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"I came to StreetText because I belong to several Facebook groups and there were a lot of people saying positive things. The lead generation was really great. And to me unsolicited testimonials are more valuable than anything else."

Michael Kahns, Realtor

Berkshire Hathaway, NY

Get unparalleled access to attract leads in your community.

70% of real estate clients work with the first agent they interview. That's why the smartest Realtors make sure their lead generation is anything but average.

7 out of 10 people in North America log into Facebook everyday. Furthermore, when they are on their smart phones they spend 25% of their time on Facebook.

StreetText brings this powerful marketing opportunity to you. With StreetText you will have a system that will capture your local buyer and seller leads on your behalf.

Sydney Waits, RE/MAX Heritage TX

I get Seller leads from StreetText. I picked up three listings from it in a month. Facebook is by far my most profitable marketing. I think what sets an agent who is going to be successful apart from other people is an agent who’s motivated and works. There are a lot of agents who think that business is just going to get handed to them. I don’t care what kind of leads you get, if you don’t work, get up every day, follow-up with those leads, contact them, do things that are different from the agents in your area are doing, why do you think you are going to be successful at it? It’s just like any other business. The ones who work the hardest grow the fastest.

Isaac Verge, Vision Realty

I’ve used traditional advertising like paper, mail and TV and continue to do so. With StreetText I have more positive contacts with buyers and sellers and it hasn’t cost me anymore than I was spending already.

Darryl Reuter, Royal LePage BC

Everybody talks about how much money they are making per deal. The money has nothing to do with it for me. It’s how many clients I can get in there. Everytime I deal with a client, that’s another one into my database that I can get referals from, do a good job with, deal with them down the road. I’m in that phase of my career where I want to build that up for the next 5, 6, 7 years to keep that business growing. StreetText is good for me for that. I have already made $30,000 from StreetText and have about $50k or $60k in the hopper.

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Darryl Reuter Testimonial

Darryl Reuter

"Thanks to this program, I've closed 3 deals from StreetText, with 3 more pending. I'm very excited about it."