3 easy ways to grow your Facebook engagement

Most of us think we have Facebook locked in. It’s pretty straightforward, right? You post a status, picture or article and just watch the likes and comments pour in. But, what happens if the engagement just isn’t there? How do you create content and posts that are both entertaining, interactive and show prospect what kind of person you are?  facebook for real estate Despite Facebook being around for over a decade now, there are still growing social media trends that you need to stay on top of to make sure the content you’re posting is both engaging and beneficial to your audiences. We’ve listed a few different Facebook must do’s to make sure you’re engagement is staying top notch and as beneficial to your audiences as possible.

1. The first thing – Post questions that are engaging to the audience.

What do we mean by this? Well, it’s easy to just post random content – but the key to getting engagement on your content is finding questions people will want to engage with. Take Donna Swnazy as an example. Donna works very hard to enhance her Facebook pages  engagement so her friends are entertained – but also for any prospect that may be looking her up and see what she’s like as a person. And let’s face it… as much as people look for professionalism in their real estate agents, they’re also looking for someone they’re comfortable with – and someone who they can relate to on a more humanistic level. Below are a few examples of how Donna interacts with her prospective clients, friends, and even current clients. She’s an expert at communicating with people, starting and maintaining friendships, as well as professional relationships.   facebook pages for real estate Simple right? These are literally just interactive, curious questions that make people want to be a little more engaged with you and your brand. Take the next one as an example. Thinking about which TV or Movie character you’re most like is probably not something you think of on a regular basis – it might even be something you’ve never actually considered… its questions like this that pull people out of their daily tasks and give them something fun to think of.   facebook real estate pages And for the record – I’m definitely a Targaryen or Stark in another life… for you fellow Game of Thrones fans out there.   facebook pages for real estate This last one is another example of an engaging question that makes you think a little. I honestly had to take a moment to think of this one, because I’m the least picky person on the planet. But I think you get my point now, right? Don’t just ask the same old question everyone else is asking. Make sure the content and questions you’re putting on your  real estate Facebook page are engaging enough that it’s pulling people into thought, and provoking a bigger conversation. Those are the questions that will get answered, and boost your Facebook engagement to the stratosphere.

2. The next thing I recommend for increasing engagement? Posting pictures.

As I’m writing this, it’s international puppy day. Why do I know this? Well, my dog is my biggest supporter and best friend – but I also know this because I saw someone post it on Facebook. Take a look at the post below: Facebook real estate page 39 comments on this post, which all included pictures of peoples pets. You bet your bottom dollar I included a picture of my own – but again that’s beside the point. This post is not only interactive in terms of the content… but people love sharing anything about their pets. If this is a post you’re casually posting on your Facebook business page, maybe some of your prospects will see it and post their own image. Then, at your first appointment or for a holiday you can send them something special for their furry friend… or at least bring it up during a conversation. The point of showing you all of these posts is not only to show you the different types of questions you can be getting prospects and friends to engage with… but its because they can also allow you to do a little bit of resonance on your prospective leads. If you contact a prospect and ask about their dog, I bet they’d feel pretty special and appreciated, right? Something to consider when building interactions and engagements on your Facebook. Now that we have engaging Facebook comments out of the way, its time to tackle a whole different aspect of engagement. Showcasing and highlighting clients with a friendly post.

3. Client profiles

This next aspect is if you’ve been working with clients and have officially helped them sell, and or buy their new home. We’ve seen a lot of real estate agents do this recently, where they’ll post pictures of their clients with a message that reads something like “Thank you Katie and Jon Doe for letting me join you on the journey to buying your dream home!” or “Congrats Jon and Katie Doe on buying your dream home!” Not only does this show you’ve had positive experiences with clients in the past, it also shows you’re good at your job and help people reach their end goals of either selling their home – or buying a new one. Consider asking your clients if this is something you can do. It’s important to get their permission before posting anything about clients on social media – but after you do, go to the races! Prospective leads that visit your Facebook business page or even personal page will see said posts and see how you’d probably be able to help them too.

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