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How to play at another level

Mark Mathews

Believe you can and you’re half-way there 

Theodore Roosevelt 

Mark Mathews is one of the world’s best big wave surfers. Mark has surfed many of the world’s heaviest and biggest waves including Cape Fear, NSW, Teahupoo, Tahiti, Jaws, Maui and The Right, WA. Every time he faces a wave he faces the possibility of a broken neck or even death. You may think that it takes some kind of extraordinary human with a bizarre breath holding capacity and courage for days to keep doing this year after year at age 37.

Surprisingly, Mark doesn’t see himself as special. In fact he says he’s just a normal guy with average athletic ability and an introvert who manages over-anxiety.

When he was 17 years old his mother became deathly sick with a very treatable disease. However at the time doctors didn’t know what she had. So Mathews was struck with the possibility that he would be supporting his mom for the rest of her life. He was invited to do a magazine shoot for surfing, and because it meant he would earn an income, he decided to do it.

But when he got to the location the waves were easily 500% bigger than anything he had surfed. He says there’s no way he would have done it if it hadn’t been for the fact that his mother was sick.

He always thought that surfing big waves were out of his league. Later he described it as a surreal moment. He did it and because of that experience he suddenly had the intrinsic confidence that he could surf at this level.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about NFL Seattle Seahawks’ coach Pete Carroll. He said that he considers it his job to prove to his athletes how good they are and he does everything he can to build their confidence. He plays tape for them to watch, has them run reps, shows them, tells them, and repeatedly builds them up until they believe it.

Because, Carrol says, when they believe it and the going gets tough then they rise up and face the challenge.

Scott Mann is a retired U.S. Army Green Beret. He has been in many hostile situations where he was shot at and worse. Scott said something that stood out to me.

When he was in Afghanistan he and his troops would demonstrate leadership. They would go on the rooftops and defend against the Taliban. Week after week. Until one local farmer decided to join them. Then another. Then another. From this experience he learned how to create trust and connect with others.

People build confidence by observing, by learning, and by being given the opportunity to “do reps”. Until they eventually come to their own conclusion that they can do it. Everyone of these people experience fear. They aren’t superhuman. They are real people.

Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s going forward despite the fear.

Scott Mann says to business leaders alike, “Connect like your livelihood depends on it. Because it does. Because we are meaning seeking emotional social creatures.”

These 3 heros have one thing in common. They are confident that you have the ability to play at the same level.

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Are you a leader?

Are you paving the way?


Working in Real Estate requires you to be good with people, and to be a good communicator. But have you ever considered the importance of being a strong leader, and how it may help your brand?

Leadership no longer just pertains to CEO’s and top management and should be something you consider implementing in your day to day for a variety of different reasons. Simon Sinek says in a popular TED talk that “A good leader should make you feel safe.” As humans, we have an instinctual need to feel safe in our surroundings. Whether this is in our home life or work, we’ll always make choices that allude safety.

So with this in mind, and when considering your leads, why would you want them to feel anything other than safe when they connect with you? This is where leadership comes into play. There are some key things to remember when being a good trustworthy leader. Let’s see how many you have.

The First: Being able to communicate

Being a good communicator is huge when it comes to making connections and building a strong foundation to being a good leader. The more clear, and present you are when communicating, the more people will trust what you’re saying and trust you have good intentions. It’s also important to provide people with eye contact while listening. Eye contact is one of the first steps to gaining trust and projects confidence. Looking someone in the eye instead of a shifty unstable glance will establish a stable foundation, one that forms confidence and trust.

The Second: Be true to your word

If I tell you I’m going to provide you with something and back out at the last minute, will your trust in me be tainted? Being authentic with your word, and following through is important when becoming a strong leader. Your leads are reaching out because they need someone to guide them through one of the biggest steps in their lives. To keep building that trust and safety, it’s important for you to be transparent and real with what you’re communicating to leads. Don’t overpromise anything and keep a close track of the information you’re providing your leads.

The Third: Be authentic and confident

Find your voice and be authentic to who you are as a person. People will be more willing to interact and connect with someone who’s authentic and real, rather than someone who builds connections off of a fake persona. This will be based on your morals, values, beliefs and the traits that make you authentically who you are. Your leads will trust you more if they understand who you are, and what you stand for as an individual.

The Fourth: Being positive

It sounds simple I know, but positivity goes a long way when building trust and exuding leadership. When all seems lost, and things are looking rough, having a positive direction and outlook will make your leads feel comforted, and cared for. People often lose positive outlooks on a situation, but taking the time to point out the silver linings in a scenario will make them feel more comfortable. Lastly, be encouraging. Offer someone advice, guidance, or even feedback on a situation. This will help build a strong trusting relationship.

The Fifth: Be funny!

Humor is comforting. Break the ice, tell a joke, or tell your leads a funny story. Making connections with humor makes people so much more approachable and neutral. People can often be so professional that they become hard to connect with, so finding a balance between professionalism and humor is a very valuable trait to share with your leads. You don’t by any means have to be on call 24/7, but make yourself someone people can rely on for a contact. When you make yourself more open and available for contacts, you’re making your leads feel of value, and that they’re the most important person at that time. Making yourself available is the best way to build loyalty with your leads.

It’s important to provide your leads with everything they need while they’re looking at listing their home. Often times, they don’t have a lot of insight on the market or industry, so it’s up to you to lead them through this process. These traits not only enhance your leadership skills, they motivate, create insightful moments for the people around you, and guide your team and community towards success. Consider adopting some of these traits, or even enhancing some to make sure you’re the best leader you can be. We have here at StreetText, which means now it’s up to you to continue leading the way.

On Motivation On Real Estate

20 Mile March to Success

Success Motivation Hike Photo by Zach DischnerBefore I go to bed at night I iron a shirt or two, I constantly do this Sunday through Thursday night as part of an evening routine to set in motion the following day.

Because this has become a habit, once I start the process my body and mind immediately go into the sleep routine and I just follow the steps all the way to bed like clockwork.

Also I mentally prepare for success the following day. For my job I do not need to wear dress shirts. So why would I bother spending the time to iron them week after week? Because I take what I do seriously, and I remind myself of it each night before I go to bed.

When my alarm goes off at 5.30 my subconscious knows it is “go time.”

I hate ironing though and often I have to iron 2 shirts a night to get the job done by Thursday evening. So when I am feeling “more in the mood” I often want to iron as many as I can in one evening, saving me work later in the week. However this would be a mistake…

The 20 Mile March

In 1911 Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott set out to make history. They both wanted to be the first explorer to reach the South Pole.

As you can imagine the trip was treacherous and cold. Both men however had very different approaches to how they would accomplish the task.

Amundsen stuck to a specific routine. He would travel 20 miles per day, in good and bad weather. It was tempting for him to push hard on the clear sunny days, but he restrained his team.

Where he felt the most difficulty in this restraint, was the knowledge that his competitor may use every opportunity to press ahead when he had stopped. However he stuck to this, and even in the worst weather his team pressed ahead to achieve their 20 miles.

Scott in contrast pushed incredible hard on the clear days, he would push his team to exhaustion. And on the bad days he was known to write in his journal that he could not imagine any man venturing out in the bad weather.

Amundsen however was out in that weather on his 20 mile march.

It is worthy to note that there were a few days that not even Amundsen would travel. However by the time he reached the North Pole he had on average travelled 15.5 miles per day, 360 miles ahead of Scott.

Scott had no daily routine and as a result he kept slipping further and further behind. By the time he reached the South Pole, a month later, he was discouraged to find a flag already in place.

By this time Amundsen was already 500 miles ahead on his return trip.

Scott and his entire team perished on the way back.

For more on this read Jim Collins book Great by Choice

In your Real Estate business, it is important to remember this key principle.

The 20 mile march:

  • It sets in place good habits
  • Helps maintain momentum
  • Allows you to take on the right amount of work at the right time
  • Allows you to work within the recourses that are available
  • Helps you win in the good times and the bad times.
  • Keeps your growth constant
  • Helps set balance within the company and within yourself
  • Is measurable

Practical Use:

This of course can be a challenge. “Make hay while the sun shines” right!

How many Realtors do you know that go up and down like a yo-yo? Exactly for that reason, Realtors work on the business under their nose and hustle until they are exhausted. Suddenly things change and now that same agent goes through a dry spell while they try to find ways to drum up new business. This cycle of course further confirms in that agent’s mind to work super hard again when the sun shines because they “need it”.

Rather than working smart. Doing what is required each week without crashing and burning, and in turn seeing long term growth and success.

Compare the above example with a Realtor who sets a weekly habit of what MUST be done. And includes in the week to run a Marketing program to attract new leads.

When the sun shines and things are getting busier the Realtor does not hit the brakes on the marketing or the follow-up required. Instead, this Realtor either hires on help to handle the increased work load or chooses to pass on some more time consuming “deals”. Never forsaking the “boring” weekly tasks.

As the sun goes behind the clouds and most Realtors are panicking for business, this Realtor is doing business from the leads he has been generating week after week. In fact his database is so large that he has brought on another full-time agent to help grow his business.

This is the 20 mile march.

It is not glamorous and can often be boring to follow, however it recession proofs the agent’s business and sets in the weekly required tasks to be successful in the long term.

Hope you find this useful.

“How you spend your day, is in fact how you live your life.”

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On Motivation On Real Estate

Stay Above The Line – What Realtors can learn from legendary NHL player Ryan Walter

Ryan Walters playing hockeyThe StreetText team had the pleasure of attending a seminar yesterday on Ryan Walter who played 16 seasons with the NHL and won the Stanley Cup in 1986. He is also an author and speaker.

I want to share with you today one of Ryan’s principles that had a great impact on me.

The Power of Your Mind:

You have undoubtedly heard much on the subject over your life and career, but perhaps this will be a fresh approach.

In my previous life I had a successful Real Estate business and know the industry well, since then, we have created a number of Saas (Software as a service) solutions for Realtors.

I actually started my Real Estate career reluctantly. I remember walking around the RLP office with no plan. Everybody seemed busy, too busy to teach me, and most certainly too competitive to teach me. So I walked over to Chapters and picked up the first book I found on Real Estate and opened it up – the first line in the book said something like this…

“If you are at all embarrassed to be a Realtor or do not plan on taking this seriously, do not bother continuing to read. In fact, put the book down and go find another career.”

Wow, that stung! Especially since I actually did not have clear intentions for the business and saw it more of a stepping stone to some other career.

However, challenging the status-quo by nature, I quickly skipped past this statement, trying to put the words behind me as if they would somehow not apply to me.

Why am I telling you this? Because the mindset you have determines your Reality. That’s what Montreal Canadiens team captain Ryan Walters figured out. And it’s what I learned in Real Estate. I lasted in the business 3 years, in fact I was actually quite successful at it, but it didn’t matter. I was already exiting. In fact I was exiting before I even began.

My mindset was to see Real Estate as a stepping stone, so guess what it was. Regardless that I was successful and regardless that I would leave Real Estate only to suffer through some of the most challenging years of my life. When the business I had built in Real Estate would have been a much better long term solution at the time. It didn’t matter, I played to “lose” before I started.

My rebellious nature did not protect me from those wise words. That aside it provided incredible insight into what I do now.

So let me move to the principles:

If you are riding a motorcycle and you come around a corner, to find a deer standing in the middle of the road. If your eyes lock on the deer guess what will happen?

You are guaranteed to hit the deer. You go where your eyes go.

To avoid the deer you must find a way to look past an incredible obstacle, to where you want to be. You have to do the opposite of what your mind wants to do. You need to do the hard part of transforming your thought to focus on what you want the outcome to be.

You will miss the deer.

This of course takes practice. Just as so with the thoughts in your life.

Mindset Diagram (notice the hockey rink). This is covered in much more depth in Ryan’s book.

Ryan Walters 5 Mindsets
Ryan Walters 5 Mindsets

There are 4 zones of thought.

Past Negatives – What we did wrong

Future Negatives – What we are afraid will happen

Past Positives – What went right

Future Positives – What we want to happen

“You need to stay above the line!” – Ryan Walter

How often do you find yourself dwelling on the past mistakes, and then projecting into the future the worst possible outcomes of what will “probably” happen? (Being realistic)

If you spend time dwelling on the “possible” future negatives. That have not even happened guess what will happen. They will come to pass. And you will most likely be reconditioned to say “See it happened exactly as I thought it would.”

This is true in all aspects of life.

The goal is to stay above the “Line” think of Past Positives (being grateful) and on Future Positives (The future you most desire). And to only go “below the line” to learn from your mistakes but to immediately go back above the line.

If you remain below the line you will find yourself paralyzed in fear, unable to take the next step. Unable to “believe” (See blog on Tyler Perry)

A quick ratio (I will not cover the science in this blog) is 5 to 1. You need to – at minimum – spend 5 times as much thought above the line as below the line. Ryan Walter highlighted teams and businesses that were successful and their ratios of “above the line thinking”. The evidence was remarkable.

Spend time thinking on all the positive in your life, and spend time looking past the “deer” in your path, spend time focused on where you want to go. Focus on this and capture every negative thought and kill it.

Only focus on what is right, what is positive. On where you want to go.

For many of our clients they have a hard time seeing past the “deer” in the business. The deer of course being the work required to set up systems to handle leads and to nurture those leads over the long term. They focus on why “it wont work for them” or it “requires too much time, or it is too hard”.

Our Top Producers look past the deer, they know where they want to go. They know this work is required. Just like any athlete that goes to the gym. They stay above the line.

Stay above the line!

To learn more about Ryan or book him for your company please visit his website.

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On Marketing On Motivation On Real Estate

So you want to be a Top Producer!

So you want to be a Top Producer?

Daily decrease - Bruce Lee Quote

In 1992 a young man put together his life savings of 12,000 to rent a theatre to showcase his first play. One that he produced, directed and acted in. He had hoped to bring in 2000 people… only 30 showed up, and he knew them all.

However he did not give up, he continued to work odd jobs to fund the play again the following year, where the same 30 people showed up, and the year after, all the way till 1998.

This man however came from a childhood that was riddled with hardship and even getting to this point was, in many ways, a success. But it did not feel that way. He did not think he was even going to live to see 30. And yet he continued on.

In 1998 people came in droves to see that play and today Tyler Perry is worth over 400 Million.

What can you learn from Tyler Perry’s experience? I can assure you Top Producers do not chase silver bullets.

If you are feeling stuck in your Real Estate career and deep down you have this dream, but the dream has not come to pass, then this article may be helpful to you.

Whatever that dream may be, I will share with you a couple principles to follow to help make your dream a reality.

Tyler Perry did not give up after years of struggling to survive, you must hold the course and further more you must believe in the process. You must think long term.

Too many people jump from one thing to the next, trying this then trying that. Those with successful businesses, that have additional capacity, can often try many things at one time. But before you reach that place the “try this – try that” mindset will hinder you.

Tyler wrote “I only focused on the one play, and I continued to water the seed I had planted. Too many of my friends were trying this and trying that. Watering as many seeds as they could. But there is not enough water when you are spread too thin. Focus on one thing, continue to water that one thing. Water and believe, I would not stop believing. After the seed grows, then you can start to water other ideas.”

For Real Estate one of the most difficult challenges is to find what is worth watering. Especially when the result that appears most important (earning a commission) is actually holding you back from growing. Often this is because focusing on immediate results that only effect one part of your business will leave you in the same place, needing another commission. To see more on this See Jonathan’s Blog.

What do coach Brian Buffini, broker Gary Keller, and all the Top Producing Realtors have in common?

They have a powerful database of past and potential clients and leads.

If you take away one thing from reading this article today, I would encourage you to focus on your database list. Doing so will help you reach your goal.

If you have not yet started (More than 50% of Realtors have not) I would start today. And if you have started, then continue to water the seed.

Focusing on just this one task, attracting leads to grow your database, will move you into the path towards becoming a Top Producer.

Today I will do what others won’t so tomorrow I can do what others can’t

~ Jerry Rice

“But that is so boring!”

I was recently reading a blog by James Clear – How to stay focused when you get bored working towards your goals.

In the article James shares a story of a professional coach, who had trained olympic athletes. James asked him what separates those that reach greatness from those that do not. Initially James heard some of the usual responses…and then the coach said something interesting “…it comes down to those that can handle the boredom of training everyday and doing the same lifts over and over again.”

Essentially those athletes struggle with the same thing that every person does, lack of motivation and passion. However they continue to do the daily work, they continue to water the seed.

I encourage you – when you find following up with leads boring, or not fruitful – do not give up! Others felt the same and persevered and today they are Top producers. You can be one too.

Also if you email me directly [email protected], I would be happy to share with you some helpful scripts to get you started.

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