These realtors are closing minimum 6 deals a month through StreetText

Everyone has their own systems, and their own way of approaching leads. We want to set up all of our clients for success, so here are some examples of Realtors who are churning out Facebook real estate ads by using StreetText.

Donna Swanzy

Donna has been with StreetText since October of 2016, and with three areas targeted, and a focus on the sweet spots in her location, Donna is churning out leads. Donna closed 13 deals in March, 6 of which were leads from Facebook ads using StreetText. With the average home cost being 200,000, Donna was able to make a 3% commission off each. Additionally, since the beginning of May, Donna has generated 71 leads through StreetText alone, which means that because of the ads StreetTexts creates for her, she has plenty to keep her busy.

Facebook real estate ads

Donna uses StreetText to gain real estate leads through Facebook ads and gave me some insight on her process during our conversation.

“I always immediately send out an email with the home evaluation,” Donna says, after capturing a lead through StreetText.

She also mentioned that right after she sends the first email, she’ll follow up her contact with a BombBomb video, so the lead has a chance to see her on video, and get to know Donna through a lens (click here to take a look at her video). Donna feels as though it’s always great to make things “a little more personable.”

It gives her a chance to introduce herself, and network with her lead to build a relationship. Donna said that a key part of her strategy includes sending her lead a handwritten letter, that includes 5 reasons to sell, and reasons not to wait (take a look at a letter example below). This adds value to her brand since people don’t always want to sell right away. She also includes a sentence at the end of the letter saying “If you need anything, or have any questions I’m always here to help” which leaves the door open for future communication.


Sydney Waits

Most agents close less than a handful of deals their first year. Waits closed 15. In her second year selling in the Fort Worth area, she earned admission into the REMAX 100 percent club for agents paid commissions between $100,000 to $249, 999. StreetText set up her Facebook ads, a campaign to attract Seller Leads and the systems required to help her convert her leads. All she needed was a Facebook business page, which only took about 10 minutes to set up. StreetText then did the rest. In her first month using the service, she picked up three listings. One of them was for $390,000 in a hot-selling neighborhood, well above the average price in her area.

Facebook Real Estate Ads

Thanks to StreetText, Waits has changed her business model to prospect only for listings, not buyers. It improves her bottom line – she can handle more listings – and helps at home with work/life balance, giving her time to spend with her husband and two daughters. She sold 30 houses in her second year as a real estate agent. Her goal in the next year is to double that production. She is such a fan that she’s campaigning for her mother to sign up for the service.

“I wish I had StreetText my first year in real estate,” she says. “StreetText is fantastic. It’s helping build my business.”


Dave Ehlke

Dave Ehlke has been with StreetText for 4 months and is seeing tremendous results in his target areas through our Facebook ad lead generation.  But it hasn’t come easy for Dave…in fact, it’s come with a lot of hard work and dedication to his trade. Dave explained that “If I need to get out 100 address submission letters, I won’t do anything else until they’re done.” He’s dedicated to his practice and takes time to finish everything because every detail is important to his success. When asked about his process, Dave explains that he loves how every sale is unique and that a home never has the same footprint. “Homes are always different, which means the sales process is always different.” Dave thrives off the need to have to adapt to each sale. It’s always different, and he always has to adjust to cater to each personality he meets.

Facebook real estate lead generation

He explained that in order for him to approach the lead properly, he does an extensive amount of research into who they are, what they do, and where they live. Dave wants to know everything he can to make sure he’s providing his leads with what they need to list their home, and potentially purchase another.

After he gets their information, they’re instantly set up on a monthly postcard campaign. He’s also regular with door hanger campaigns for address submissions, where his 10 and 12 year old bring around coffee cards and other small promotions to make sure people are remembering him.


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