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“We have closed quite a bit of business from StreetText, it’s up and around $100,000”

What’s the best way to get more real estate listings from people outside your circle? Matt Yesmaniski was asking himself the same question.

Matt is a fast growing real estate agent in Grand Prairie, Alberta. But to say that his journey in business is interesting, would be an understatement. Today Matt is handling multiple offers every month. But it wasn’t always the case for him. In two words, I would describe Matt as humbly tenacious. He has developed a remarkable resilience as he has overcome numerous obstacles and hurdles. 

Matt swung by our HQ a couple weeks ago and we had the pleasure of sitting down and hearing his story.

“My wife was having our baby and I get an email letting me know I lost my job the same day,” shared Matt. And so after discussing it with his wife, he took a bold step, studied hard, took his real estate exam and became a Realtor.

“I assumed that when you started the business you would have a certain level of support from your close net friends and family. And that was just an assumption and I was devastated to find out the reality,” Matt shared.

With a growing family, four kids now, and a drive to serve his clients, Matt forged on.

“I had to develop a certain mindset to overcome that and the mindset was gratitude for who was hiring me as their Realtor,” he continued.

A mindset of gratitude allowed Matt the opportunity to forge onwards. He put effort on serving the clients that he had and it cleared his mind, enabling him to see the strategies that mattered in growing his real estate business. 

“I realized that being a Realtor is a marketing business. Plain and simple.”

He explained, “So I segregated the business between brand marketing and lead generation marketing.” To grow his business Matt needed to reach people beyond his circle. So he implemented a strategy that involved both brand marketing and demand generation.

“The brand marketing is like the bus benches, billboards and those sorts of things.”

“And then there’s the lead generation so that’s StreetText.” With lead generation, he explained, “You can measure it so you can manage it.” So he invests in Facebook ads to find people entering his market who plan on selling. And it’s proven to be incredibly successful.

“We have closed quite a bit of business from StreetText, it’s up and around $100,000. Met a lot of great people through it and have clients that are still clients today. So it’s been a phenomenal platform to work with.”

He’s also put into place a great system of follow up and touches. He continued to invest in his systems and now he sends monthly market reports to his network and database. As well he puts on a client appreciation event every Winter and Summer.

As a result, he’s turning his opportunities into clients through his quality of mindset, marketing strategies and follow up activities.

Matt is an inspirational guy. Hanging around with him and I quickly discovered that he’s constantly learning, reaching out to mentors, and growing personally and professionally. I personally am enjoying getting to know Matt and I hope you find his insights as inspiring as I do.

Case Studies On Marketing

How Gina Wade is combining her direct mail strategy with online lead generation to land her deals

Gina Wade is an unique agent from Marietta, GA and she’s not shy about her approach to lead generation.

“A lot of people don’t reply to your emails, but when you send a personalized letter, people almost always acknowledge it. People always open letters.”

She has been working as an independent Realtor for only the last two years and is already thriving. Gina had to shift her career when she had her son. A move which has brought her a lot of success.

Where is she seeing the most success? From the addresses she is collecting with her Lead Generator system.

From time to time, real estate leads that Gina captures through her StreetText lead generation campaigns only provide their address, and no additional contact information. And regardless of just sharing their address – Gina is finding surprising success when following up with them.

With that being said, it’s hard to believe that Gina gets most of her clients through these submissions, right?

Real Estate Leads

Gina’s follow up systems are some that people strive to get. We’re constantly seeing requests from real estate agents looking for flawless “address only” submission methods, and Gina is holding the key.

Today I’m going to give you a breakdown of her systems. But don’t worry if it seems like a lot to try to take in. I’ve also included a free download of her systems at the bottom of this post.

Let’s begin with how Gina makes the Initial Contact of her addresses.

Gina captures leads that are interesting in knowing the value of their home. She uses StreetText’s lead generation funnel and Facebook ads to capture her leads and the dashboard to manage them. She says, the moment she gets notified of a new address, this is the first place she goes.

Then Gina’s off to the races.

First off, she sends her leads a wide ranging Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) – and sends it in a nice envelope, with a kind, handwritten letter. She leaves the CMA price range broad because she wants the contact to have a reason to touch base. Give them too much info the bat, and the contact has everything they need. Too little, and they feel the agent hasn’t done enough to deserve a call. It’s simply human nature.

She also mentioned that she loves making the letters look nice, with different stamps that stand out above the regular ones people send out. As Gina says, “This adds a personal touch.”

Gina Wade

Gina puts a lot of love into her systems, which is one of the reasons why she has such success with address submissions.

Gina also mentioned that even if she has the lead’s email address and phone number she’ll still send the homeowner a letter. The day we spoke, Gina mentioned that she had just purchased 200 stamps, which would have been gone by the end of the week. Talk about hustle!

“A lot of people don’t reply to your emails, but when you send a personalized letter, people almost always acknowledge it. People always open letters.”

This has contributed to 16 deals in just 8 months… 6 of which are deals from StreetText. With the average home selling for $200,000 in her area, Gina is doing exceptionally well with her current tactics.

The Follow up

Once Gina sends out her initial CMA, she waits about 90 days before sending a follow up letter.

In this letter, Gina provides more information that may be of use to someone selling a home, but mainly asks the lead if they’re still interested in selling their home – or if they are looking for more information.

This follow up period is key, because it opens the door for a line of communication again. Gina makes sure this letter has just as much personality as the first, and is hand addressed and hand signed.

Gina Wade

She also makes it a point to reach out and mention that even if they wanted to meet to chat about concerns they have or questions about selling – she’s open to help in any way she can. A lot of potential home sellers are nervous about making this step in their life of listing their home. Gina makes sure to address their concerns and empathize with the lead – giving them as much reassurance and assistance they need to be comfortable selling.

To learn how Gina takes address submissions and makes them into deals, download her template below. You can also take a look at how Gina handles objections through her Facebook ads.

Gina Wade Follow Up Template Part 1 – Facebook Maintenance

Gina Wade Follow Up Template Part 2 – Follow up letter (1)

Staying in Touch 180 days out

The last recommendation is contacting the same lead roughly 6 months outside of the initial contact.

Why you ask?

“They haven’t gotten back to me…so whats the point?”

Yea, we totally get it. It can be frustrating… but hear us out.

Contacting the same lead 180 days out gives you an opportunity to give them an updated CMA. Chances are – within the 6 months since you initially reached out – the market has changed.

Giving your leads an updated CMA gives them a chance to have a new and healthy perspective on their initial desire to sell. It also shows that you care and that you are serious about helping them when they are ready. 


Gina Wade is proving that she can turn leads that other agents may see as “low quality” into “high quality” transactions and referrals. On my call with Gina I was repeatedly impressed with her go-getter attitude and friendly personality. Based in Georgia State she was looking for a way to stand out in her community and get consistent leads. She already had successful follow up practices, a great mindset, and a growing business, what she needed was a consistent lead generator system that would fill her pipeline with opportunities. Since starting with StreetText she treats all her prospects the same, even the ones that only provide their property address. She sends them a CMA with a valuation range. 90 days later she follows up with a letter and again in the next 90 days.

facebook real estate ads

Case Studies On Marketing Strategy

“I’ve gotten more clients out of address only submissions”

Gina Wade holds the key to address only submissions.

In a recent webinar, Gina explained that she has gotten more clients out of address only submissions that she has from a lead with an email address or phone number.

Crazy, right? Traditionally, these are harder to come by, and a lot harder to nurture…but Gina seems to have the system down pat. So the real questions is…how does she do it?

I had the pleasure of chatting with Gina about this system, which she completely deconstructed for everyone to learn. Address submissions are hard to master, take a bit longer and can often not yield the best results. But Gina swears by them, even saying that she’s “old school with address only submissions. I’ve gotten more clients from addresses than I have from anything else.”

Let’s jump into her process and see what techniques you can add to your business, to make sure you’re getting more clients from address submissions.

When an address submission comes in

When Gina initially has a lead come in, she organizes it in a few different ways. She’ll, first of all, provide the lead with an abbreviated CMA so she can give them an approximate home value. Gina mentioned that this document is usually a few pages, and includes all the information they would need to sell – just not an exact value.

From here, Gina makes sure to send the letter with a nice stamp, and in a hand-addressed envelope. Gina mentioned during our conversation that she loves adding fun, and attractive qualities to her letters because it’s more enticing for people to open. She also admitted that its a lot more fun for her!


Address Submission Follow up

After the initial letter is sent, Gina told us that she waits a total of 90 days before sending an additional letter. We chatted about the importance of giving you leads enough time between your first and second contact, as you want to be remembered, without adding pressure to the conversation.

In this second letter, Gina makes sure to provide her lead with just enough information to want, or need to follow up. This means she’ll ask if they have any questions, if they require any more information, and finishes it off by reminding them that right now is, in fact, the best time for them to sell.

The second letter can be in any style you choose, as this letter doesn’t need to follow any specific format. The purpose of this letter is to reach back out and re-open that line of communication and curiosity. Gina still feels as though using attractive stamps, and a hand-addressed envelope goes a long way – so these are things you can play around with!

For more information, and an example of Gina’s follow up system – click on the link below and download your personal template!

Gina Wade – Follow up letter

Important things to remember

Address submissions are difficult, yes. Even Gina mentioned during our conversation that most of the time, she doesn’t even get an email or phone number from these submissions.

However, Gina is getting roughly 50-100 Address submissions a week, which means that she could have upward to 400 letters sent out in one month.

With that in mind, take a moment to think about how many people out of those 400 will likely contact her back. If you’re dedicated to your practice and put in the time to create and send handwritten letters – the Real Estate Goddesses will reward you with full contacts.

Each of these methods has been proven to work for Gina and can be adapted to your business plan, and style. We recommend whenever downloading documents and systems, to test them out for yourself and change them to best fit your personal voice. Implementing someone else’s methods directly into your follow up structure may not work as well for you, as it did for them.

It’s important to remember to test these and make sure you find the right algorithm for yourself.

To test your market, and to learn more about the many education platforms StreetText has, book a demo with us now! If you wanted to watch Gina Wades Webinar in full, click here to watch it!

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Case Studies On Marketing Strategy

Donna Swanzy – The systems bringing her success

Just as Dave Elhke does, Donna Swanzy has her own unique systems that are working for her and her business growth.

In fact, Donna has a unique approach, that goes against the grain with what is standard in the Real Estate world. She doesn’t call leads.

View More:

Donna closed 6 deals in one month through StreetText, and 12 deals that month in total. Donna did all of this without making a single call to a lead.

If you’re like Donna and prefer not to call people, and to door knock as little a possible…maybe her strategy can help bring your business to the next level. Read below, and see if any of her strategies and systems that you might want to implement into your business practices!

Stage one

Donna initially gets the majority of her leads through StreetText’s custom-made Facebook advertisements. She doesn’t have to monitor these and focuses on what she does best…listing and closing deals.

Once people click on her Facebook advertisement, the leads will filter through her StreetText dashboard for her to address. Donna has a few different systems she uses, including her CRM, and an organized system for her address only leads. Once these are filtered through, Donna begins nurturing each lead.

Stage two

Once a lead comes in, they will automatically get an email from Donna. This email is automatically sent through her StreetText account and is sent once someone requests a home evaluation. From here, the email provides them with all of the information they would need to initially get in touch with Donna.

To download a version of Donna’s initial lead email, click on the downloadable link provided below.

Donna Swanzy – Initial Auto Email

Stage three: Address Submissions

From here, Donna will handle any and every address submission, because no lead goes unturned. She mentioned in our latest Webinar session that she always contacts her address submissions by letter.

Donna highlighted the importance of making this a handwritten, and very personable letter, as well as providing the lead with all the information they’ll require to keep them intrigued to get their valuation.

Just like Dave, Donna doesn’t provide them with all of the information. She provides them with just enough to stay curious and to contact her back. For an example of the letter Donna sends her address submissions, click on the downloadable link provided below!

Donna Swanzy – Reasons to Sell Example

Stage four: Phone Numbers

When Donna receives a phone number, believe it or not…she doesn’t use it. Donna has made it very clear through several conversations her and I have had, that she doesn’t like calling leads, and doesn’t enjoy door knocking.

Donna has continued to be successful, regardless of using phone calls or not. Her personal mantra is that she doesn’t enjoy being called, or talking on the phone, so why should she do that to others?

This system has clearly been working wonders for Donna. Now, it’s important to remember that Donna does eventually call her clients if need be, and only steers clear of calling when the lead is new, and not a client yet.

Stage five: Email Follow up

Donna explained to that her email systems have changed during her time as a realtor. She initially started by sending emails individually to all of her leads, and is now using a 5-week email campaign to contact all of her prospective clients.

Now, Donna uses Peak Producers, build by Brian Buffini as her primary CRM and will filter all of her leads with an email address through this. Once they are put in her CRM, Donna can place each of these on her pre-scheduled email campaign.

All of her emails are built – each lead will receive an email a week for a specific duration. These will vary, depending on content, and what Donna wants to send out that week. Much like Matthew Nicolas, and Dave Ehlke…Donna focuses on changing these emails and systems every few months. That way she keeps content fresh and enticing for her leads.

For examples of content, Donna sends to her leads, download the documents below.

Donna Swanzy – Drip Campaign High Demand Letter

Donna Swanzy – Drip Campaign Informative Letter

Donna Swanzy – Drip Campaign Market Activity letter

Donna is a hard-working real estate agent who has tested systems and seen what’s worked best for her business over time. We always recommend that when you venture into building different systems, that you try out a series of different ones before settling on one system. We also recommend constantly changing your approach and systems so your leads stay intrigued, and educated with the content.

Remember, try something – and if you don’t see results…change it! Systems will always need tweaking and changing, even if they’re successful systems. Take the time to know what works, and build similar systems around those strategies. This will make all your future plans foolproof.


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Case Studies On Marketing Strategy

Dave Ehlke – The Strategy behind the success

Dave Ehlke is a realtor in the Forest Lake, Minnesota area who’s been growing exponentially in the last few months. We had the pleasure of chatting with Dave on several occasions to dive into his practice, and see how he’s doubled his deals from last year.

After speaking with Dave, we understood immediately why and how he has had so much success with his different methods. Dave focuses on being genuine, authentic, and for lack of a better word…is just a regular human.


Often times in Real Estate, people are focused so much on the sale, that building a natural connection and relationship with a client gets put on the back burner. Dave does the opposite.

“Don’t be scared,” Dave says when approaching his leads. Dave mentioned during our most recent webinar that he’ll call or text very casually if its the right time of day that, “Whats the worst that could happen?”

He’s totally right. What is the worst that could happen?

All of Dave’s strategies are built around his personality, and how he interacts with people naturally. This means that they’re working for him and can for you too.

In this article, we’re covering all of Dave’s processes to show you how they are working for him, and how you can take them, and implement them into your own business structures. If you wanted to watch Dave’s Webinar in full, click here to watch it in full! 

The Beginning

Dave’s process starts with getting his real estate leads directly from StreetText. These filter in through his custom-made Facebook ad’s and appear in his StreetText Dashboard. Once here, Dave will address these as they come in. Either as an address only submission, phone number, or email.

These are all connected the CRM he uses, which is Kunversion. After they are filtered into his CRM – Dave goes to work.

Once a lead comes in

Once a lead comes in, they will automatically receive an email from Dave that is triggered through his StreetText account. This email thanks the lead for their home evaluation request, and provides them with the information they need to get in touch.

To download a version of Dave’s initial email,  click on the link below.

Dave Ehlke – Initial Automated Email

From here, Dave has to decide how to contact the lead. There are several different ways in which he contacts his leads:

Address Submissions:

If Dave receives an address submission, and immediately places them on a 30 day mailer. This mailer could be a number of different things. An educational letter, news about the leads market, or even a seasonal greeting. Dave makes sure this mailer changes every month so his address submissions are getting changing, and enticing information.

An important factor that Dave sticks to is to never leave the lead without homework. Dave will always give his leads a reason to contact his back, even as an address submission or phone number.

As an example, Dave might ask for images of the home, ask if the home was ever damaged by a big local storm, or any other general questions about the property.

Dave makes sure in this 30-day mailer that he gets down to the bare bones, and removes himself from the selling aspect for a brief moment. This means Dave will include a ‘close to home’ aspect for the lead. Ice Cream promotion, local coffee card etc. Send the lead to a local area. Dave also keeps the email content short, with just the essential information. Download the document by clicking on the link below.

Dave Ehlke – Ice Cream Strategy

Some really valuable pieces to take away from this strategy is that Dave includes a personal touch in the email about the recent storm in their area, which shows that he really knows the area, and factors that may impact your homes value and quality.

Dave also recommends, attaching your schedule at the bottom of the letter or email, to let the lead know when you’re free for a conversation. Even if you aren’t busy, include only a few times so it appears as though you are. Provided below, is another downloadable example of a postcard campaign that might suit the structure of your campaign ideas.

Dave Ehlke – Post Card example

Dave Ehlke – 30-day mailer example

When email and phone address are included:

When Dave receives submissions that include both addresses and phone numbers, he has a number of different techniques in order to contact them.

Dave is not scared to contact people. “Whats the worst that will happen,” Dave mentioned during one of our conversations. He also mentioned that “If they contact me at a good time, I’ll give them a text or a call to touch base. Nothing major or overwhelming, but just a conversation to see how interested they are.”

Depending on the time of the day, Dave will also consider sending his lead a text message. Typically, this text will be a bit more candid, and personal as well…following the previous style Dave lives by. For an example of how Dave writes his texts, download the files provided below.

Dave Ehlke – Email example

Dave Ehlke – Text Message Example


Each of these methods has been proven to work for Dave and can be adapted to your business plan, and style. We recommend ti test them out for yourself and change them to best fir your personal voice. Implementing someone else’s methods directly into your follow up structure may not work as well for you, as it did for them.

It’s important to remember to test these, and make sure you find the right algorithm for yourself.

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Case Studies On Marketing

How Gina did 6 additional deals in 5 months from Facebook!

Each and every person ventures into real estate for different reasons and Gina Wade was no exception.

After completing a degree in Marketing, Gina decided to make a different move into the real estate world. During my call with Gina, she explained that before becoming a real estate agent she first ventured into Site sales in new developments and construction.

Gina spent the first few years in real estate working for builders, and selling homes based off a prototype. I had many questions, which included “How do you sell something that isn’t there?”

Gina Wade
Real StreetText Client, Gina Wade, Gina Wade Real Estate

She had to sell people based on a vision and an empty lot. The difficulty that surrounds this struck me as being very high – but Gina brushed it off as being a stepping stone for her current experience as an independent Realtor.

“Selling a concept is much different than selling something that already exists,” Gina explained. When asked what the big differences between the two were, she said that she would much rather take people through what they’re actually buying – opposed to the idea of their new home.

Working with builders created a very good client base for her.

Prior to becoming an independent real estate agent, “I was able to sell hundreds of new homes in my community and build a good network of clients.” Once she had her son, Gina decided that on-site new construction real estate did not fit her families life. Gina made the move to Real Estate so she could set her own schedule and manage the workload.

Gina is a full-time mother, and shares her life with a husband who is a full-time firefighter in their area.

Her prior experience and client base gave her a great start with referrals and repeat business. All she needed was an online lead generation to take her business to the next level.

StreetText helps Gina gain leads through her real estate Facebook ads. By using StreetText’s proven lead generation platform, Gina could use her time to leverage her existing follow up systems to contact her leads through email, personalized letters, as well as schedule time with her clients.

Once a lead comes through the StreetText dashboard, Gina immediately contacts them.

Within the first 24 hours, Gina automatically sends her leads an email.

This email contains the home evaluation estimate based on the owners’ tax records – but never the direct amount. In her emails, Gina specifically mentions that she would love to speak to the homeowner further and tell them more about their area, and herself as a person.

When asked about her technique in her initial email, Gina told me that she builds her email so that the lead wants to respond right away. She provides them with just enough information to stay curious.

When it comes to submissions with no email address, she sends a mail out almost immediately.

Her prior experience in real estate leads put her off to a great start. “Within the first week of trying StreetText, I got one listing and one buyer!”

“Within the first week of trying StreetText, I got one listing and one buyer!”

“A lot of people don’t reply to your emails, but when you send a personalized letter, people almost always acknowledge it. People always open letters.”

Gina also mentioned that even if she has the leads email address, and phone number – she’ll still send the homeowner a letter. The day we spoke, Gina mentioned that she had just purchased 200 stamps, which would have been gone by the end of the week.

This has contributed to 16 deals in just 8 months… 6 of which are deals from StreetText alone. With the average home selling for 200,000 in her area, Gina is doing exceptionally well with her current tactics.

Gina mentioned she’s looking forward to being able to start a coffee card campaign, or something similar so she’s reaching out to each lead with more of a ‘wow’ factor. For the time being, working and being a mother is taking up a lot of her time.

Gina loves improving her business. When asked what she projects her results will be for the remainder of the year – Gina explained that she wants to build a better and more streamlined follow-up system. Working on an email campaign, or more marketing techniques that will bring her business to the next level.

StreetText allows her the time to focus on growth, as well as the time to take care of her clients and growing business. Since we look after her real estate Facebook ads and lead generation, Gina has more time to focus on the important aspects of her growing real estate business.

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Case Studies Interviews On Marketing

“I’ve already doubled my deals from last year”

In just six months, Dave has already doubled his Real Estate deals from last year.

Dave Ehlke is a real estate agent in the Minnesota area, Forest Lake to be exact. He’s a husband, and father of two who left his job in corporate America to follow his dream of working in real estate. Fast Forward three years later, and Dave is already rising to the top of the real estate world.

He had success early on in real estate, but was having a challenge growing his business beyond the plateau of repeats and referrals.

Real StreetText client, Dave Ehlke, RE/MAX Results – Forest Lake, Minnesota

Online lead generation was important to Dave, but it turned out to be more difficult to “crack the code” than he anticipated.

Before he started with StreetText, half of his problem was not being able to find the right Facebooks ads and algorithms to keeping leads coming in. Now, StreetText does it all for him, which means monitoring ads is something he no longer has to do.

Dave Ehlke has been with StreetText for over a year and is seeing tremendous results in his target areas through his Facebook lead generation.

Dave values time with his family. Because Dave has a busy work schedule and is devoted to his family – StreetText helped him take his online lead generation off his plate.

Dave shared his mind set, “If I need to get out 100 letters, I won’t do anything else until they’re done.” He’s dedicated to his practice and takes time to finish everything because every detail is important to his success.

StreetText is giving him time to focus on the activities that generate business and serving his clients. For Dave, nothing else happens until his important tasks are taken care of. Dave has a deep-rooted drive to succeed and will do just about anything to make sure he’s on the path to success. Now when his follow up is done, he feels good knowing he can go home to his family while his lead generation is taken care of.

Now, Dave is closing several deals a month. These are single family homes starting at $225,000 – $270,000. Dave is growing an exceptional amount in his area.

Dave Ehlke, RE/MAX Results – Forest Lake, Minnesota

I asked Dave how he is converting his leads into transactions? Dave explained that he immediately dissects each leads that he gets through StreetText.

He shared that in order for him to approach the lead properly, he does an extensive amount of research into who they are, what they do, and where they live. Dave wants to know everything he can to make sure he’s providing his leads with what they need to list their home, and potentially purchase another.

After he gets their information, they’re instantly set up on a monthly postcard campaign. He’s also regular with door hanger campaigns for address submissions, where his 10 and 12 year olds bring around coffee cards and other small promotions to make sure people are remembering him.

Dave put a lot of importance on providing value and keeping these promotional items local. Giving someone a gift card to their favorite bakery is going to be leaps and bounds more valuable than sending them to a Starbucks.

During our 30 minute conversation, I could tell that Dave had a very strong sense of community. He is a father of two, working to better his family, and helping as many as possible in his area. Knowing his community is a huge part of who he is as a realtor because he’s a working professional – but he’s devoted to being a part of his leads life and affecting them in a positive manner.

Real StreetText client, Dave Ehlke, RE/MAX Results – Forest Lake, Minnesota

Not only does Dave work hard to help each of his leads, he works extremely hard on personal goals that he targets on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. He mentioned during our conversation that these are important for him to keeping on track and reaching all of the benchmarks be wants to obtain professionally and personally.

Dave mentioned that StreetText helps him take his business to the next level to reach his professional goals.

A lot of people are really focused on the sale, which is important to Dave… but he brings a very humanistic quality to the industry. His professionalism, mixed with his desire to make lasting connections makes him a natural in the real estate world.

His ads are relevant and getting great clicks, so there’s nothing else to worry about. He also mentioned that it’s his most affordable form of marketing, and he is excited for what else will come with his time with StreetText.

My final question to Dave was one that often leaves our realtors a little perplexed. I braced him for the obscurity of the question, and asked: “If you had the opportunity to turn back the clock, and give yourself one piece of advice from when you first started off in real estate, what would you tell yourself?”

Dave paused for a moment and replied with a confident statement.

“Keep doing you, and keep focusing on yourself.” Dave added that if he could, he’d explain to his past self that this industry is a roller coaster but to keep trusting in himself, and keep moving forward. He returned to the personal development, and personal growth he works so hard towards. Keeping himself focused and grounded would have been the best piece of advice he would have given himself when first starting. Have you ever thought about what yours would be?

To learn more, click on the button below and chat with one of our Facebook conversion specialists!

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Case Studies Interviews On Marketing Strategy

Part 2: Strategy to WIN Listings on the SPOT

If you have not listened to Part 1: The PERFECT Technique to Turn Facebook Seller Leads into Appointments then I recommend reading that article first.

Julia Hurley is a master when it comes to growing her Real Estate business. She grew from brand new to number 6th in her company using these EXACT techniques, and you will quickly see why she is growing so fast.

Here is her Strategy to WIN Listings on the SPOT.


Key Listening Points:

00:39 Tell them more on the phone but send less.
1:38 Trial close, go for the listing.
1:44 Take the listing on the spot.

Now your turn, what have you used that you have found has worked well for you?

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Case Studies Interviews On Marketing Strategy

Part 1: The PERFECT Technique to Turn Facebook Seller Leads into Appointments

One thing is certain whether you are in Real Estate or any sales role, you will find yourself on the phone with prospective clients.

In this short interview with Julia Hurley you will hear how she does it, we call in the “sales dance” and she does it brilliantly.

Her PROVEN technique turns phone conversations into Listing Appointments.


Key Listening Points:

  • 0:30min 8 Appointments, 2 cancels, 2 WON listings.
  • 1:40min Based on Type of Lead Call Immediately!!!!
  • 2:00min Objection handling PRO
  • 2:25min Uncover TRUE motivation
  • 3:18min The “Take Away”
  • 3:47min “They want to sell they just don’t know it yet – Free Money”

Share what you think of her strategy and what you have used yourself.

See Part 2 Here. Julia’s strategy to win listings on the spot.

To learn more about Julia you can visit her website

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Case Studies On Marketing On Real Estate

How quality Realtors are using online lead generation to get a competitive edge

This post is going to be a little bit different than my usual ones. Instead of giving marketing tips and tricks I want to talk about some of our clients’ experiences and how they are using StreetText’s Facebook lead generation tool.

StreetText Technology For Realtors

Partners Mark Norman and Wally Lane, savvy Realtors out of St. John’s are true full-service agents. It shows from the feedback they are getting from their clients.

“I cannot thank Mark or Wally enough for being there every step of the way and answering all of my questions. My son Samuel and I thank you both for everything. You guys rock!!!!”
Germaine W. – St. John’s NL

Wally recently shared on Facebook about his experience with StreetText. Wally wrote, “Hey Everybody, We’ve been using StreetText for about 3-4 months now and have been finding the result great. In our area we are currently in a buyers market. So, we are using our StreetText advertising to attract buyers, which are more easily converted into sales in our current market environment.”

Wally Lane Facebook comment

We don’t talk about StreetText Evergreen Lead Generation very often. So here’s a quick overview of how it helps.

We did a survey of all our users. The majority of them said that they would be very disappointed if they lost the tool. We asked them what the biggest benefit of the tool was. Almost universally it was, “I love the consistent leads! This is by far, the best investment I’ve made.” Many have become evangelical about the power of Facebook.

“Facebook is by far my most profitable marketing using StreetText,” she notes. “The StreetText platform is amazing.”
Sydney Waits, RE/MAX Heritage TX

“I’ve used traditional advertising like paper, mail and TV and continue to do so. With StreetText I have more positive contacts with buyers and sellers and it hasn’t cost me anymore than I was spending already.”
Isaac Verge, Vision Realty

“I love it! People tell me all the time that they’ve seen my ad on Facebook. Also I’ve had quite a few closings thanks to StreetText”. Karen Haug, ReeceNicholos Real Estate

One of the toughest questions our clients face every day is when they ask themselves, “What will take my business to the next level?”

StreetText solves this problem by giving Realtors a marketing system to effectively capture leads consistently from Facebook. You can even setup text messages to convert your leads from within your StreetText account, automatically.

Our users now have an evergreen lead generation tool that integrates into their business to take it to the next level.

“Every person we’re working with now, if it isn’t a repeat or referral, they’ve come through StreetText.”
Wally Lane

Matthew Nicolas is a smart Real Estate Professional at Royal LePage. Matthew services Winnipeg, Manitoba and uses a clever strategy to target his marketing to a specific neighborhood. Matt has used StreetText to position himself as a leader and to create more value for his partners by providing online lead generation strategies to his clients. He was recently named among the top 100 agents in Canada.

Matthew Nicolas facebook comment

Another of our users, Julie Hurley, a hard-working Realtor based out of beautiful Nashville, Tenessee area says, “I genuinely care about my clients and use StreetText to reach people who want to sell their home.”

The greatest privilege of building StreetText is getting the chance to work with intelligent and hard working Realtors. As much as the StreetText team gets to share our knowledge of effective marketing tools and strategies, we get to garner and learn from successful Realtors creating unique and compelling businesses.

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