The text message that guarantees conversations are started on Facebook

This will work if you are currently generating 1000’s of leads online, or if you just generated your first.

The irony for many agents is they spend a bunch of time or money generating a lead….only to discover the work has just begun.

“Time” is exactly what so many agents are trying to get back in their lives. Time with their kids and loved ones.

Every agent that is honest with themselves knows that cultivating leads takes time, but what if you could at least get that first “win”.

We have worked with 1000’s of Realtors, and we often found that agents with the best results (most leads/dollar spent) were often the least likely to convert into a client.


Because they initially came to us because they needed help generating leads, but what they were really saying is “I don’t have time to learn Facebook, set up campaigns, build landing pages, build lead capture forms, automation etc etc”

And we said you’re in the right place! We can do that for you. And then we delivered a bunch of leads in their account and…..they panicked.

Because we thought leads was the problem…but it wasn’t. Time was the problem. As the leads started to pile up, so did the work for the agents. The endless hours of follow-up.

So this is why we saw a curve, the more leads meant more panic. Not for every agent, of course, we had agents that CRUSHED every lead we could send them, and maybe that is you too. But even for those agents…this helped a TON.

starting conversations with SMS

So we knew agents needed that first “win”. Definition of that win: A conversation with a lead.

The agent needed some motivation to see that these leads and this journey was going to pay off big time.

Realtors struggle with a major under-estimation and over-estimation complex.

They over-estimate how much revenue they will make in the short term.
They underestimate how much revenue they will make in the long term.

With this complex, they often give up WAY too soon.

So this text message was born, it was created to start a conversation with leads. Allowing the Realtor to spend 80% of their time on the leads that would convert in the next 30-60 days, giving them the revenue and peace of mind they needed to build the systems to convert the other long-term leads.

Here it is:

This one is for buyers:

“Hi this is Julie, I work with (Your name). I see you are interested in a list of upcoming listings in (Area). I’m here to help you through that process! I’d love to get a little more info about the property you’re looking for. What specific locations are you interested in finding a new property in?”

This one is for sellers:

“Hi this is Julie, I work with (Your name). I see you are interested in your home value. Is there anything specific about your home that may affect its value? i.e Updates”

This text message HAS to be sent within the first 2-5min that the lead comes in.

The key here is it is provided by “your assistant Julie”. Julie obviously does not exist, but it is key you use it like this.

It offers the right amount of professionalism and respect required to generate a nice response. And any response is good.

It will either get you to focus on them or not waste your time on them, either way, you just prioritized your time!

Try this out and let me know how it works for you.

OH and a BONUS

Send this one 10 minutes later:

“Just let me know if I can help”

To your success!

Here are some of the REAL responses this text message has provided:

Message: 350,000

Message: Kingston, battersea, inverary, Sydenham, Odessa

Message: I’m looking to stay in Windsor and surrounding area.

Message: Really rather stay in Paulding. Ranches are what we are really looking for. Thank you

Message: We’re looking for a 4 bed 3 bath in a quiet neighborhood preferably with some distance between neighbors. Our style is modern rustic

Message: We are pretty open to it . We just started looking in lutz, Wesley chapel, Brandon, river view, and dade city lol we are all over the place obv. I work in New Tampa and he works in Brandon . So anywhere around those two areas .

Message: North of the 401 would be my first pick 3 bedroom with either a garage or a barn or both with big yard

Message: South east, mint hill, Matthews.

Message: I would like a garage or two. We currently own a property. We are not yet ready to move however we want to see what’s out there

Message: Hi there, it is definitely something I’m interested in! I own a house in Tamworth now. I want a three bedroom turn key. I want a fenced in yard, I like Napanee and surrounding area.

Message: Im looking for around 2000 sqft with open to below area.not more than 3-4 yrs old

Message: Would like to stay roughly 10 mins out of town and closer.

Message: I am looking around 400k


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