Success Stories Series. This week: Karen Haug

Karen Haug is a realtor in the Jasper, Indiana area. We wanted to feature Karen as she’s be a been part of our test group while we build out our Drip Campaign feature. Karen has had her drip campaign function active since she began with StreetText in November last year – and immediately had leads coming through and booking appointments with her.

We’ve been in touch with Karen ever since we added drip to her account to see her success first hand. Here are some questions she has been able to answer, that will give you some insight into the interactions she has had with her clients and the success she’s had with our drip campaign.


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1. Can you share with us the results and engagements you’ve had with drip so far?

I started with drip campaign about 2 months ago and was able to engage in conversations with many of my leads since then.

To give you some examples,  I had a client get back to me as he wants to know the value of his home. He was the appointment I had this morning. He wants to downsize and is getting his house ready for the market.

Another client who reached out via the drip campaign is renting the house they are currently in. He asked about it as he’s interested in purchasing the property and try to find a value of it.  I’ve been communicating with him on the phone.

Another gentleman reached out in the first few days of the drip campaign. He was interested in the value of his home. Since he’s bought it, he has been upgrading and might sell next year. I’ve been emailing him and we decided I’m going to get with this week sometime.

I’ve also been in touch with a kind lady who had her house listed with a different agent and is thinking of relocating. I have talked to her a couple times on the phone and through email. She might be giving me a call back sometime to list her house, once she decides what to do.

I found the “Quick question” email to be the most responded to email. Some people reply by simply saying: Anytime after 4:00.  I have several people reply to it.

2. It’s exciting to hear that you are having success with the drip. What else do you like about StreetText?

I have done many advertising avenues and StreetText real estate lead system has been the best one yet. StreetText gives you the opportunity to show people what you’re really like. It speaks waves when an agent will sit and talk to you, give you advice that makes sense, and spend the time a deal takes to get it just right!

I also like the system and dashboard that  StreetText offers. It gives me the ability to look through requests, see what their time frame is, and know who I want to get back to right away as I keep a running list of all my clients. And I really like the preset emails.

3. How long did it take you to set up your first listing appointment?

About 2 weeks in I had my first appointment. About a month later I had my second. Around Christmas time, I had a lady call me who had her home listed with another agent. She was looking for a change so she was trying to see what I could do for her and what my company was all about.

4. How many deals have you done with StreetText?

I haven’t closed any deals yet and I’m fine with that. The art of Real Estate is nurturing a deal and being patient. I have had 2 potential listing appointments, and have talked to 2 other prospects on the phone. To me, it is like an interview. These potential sellers are seeing what’s out there and what I’m going to do to help them save their hard earned money.

5. What advice would you give to other users of Streettext?

I try to reply in person to all the facebook real estate leads I have coming in. StreetText does the automatic replies to people and even though a person was “just curious”, in the future they might be selling. I don’t like missing out on a lead, no matter how small or large it is, I give all my clients what they deserve, the best possible respect and honesty that can be given to a person!  I don’t ever write anyone off until I know they’ve moved out of the area, working with another agent, have told me they don’t want to receive any more emails from me or are really arrogant to me.

I had this lady sign up on my website, she never responded to the 3 emails I sent her, so I put her on ice. Then every once in a while, I pull this file out and start emailing them again, well, she finally got back to me stating they were looking for a house. It went a couple more emails and she finally emailed me a house they wanted to look at ASAP.

Again, when you’re in real estate, it’s all about patience and nurturing deals, even though this deal is still in the very early stages, you must be patient and nurture it to get the best results.

If you are interested in adding drip to your account, send an email to [email protected].  The drip function that we have available offers agents a more hands-off approach to contacting their real estate leads.  You’ll no longer have to keep track of who you contacted when, and which follow up you need to do today. We take care of that for you within your StreetText dashboard.

Book a Demo to See StreetText in Action - Lead Magnet
Book a Demo to See StreetText in Action – Lead Magnet

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