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Why Should I Test My Market?

The 7 Day StreetText Trial is designed to allow you to experience how StreetText and Facebook perform in your local market. 

Get unparalleled access to attract leads in your community.

70% of real estate clients work with the first agent they interview. That's why the smartest Realtors make sure their lead generation is anything but average.

7 out of 10 people in North America log into Facebook everyday spending on average 50 minutes. 

StreetText brings this powerful marketing opportunity to you. With StreetText you will have a system that will capture your local buyer and seller leads on your behalf.



Live phone support, speak to real people at StreetText and discuss your Facebook Ad Analytics (reach, price per click, relevancy, demographics) and more importantly how these clicks are translating into opportunities for you. 

Social Profiling

StreetText will match the email address of each lead to any public social information available on the web. 

Knowing more about your leads helps you introduce yourself in new ways. Facebook messenger now allows you to get face to face with your leads using Facebook Video Messenger, building trust and rapport! 

Did you know 90% of communication is body language and tonality?

Build Your Brand 

Dominate your local market by showing your brand to 1000's of people each week. 

Typically during the trial alone your brand will be seen approximately 5000 times on Facebook. 

People tend to do business with companies they are familiar with. If your branding is consistent and easy to recognize, it can help people feel more at ease doing business with you. 

Speed to Lead

Learn how to get instant lead Text/SMS notifications to your phone.  

A report from Leads360 analyzing results of almost 3.5 million leads found phoning a new prospect within a minute improves conversion rates by 391%.

Customizable Zip/Postal Codes

Choose the EXACT area you want to generate leads in. Add or remove zip/postal codes at anytime without extra fees. 

Target the areas you want, when you want without being locked in the wrong zip/postal code(s). 

We suggest starting with 2-3 zip/postal codes in your 7 day trial. 

Scheduled Ads

Advertise only at the best times on Facebook, saving you money. 

Email Verification

Immediately know which lead emails are real and which are fake. 

Stop wasting time following up or emailing invalid leads. 

Instead, focus on contacting the right leads. 

"Pro Tip" - Search the email address on Facebook and send either a video or voice message introducing yourself. Remember your lead found you on Facebook, which gives you an incredible opportunity to contact the lead on Facebook. 


StreetText connects directly to Zapier allowing you to connect your leads to more than 700 apps 

This allows you to integrate StreetText into your systems and possibly save you 100’s of hours. 

The first connection we'll show you is how to connect your StreetText leads to text/sms notifications. 

Highest Converting Lead Capture

StreetText propriety lead funneling system is always optimizing to maximize each dollar spent on Facebook advertising. 

As a client be notified of improved changes you can take advantage of. Track every dollar spent and understand how your click translates to $/address, and $/lead. 

Insider Group - Clients Only

Connect with other StreetText clients, learn the best follow up techniques and secrets to converting your leads.

Video - Clients Only (Optional)

Introduce yourself to all your leads, and track the views.

Establishing rapport online before they meet you in person. 

Change Your Budget Anytime - Clients Only

Spend more when you have more time for leads, spend less when you are away. 

Full Facebook analytics so you can see everything, know exactly how your ads are performing and track every dollar. 

DEMO: Imagine this was your Ad on Facebook

Of course it would be your city or target neighbourhood, and YOUR branding. 

But imagine a Home Owner scrolling down Facebook and they see this Ad. 

Click on the image below to go through an example. 

Remember we set up everything, including the Facebook Ad 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay $99? 

We still have to pay Facebook to run your ads. Over the 7 days we will choose a daily budget for Facebook of $9/day.

You will have full access to the StreetText dashboard and will also be emailed all your lead information. 

After the trial you can set any budget you like. 

Will StreetText automatically charge me as a customer after the trial?

Nope, in fact there is no committment at all going forward unless you decide to sign up to become a StreetText customer. 

What is the charge if I decide to become a client of StreetText's?

StreetText costs $199/month plus your Facebook Budget. We recommend a Facebook budget of $6-7/day.

What If I decide to cancel StreetText after I sign up, is it easy to do?

Absolutely, if you decide StreetText is no longer serving your business you can cancel anytime before your next billing period. 

If you signed up for a 6 month or 12-month contract because of a discount, you will then be responsible to pay 40% of the remaining contract. 

Can I connect my auto responder, email, and CRM to StreetText?

StreetText is by far the most open platform for connecting your systems. 

We connect to 100's of application through Zapier. Everything from Mailchimp to Gmail and 100's of other apps. 

We also allow for email parsing to more difficult to integrate CRM's. 

I am not very technical, will StreetText work for me?

Yes, StreetText sets up your Facebook ad(s) for you and creates your own custom seller and buyer campaigns (clients only) for your area to capture leads. For the 7 day trial StreetText will set up a seller campaign for you. 

Why do you run a seller campaign for the trial, and not a buyer campaign? 

We have found the seller campaign is the best place to start for all our clients. It allows you to experience the platform. 

Once a StreetText client we can build a buyer campaign for you, which tends to be more custom to your needs, area, and offer. 

Will I get support after I start the trial?

Yes, in fact someone on the team will be booking a 1on1 call with you to help you experience the most from you 7 day trial. 

Why do you charge me for Facebook, can't I pay Facebook directly? 

During the trial it is easier if we pay Facebook directly and bill you the ad budget. Once you become a client of ours Facebook will charge you directly.

Do I need a Facebook business page before starting the trial?

Yes, if you do not have a Facebook business page you can learn how to create one here. It should only take you about 20 minutes set up.

How many Zip or Postal codes can I set up on the trial?

We recommend just picking 1 or 2 zip or postal codes for the trial. You can change these at anytime. 

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