What to say in your video email when following up with Home Valuation requests

Sarah Allen is a real estate agent based out of Mankato Minnesota. In a previous article I shared how she doubled her business in 12 months

She runs Facebook funnels to capture leads using StreetText and follows up with personalized video to get more walkthroughs using BombBomb. 

Having been in real estate for only 2 years how did she get traction so quickly? Well being a professor of Communications Studies probably didn’t hurt. And neither did applying what she learnt at a recent NAR conference.

While at a NAR convention one of the panelists were using StreetText and BombBomb together. “He said he’s been able to get so many clients just because of the video interaction.” 

A first impression is a lasting impression. And it’s hard to convey sincerity in an email. Video captures your facial expression, your tone, and gives you a chance to be personal in your introduction.

Sarah shares that in her first video she says…

“Hey I’m Sarah Allen. Nice to meet you, Greg. How’s your day going? Saw that you wanted your home evaluated, would love to do that for you. I need to get inside your home to get a more accurate assessment. So why don’t we set up a home walkthrough, usually only takes me about an hour to do. Let me know what day works for you.”

You can find part 1 of Sarah’s story here. How Sarah went from 12 to 24 closings in her second year of real estate

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2 replies on “What to say in your video email when following up with Home Valuation requests”

Hi Therese, you’ll do the valuations once you receive the lead. A video home valuation is personal and stands out. Some things are most effective when done by a real person. There are also some great tools out there that you can plug in as well.

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