emails advising them about selling their home. It’s a simple equation. The larger her sphere, the more chances she has to be there when they decide to sell.

She’s become evangelical about the power of Facebook. “Facebook is by far my most profitable marketing using StreetText,” she notes. “The StreetText platform is amazing.”

She sold 30 houses in her second year as a real estate agent. Her goal in the next year is to double that production. She is such a fan that she’s campaigning for her mother to sign up for the service.

“I wish I had StreetText my first year in real estate,” she says. “StreetText is fantastic. It’s helping build my business.”


“Business is great! After May is over I will have closed on 5 listings that I got from StreetText. 4  of which are also buying…so that is in total 9 transactions that I got directly from StreetText. I am way backed up on following up on my leads. Have about 40 that I have yet to contact due to staying so busy…going to hire someone just to follow up with my leads.”


Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 10.58.19 AM

For any more questions, book a demo with our conversion specialists today!

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On Marketing On Real Estate Study

How to be consistently busy – Facebook farming case study Part 4

StreetText client and 12 year Kelowna Real Estate veteran Darryl Reuter says, “It’s funny because I’ve seen a few agents around town, or in different towns, that seem to do really well and always have consistent deals coming through.

And now I’m starting to realize it’s because of online lead generation. So it’s good, I’m glad to be getting that sort of consistency too.”

Since implementing the StreetText lead generation model in his business Darryl has grown his team from one to four in the past 12 months.

Darryl Reuter On Consistency
Darryl Reuter On Consistency

Welcome to Part 4 of our series on Facebook Farming. In previous articles we discussed how Facebook farming works.

Today we’re going to talk about the results of Facebook farming. Specifically, the experience that Darryl Reuter is experiencing from using StreetText to generate consistent leads from Facebook.

  1. An introduction to Facebook Farming. (part 1)
  2. How to generate new business on Facebook. (part 2)
  3. The follow-up systems that actually convert leads. (part 3)
  4. How to be consistently busy (part 4).

Why is lead generation important?

Lead generation ensures you are continually meeting new buyers and sellers in your market. Techcrunch predicts that 2016 will be the year of the “sales stack”.

Selling is competitive and “to be successful, salespeople must hone in on a composite of solutions that enable them to close more deals.”

In short, lead generation is an excellent way of growing your business. It’s what separates the “busy” agents from the rest.

Darryl Reuter Case Study:

Darryl Reuter’s struggle was finding a system that provided consistent deal flow. He wanted to grow his services, add an assistant and eventually bring on other agents and he needed leads to do this.

He knew he had to break the cycle of feast then famine by making his business predictable in order to expand his team. That’s when he turned to StreetText to help him generate leads from Facebook.

Team Reuter
Realtor Darryl Reuter and professional Sales Administration Coordinator Kristin Landry


Early Autumn 2014

In the fall of 2014 Darryl Reuter started generating Facebook leads with StreetText. Within a month he knew he needed to bring on an administrator to coordinate the growing activity.

Late Autumn 2014

Kristin Landry joined Team Reuter in late 2014 and along with stream lining the business she provided tremendous support with the lead administration and follow-up system.

This was also the time when they created a systematic follow-up email system. Within a few weeks of implementing it they began noticing an increase in their weekly conversations with prospective clients.

Summer 2015

By the Summer of 2015 Team Reuter expanded and hired on Buyers Agent Luke Spillane. Luke has over 15 years of sales experience and his honesty and genuine approach quickly earned him respect in the community.

Autumn 2015

Jamie Holitzki joined Team Reuter most recently. Jamie is considerate and earnest about providing value to her clients.


Within a year Darryl Reuter is realizing his vision of a growing Real Estate team that values its community, clients and team. In 2014 Darryl won the prestigious Central Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board’s Realtor Cares Award for his history of contributions made to the community.

If you would like to learn how StreetText can provide leads for you or your team, schedule a demo here.

Team Reuter, going the extra mile.

Luke Spillane
Kristin Landry
Darryl Reuter
Jamie Holitzki


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On Marketing On Real Estate Study

Real Estate Giant Study: Online Lead Conversions & Closings

2015 Real Estate Lead Generation Study

Does Facebook Lead Generation Work?

Over the course of 12 months 5000 online leads were tracked from generation to closing with the goal of measuring the conversion rate and ROI. 3500 were Buyer leads and 1500 were Seller leads.

The results of the study was stunning.

The actual name of the brokerage that did the study is changed for privacy reasons. If you need more information on this study feel free to message me personally.

A real estate broker, and friend of mine, did what other brokers would not – he bought leads for his agents.

He has over 200 agents so to truly offer this as an incentive he needed to buy a lot of leads. However, when he started distributing the leads, his ROI seemed low. His concern was that the leads he was generating were “junk”. The amount that closed a deal appeared to be so low that it seamed that online leads were ineffective.

Instead of stopping he dug deeper.

He setup a system to track the names of every lead against his conveyancing office. He was looking for a connection between the lead and a closed transaction in his office.

And guess what, of the 5000 leads he generated, he found that 678 of them closed as transactions in his office. Huge ROI.

But here is the kicker. Only 4% of the closings were with the agent that he originally sent the leads to. That’s correct, only 4%

If it wasn’t for the fact his office is so large he would have missed out on 96% of the business.

Why is this so fascinating and what can be learned?

1. Lead follow-up is more important than most of his agents realized. It is easy to conclude that an online lead is “not serious” and discount them as junk. However, when an agent understands the Online Lead Dilemma, they learn that a lead goes through a journey of Peaks and Valley’s of interest prior to reaching the point when they are ready to take action. The reason only 4% of the leads were working with the first agent they were put in touch with is because the agents were not following up with them.

2. According to after interviewing thousands of home sellers and buyers it was revealed that leads generated from marketing account for 40% of real estate business. This is outside referrals and repeat business. Online leads are proven to be the fastest way to grow repeat business. This is why some agents can start lead generation systems online and within 24 months be one of the largest players in their city.


Of the 5000 leads generated online 678 turned into transactions at that brokerage within 12 months. That is 13.56% of all leads.

Online leads provide a big opportunity for any Realtor serious about growing their business.

Think of it this way, find out how many ends are done each year in your city. According to 40% of those deals are up for grabs each year… this may change your opinion on online leads. It is the very reason the successful agents find the right marketing partners like StreetText to make sure those leads find them.

I hope you find this study as fascinating and confirming as I have. It is congruent with the results our Top Producers are getting with our program.

StreetText specializes in Real Estate Lead Generation, to learn more visit Lead Magnet

Feel free to use and reference this study, all we ask is you please provide a link back here. Thank you.

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