Join the ranks of some of the smartest real estate agents on the planet using Facebook to generate business. On this page you will learn how you can use this strategy to get evergreen lead generation from Facebook with StreetText.

Today you will learn

  • Deal Flow: How to get consistent monthly leads growing your database and bottom-line
  • Easy: How StreetText creates and manages Facebook ads to get you results
  • And our secret strategy: Capturing Facebook leads the right way

What separates top producing Realtors from the rest? As Garry Keller wrote in the book "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" it's leads, listings and leverage. Leverage of course being the systems that Realtors put in place to generate daily Seller and Buyer leads. I'm going to show you how StreetText can attract daily seller and buyer leads for you with the Facebook strategy.

Evergreen lead generation, what exactly does it mean?

As a professional Realtor you know the power of consistent lead generation. When we talk about evergreen lead generation, we are talking about marketing that provides consistent lead flow month-after-month. This is necessary if you plan on increasing the number of deals you do this year and next, building a database of potential clients or growing your team.

The great thing with consistency is that it enables you to setup and implement weekly tasks that will move your business in the right direction. Tasks such as bi-monthly emails to your prospective database or semi-annual CMA reports. These activities convert leads to clients as the value you provide triggers and informs your lead as to the value of working with you. Furthermore, all leads are in varying stages of the buying/selling process. By doing these tasks consistently you are ensuring your marketing captures each lead as they mature to the stage where they are ready to list or buy. Breffni McGeough, Seattle's top producing Realtor says, "If you're task-driven and you get your tasks done, then you don't have to worry about commission because people come to you."

"If you're task-driven and you get your tasks done, then you don't have to worry about commission because people come to you."
Breffni McGeough


Getting to a place where you have consistent lead generation can be a struggle. The problem is that traditional lead generation strategies like neighborhood farming and print mail-outs are becoming more expensive, so many professional Realtors are looking to the web for a new strategy.

While it used to be normal to use door knocking, it is becoming a strategy of the past. Staci Dancey of Newport Beach, California explained that “Many years ago, I worked in an office that was mainly a cold calling, door knocking office,” Staci says. “I was spending literally four to six hours a day, four to five days a week calling cold leads and trying to generate business." Today Staci has moved her lead generation online.

Even for experienced Realtors it's not always clear where to allocate your marketing and advertising dollars to generate the most business. As you have likely discovered there are many routes you could take to generate leads online. Common strategies include everything from blogging to search engine advertisements. Each of these strategies have their own pros and cons but all have one thing in common. They require a fairly significant investment in time and energy before leads start to appear.

If you can relate to this struggle to find a reliable online strategy, don't worry you are not alone. Fortunately, using Facebook the right way is a good online strategy that works to generate consistent leads month after month.

How it works

We’ve helped Realtors market their listings since 2009. Over the years we have built a wealth of experience in what works both in old and new media.

Facebook is becoming a great place to run highly engaging advertisements. The average person spends 40mins per day on Facebook. Furthermore, Facebook enables marketers to use a tool called the Power Editor to target ads and increase conversions based on key demographic metrics.

Early last year we began working with Darryl Reuter, a smart Realtor based out of Kelowna B.C. Canada, to implement this strategy. Since starting with Darryl his business has grown by a 3rd. We would love to take credit for all of his success, but the honour goes to Darryl and his team.

While working with Darryl we formulated a marketing strategy that is cost effective for him and has allowed him to leverage his time most effectively.

Like traditional neighborhood farming it's about getting in front of home owners and buyers. We run paid Facebook ads to do the "door knocking" on your behalf. And like traditional neighborhood farming, it works.

By running engaging ads, StreetText is able to attract potential home seller and buyer leads for you. People are then taken through our unique landing pages and forms to learn more about them, including their contact details and timeframe. An email is then blasted to you, alerting you of the new lead. It’s then up to you to follow-up and convert these leads. Not only is it a strategy that is proven and works, but we do all the work of setting up your campaign, running your paid Facebook ads, and building a database of leads for you to cultivate and convert. Your job will be to work the system and follow-up with the leads.

A more detailed explanation

Because every agent is unique we create and target ads specific to the types of buyer or seller clients you want to attract. For example you may want to work with buyers in a specific market. We then create ads that will attract that type of buyer. Because of our marketing experience and our ability to work with agents in different markets we've learned what kinds of ads work best.

Interested people will click your ad and be redirected to your landing page hosted on StreetText. The page is designed to be visually appealing and inviting. We send people to our landing pages rather than to your website because it converts much higher and is designed to match your Ads. Take a look at how much monthly traffic your website gets versus how many leads you get. It likely converts at less than 1%.

It's also important that the subject and headline of your landing page match your Facebook ad because it greatly increases your conversion rate. People become confused otherwise, wondering if they clicked the correct link and leave your page.

This is where it gets very exciting.

Once a user clicks the start button a form opens up on the page to capture (and verify) the lead's contact information. We've found that forms that open in the same page as the button have a significantly higher conversion rate.

While typical landing pages stop after collecting the name and email, we understand that to improve your insight into the quality of the lead we need to know more about the prospect. Our unique forms enable us to increase conversion rates while simultaneously asking them the information that you need. In this way you get to know vital information, such as their timeframe and if they are already working with another agent, before you follow-up with them.

Finally the lead is taken to a congratulations page. Here they can download a PDF from you. Delivering on the promise of the ad ensures you and the lead have the best experience possible. Furthermore, this builds your brand as a Professional Realtor. An email, addressed from yourself, is then automatically sent to the lead, completing the experience.

All information about the lead is then saved and made accessible to you within your account. As more leads come through this process your database of leads will continue to grow. Your job will be to work the system and follow-up with the leads.

Why it works

Facebook enables advertisers to display ads directly in the content feed that users see. This means that we are able to create ads for you that get high engagement. In fact many of the ads that we run for our clients get organic shares as well. This means that people find them useful so they are sharing the links with their friends on Facebook.

The second reason this strategy works is that the ads are offering value to home buyers and sellers. In return for entering their contact details they are taken to a download page or are emailed a link where they can get instant value. In some cases you may need to create value for each lead, as you would in the case if you wanted to offer a CMA in order to attract home Sellers and listings.

Also, Facebook enables us to target the ads to be seen by specific audiences. Our ads get seen more because of the targeting we use based our experience and statistics we've used.

Finally, and most importantly, what makes this strategy successful is that we work with a limited number of agents in each market. In this way we can provide a valuable tool that also gives a select few agents an edge over their competitors. As in the case of Darryl Reuter, who has used this product to grow his business significantly this year.

Next steps

If you are eager to put this strategy into play in your market then we encourage you to sign up for the demo below. You will speak to one of our trusted team members to walk you though the entire process. This way you can setup a system that is right for you and fits your marketing budget. Every agent is unique, and depending on what you need, our system will enable you to get a good mix of buyer and seller leads.

When you are ready to get started it's quick and painless. Our team will have your ads, landing pages and forms up and running within 48 hours.

Join the ranks of some of the smartest real estate agents on the planet using StreetText to generate business.

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