4 tricks to keep you motivated while you’re feeling down

Look… this happens to everyone.

Every once and a while, we all get to a place where we just feel a little less motivated. These feelings come and go, and show up without rhyme or reason… and mostly at some pretty inconvenient moments.


Two weeks ago, I woke up and immediately knew I was going to have a harder, less motivated, and distracted day. Sometimes, it just happens, and un-motivated days don’t discriminate.

Since these days come and go so frequently, it’s important to know how to tackle them full force, and have the most productive day as possible regardless of the distractions or inevitable feelings of dread that burrow inside us.

Here are some things you’ll want to do in order to stop the unmotivated feelings and get back on track to be more motivated in your day today. Trust me when I say that these tricks are a little more simple and easy than you’d think.

1. Listen to Music

This might be one of the easiest tactics to help you with unmotivated thoughts and feelings.

Most of the time, music has this ability to uplift us, and bring us back to moments that bring us happiness and joy. Turn on your favourite jam, dance with your kids or… if you’re anything like me, dance with your dog… and get your groove on!

Our favourite tracks have this magic ability to return us back to places of happiness, and jubilation which can be incredibly helpful in these unmotivated moments. The truth is, music can be a great motivator.

There are obviously acceptions to this rule, as music can evoke an array of emotions – but in these unmotivated times in your career and life, it’s your responsibility to not fall into the emotions and unmotivated behaviour… because this would be counterproductive.

2. Call Someone

I don’t mean just anyone. Call a friend, family member!

Often times, calling a friend or family member and getting out of your head for a moment can be really helpful in getting your life back on track. Whenever I’m feeling down, less motivated or even just sluggish… I contact one of my best friends. She’s a full-time mom, entrepreneur, artist and wife. She’s literally doing it all and doing an amazing job while she does it.

Does this help me get re-motivated? Yes, absolutely.

I’m not telling you to compare yourself to others, but I am saying that there is value in listening to others to know and understand what they might be going through.

Apples and oranges. No two scenarios are perfectly comparable. I don’t have a daughter, and business and an art career – but I do have my own struggles that may cause me to be less motivated. Sometimes chatting with someone about how their life is going can help put your struggles and to-do lists in perspective.

3. Be Physical

Have you ever has such a bad day that the only thing that seems to help ease the stress and struggle is a kickboxing session? Or even better, a long long run with your favourite tunes?

This… this is often times my saving grace.

Physical activity can break unmotivated patterns based on the chemicals that are released in your brain when you’re active. It’s honestly just that simple. I know that sometimes it might be hard to get out for that run when you are so unmotivated… but if you strive through that initial pushback, you’ll really benefit from the outcomes it will give you.

Not only will this help break the unmotivated patterns you might be feeling… but it will also help you sleep better and with your overall self-esteem and happiness.

Go for a run, try Zumba or Kickbox your way to new set motivation.

4. Write a To-Do list

The final component to this is putting it on paper.

Making a list of all the things you need to get done can actually be a lot less threatening than it sounds. Often times, the tasks that were piling up in our minds is a lot less than we actually think.

Take this morning as an example. Before starting my work week, I made it a priority to list off all the MAJOR things I need to get done this week and outlined all of the MINOR things. Doing this helps me see all of the things I need to get done and allows me to see them in terms of importance.

Honestly, this is one of the most effective tactics for getting things done and remotivating yourself. Seeing it all laid out on paper often helps you see your tasks a bit more clearly… and somehow – it’s all a little less intimidating and more approachable.

At the end of the day, you’re going to find the perfect skills to keep you motivated.

We’re all wired differently, so it’s okay that your methods might be different than others. The important thing to remember is that everyone goes through these lul’s and you’re not the only one who occasionally hits a wall that causes you to spin out a little.

Take things day by day, and begin learning the tasks that will ultimately help you out of your moments of being unmotivated. Once you’ve figured those out… your less motivated days will turn into hours, and soon you’ll have tricks to combat the unmotivated beast that lives in all of us.

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