Facebook Seasonality: What you need to know


Most of us commonly know this word as the evil that is winter, and excitement that is summer. As a redhead, I’m not built for summer and would personally prefer the winter… but that’s beside the point.

We mostly relate this term to the four, or even two seasons we experience here on our home planet of earth… but there are other areas where this word becomes relevant, and one of those realms is Facebook.

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No, we’re not saying that Facebook goes through weather seasons… however, we are saying that it goes through changes, much like our environment does throughout the year. These changes bring us all a little bit of frustration at times, as well as ease and content.

To help you understand these a little better, we’ve taken the time to break some of these seasonality changes down, to help you understand what they mean.

Let’s break those down a little because Facebook seasonality isn’t the easiest topic to be knowledged in… which is why StreetText is here to help you.

The Breakdown:

Ironically, the best way to describe Facebook seasonality is through weather seasons.

When the holidays roll around, Facebook ads becomes a little more competitive. Yes, we literally mean that your ads are competing with the big stores around that time of year. Macey’s, Target, Apple and everything in between. All of these big corporations will have hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of dollars to put towards their holiday ad budget so you see their products.

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Now, since you’re not a big corporation (that we know of)… you’ll absolutely have a hard time competing with these kinds of budgets. This is the first component of seasonality. The hard truth of the matter is that people are going to outspend you around certain times of the year.

Now, your next question might be “well why don’t I just up my budget a little to compensate?”

Unless you can cough up enough to beat the holiday competitors, there no reason to do this, as it won’t help. Seasonality is just something we all have to endure and let pass. Soon enough, things will mellow out, and return back to normal.

Not only will seasonality affect your ads around Christmas, Thanksgiving, and around days like Black Friday… it will also be affected around times of the year such as Spring Break, and Summer vacation.

Think of all the different daycare advertisements out there for working families with kids, or even spring break holiday deals for the college student in all of us.

It’s natural to want to make a change or turn off your ads during these times but we recommend pushing through the slower seasons so your ad can keep its relevancy, and continue to build momentum. You will also stay ahead of your competitor this way as they too will have a natural instinct to slow down their advertising based on the season.

Just a friendly reminder that the next time things slow down for you, remember there are many factors that come into play – and not to be concerned.

Take a look at the following video, and learn how to handle Facebook Seasonality – and allow it to benefit your business!


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Book a Demo to See StreetText – Lead Magnet

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