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I love the community and the ads work!

Michelle Johnson, Susan Rupert Group

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StreetText has me busting at the seams with leads! 🥳 My ad is performing at $1.87 a lead!

Jenifer Salter, eXp Realty

Facebook ads made easy

Join the world's smartest agents using StreetText to take charge of their ads and create relationships from Facebook. They've launched over 85,000 ads and generated more than 5.14 million exclusive leads!

Josh Schoenly, eXp
Harrisburg, PA

Belinda Gonzales, RE/MAX
Winter Springs, FL

Lynea Carver, eXp
Floor Tacoma, WA

Introduce yourself to new clients first with Facebook & Instagram ads

Take the guesswork out of generating new leads, starting conversations and growing your business.

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It is a system that works.

Adrian Small, The Lux Dwelling Group

Easy to use

Click a button to launch a Facebook ad to get more buyer and seller leads. Take out the guesswork with a library of ads, complete with funnels, you can personalize. They're pre-tested and ready to rock! Easily run your own Facebook ads that work.

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It is easy to use & great guidance

Hilary Johnson, eXp Realty LLC

Leverage proven ads

Facebook has opened the door to thousands of people in your area who need your services. Find and capture them with market tested Facebook ads that are optimized for Facebook.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Got 15 leads in the last 7 days. Been on 1 appointment from that and am working on 3 potential deals from this 1 ad I’ve been running for only 2 weeks.

Cindy Adams, Stonehaus Realty

Track performance

Easily see your cost per lead for each ad you run. 100% of your ad spend goes directly to Facebook. No more guessing the performance.

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No system I've ever used has had the same kind of transparency

Brenda Canady, Churchill Properties

Spark meaningful conversations

It's about generating relationships. Get more meaningful replies from your leads with our text message A.I extraordinaire. With an 18% response rate sparking a conversation has never been easier.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Awesome system great response.

Omar Castillo, Wise Choice Realty

Collaborate with the best!

Join the world's smartest agents with weekly Masterminds, access to a private Insider Group, and more. Because there's more than enough for everyone and when the world's best like-minded agents come together, great things happen.

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I love our community

Jenifer Salter, eXp Realty

We're here for you!

Reach friendly support 7 days a week. Plus get access to weekly classes on remarketing, custom ads, automations and more!

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Support, classes and results are excellent!

Marianne Rullo, Keller Williams East Monmouth

Put yourself in the drivers seat

Reach your potential with Facebook ads we’ve perfected

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15X ROI. Keep on plugging
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It's about relationships

We're here to help you succeed. You don't have to go it alone. Collaborate with other like-minded agents using Facebook to generate leads and reach new clients on Facebook.

Our mission is to make the world's most effective digital marketing accessible so you can attract and reach new clients online, easily. It's about relationships. It's what good businesses are built on. We believe that people who make it their business to help people make the world a better place. And your business is worth fighting for.

StreetText brings you ads and funnels that attract new clients. It's a tool where running Facebook ads and getting results isn't something of myth or folklore, but is accessible for anyone. So you can build more relationships and grow your clientele. StreetText is where legendary growth happens.

Founded in 2010 we launched our Facebook API in 2013 and one year later released the world's first place to run Facebook ad funnels. It's been an amazing journey, most inspiring of all is the incredible people we've met along the way. And we haven't stopped learning and creating a tool that empowers you to feel confident generating leads from Facebook.

Here's to Facebook ads made easy!

Developing on Facebook since 2013

It is about making opportunities to meet with prospective buyers and sellers. That is the toughest part

Join the world's smartest Realtors using StreetText to reach new clients


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Darryl Reuter

"Thanks to this program, I've closed 3 deals from StreetText, with 3 more pending. I'm very excited about it."