Digital gift ideas will get your leads attention!

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Here’s day 12 of our Holiday Advent Calendar … a few tips to help you stand out, and wow your leads. For the full Advent Calendar, click here to view all previous days!

Realtors always try to stand out from the crowd when contacting their leads, but have you thought of the different ways you can stand out over the holiday season?

The coffee card… a staple in gift giving. Although successful, this can get a little stale from time to time. Why not start thinking of a few different digital gifts you can start sending your leads.

Before sending a gift, it’s always good to do a little research on your lead and who they are.

Do they have kids? Do they have pets? Do they follow a specific band or love movies? You might be thinking, “but how do I get all this information in the first place?”

The answer? Facebook Ads!

Do a little bit of searching, and see if you lead has any specific interests you can target. Once you know what they are interested in, then you can get them the perfect gift.

Here are a few different ideas – And don’t worry, these are not affiliate links… we just think they’re really great ideas that will appeal to many people! 

1. iTunes gift card – this can target the music lover! Get your lead a 5$ or 10$ gift card so they can purchase the new album they’ve had their eye on.

23542_319x242_52. App Store gift cards – Apps and games can be expensive, and we all know sometimes your kids sneak away with your phone or tablet to play the latest games. Offer your lead an app store gift card so they can purchase any app they want, which includes in-game currency.


3. Amazon, or Etsy gift cards – we all love shopping, so offering your lead some online shopping gift cards would definitely make their holiday a little brighter!


4. Movie passes! – It’s not for everyone, but going to see a movie on Christmas day is a tradition for some. Make this a little easier for your leads by gifting them a movie pass to your local theatre.


It’s always important to think outside of the box for the Holiday season.

To stand out, and make an impression consider gifting some of these to your leads, past clients and current ones. The Holiday season is about sharing the joy and having fun. What better way to than to share the things with others? Comment below, and let us know if you think we missed anything, or have any other gift ideas that we should include.

Happy Holidays!

For the full Holiday Advent Calendar, click here.

Book a Demo to See StreetText in Action - Lead Magnet
Book a Demo to See StreetText in Action – Lead Magnet

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2 replies on “Digital gift ideas will get your leads attention!”

Great Ideas Elysse! Here’s a couple ideas for those who prefer analog :)

Coffee shop gift cards go over really well. You can find something local to the neighborhood, it show’s that you both care and are a local.

Secondly, scratch and win lotto tickets seem to be a fun idea. They only cost a dollar, and you can talk about how your taking a chance on them, but they don’t need to take a chance on their Realtor, when they use you. It’s playful but also a good way to set yourself apart.

Thanks for the article

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