Sidney Waits, StreetText Client

“I closed 30 transactions that I got directly from StreetText”

Sydney Waits, StreetText Client
Real StreetText client, Sydney Waits, RE/MAX Heritage, TX

Most agents close less than a handful of deals their first year. Sydney Waits closed 15. In her second year selling in the Fort Worth area, she earned admission into the REMAX 100 percent club for agents paid commissions between $100,000 to $249, 999.

Her goal for the next year? Sixty sales.

Leads that became listings needed to be her focus.

So she turned to StreetText and the power of marketing on Facebook in her second year. Waits had tried other marketing and lead generation systems and been disappointed so her expectations were low.

StreetText set up her Facebook ads, a campaign to attract Seller Leads and the systems required to help her convert her leads. All she needed was a Facebook business page, which only took about 10 minutes to set up. StreetText then did the rest.

In her first month using the service, she picked up three listings. One of them was for $390,000 in a hot-selling neighbourhood, well above the average price in her area.

“I’d say that’s pretty successful, right?” she says.

Sydney Waits Signing Contract, StreetText client
“StreetText is fantastic. It’s helping build my business.” Sydney Waits

She likes the control StreetText helps her target the right zip codes and instantly raise or lower her monthly budget. Best of all, she says, she feels like the StreetText team is invested in her success.

“I understand how the system works. I understand how to follow up. Every step of the way there’s communication,” she says. “I feel like they truly want me to succeed.”

Thanks to StreetText, Waits has changed her business model to prospect only for listings, not buyers. It improves her bottom line – she can handle more listings – and helps at home with work/life balance, giving her time to spend with her husband and two daughters.

When the leads come in, Waits notes they are more robust and easier to sort than those from other services, providing her with details such as whether the homeowner is looking to sell immediately.

“I can really hone in on clients in areas where I want to do business,” she says. “If someone says I’m selling immediately, I am calling them in three seconds.”

If she doesn’t reach them, she’s dropping off a gift — a box of brownies is her favorite — to win them over. That’s the kind of zeal Waits has for her business. With StreetText, that zeal meets its match.

Other leads are longer term. Waits puts them on a drip marketing system that spans 18 emails advising them about selling their home. It’s a simple equation. The larger her sphere, the more chances she has to be there when they decide to sell.

She’s become evangelical about the power of Facebook. “Facebook is by far my most profitable marketing using StreetText,” she notes. “The StreetText platform is amazing.”

She sold 30 houses in her second year as a real estate agent. Her goal in the next year is to double that production. She is such a fan that she’s campaigning for her mother to sign up for the service.

“I wish I had StreetText my first year in real estate,” she says. “StreetText is fantastic. It’s helping build my business.”


“Business is great! After May is over I will have closed on 5 listings that I got from StreetText. 4  of which are also buying…so that is in total 9 transactions that I got directly from StreetText. I am way backed up on following up on my leads. Have about 40 that I have yet to contact due to staying so busy…going to hire someone just to follow up with my leads.”


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