See how these three agents are succeeding with StreetText

Here at StreetText, we’re lucky to work with such great users and clients. We’re elated each day when we hear of different success stories, and learn the different methods our clients are using to start their own conversations.

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Dave Ehlke, Sydney Waits, and Donna Swanzy are just a small percent of the clients we have succeeding through StreetText – and in this article, we’ve decided to highlight them and their specific success, as well as some of the methods they each use to grow their business. Read through and see if their success reminds you of your own personal business objectives – or the direction you want your business to grow in.

Dave Ehlke – Forest Lake, Minnesota

Dave Ehlke is a realtor in the Minnesota area and has been with StreetText for a total of 5 months. He is a family man and is extremely dedicated to his business, growth, and success.

In recent years, Dave has given up a job in corporate America to peruse his passion in real estate – which thus far, has been incredibly rewarding for him, and full of hard work.

Before Dave started with StreetText, a larger part of the problem he was facing in the real estate lead generation world was not being able to find the right ad algorithm to keep things coming in. Since being with StreetText, he’s been able to let go of that concern – as monitoring this ad is something he no longer has to do.

Dave also mentioned that he learned to get it all done when it needs to get done.

Things are never left by the wayside. If 100 letter submissions needed to be completed, and sent out – then they were done before doing anything else.

This is a huge part of his business – the dedication to one’s practice and discipline to get it all finished.

Does this sound like you? Does Dave’s ambition, or drive to succeed inspire growth in your own business practices? If so, book a demo with us now to learn more about how we can help grow your business.

Sydney Waits – Fort Worth, Texas

Sydney is an agent in the Fort Worth area, who dove into real estate and hit it out of the park almost immediately.

Most agents close less than a handful of deals in their first year, but Sydney….well she closed 15. In her second year selling in the Fort Worth area, she earned admission into the REMAX 100 percent club for agents paid commissions between 100,000 to 249,999.

Sydney has been with StreetText for just shy of two years and is continuously seeing results through Facebook ad marketing. StreetText sets up her Facebook ads, a campaign to attract Seller Leads and the systems required to help her convert her leads.

In her first month using the service, she picked up three listings. One of them was for 390,000 in a hot selling neighborhood.

Because of StreetText, Sydney has changed her business model to prospects only for listings…not buyers. Bottom line, she can handle more listings and overall helps with her work-life balance.

This means, at the end of the day – through StreetText, Sydney is able to be a top realtor in her area and keep a great work-life balance. More time to spend with her husband, and two children.

Take a moment to see if you relate to Sydney and her practices. Do you want to be a top seller in your area? Do you need more of a work-life balance? Let us help you get there! Book a demo with us now to learn more.

Donna Swanzy – Fort Worth, Texas

After being in the education system for roughly 22 years, Donna wanted to venture into something different. After deciding on real estate – Donna quickly realized it was a perfect fit.

Donna closed 13 deals in one month, 6 of which were leads through StreetText. With the average home in her area costing roughly 200,000, Donna was able to make 3% commission off each.

Donna is continuously on the go since her account is yielding roughly 71 leads a month through StreetText alone. This means that because of the Facebook ads StreetText creates for her, she has plenty to keep her busy.

Donna has exceptional techniques – some of which she gave us a deeper look into. Donna feels as though it’s vital to be a little more personable in her communications with the real estate leads. She follows up in many ways – by either a written letter through address submissions and a video through regular leads.

Her goal through these types of communications is adding a bit of value to her business, and to her brand. She also includes a sentence at the end of the letter saying “if you need anything, or have any questions I’m always here to help” which leaves the door open for future communication.

StreetText gives her a connection to her leads, and allows her to understand who wants to sell soon, and who might just be curious about their home valuation. Either way, Donna loves starting the conversation.

If your business objective includes building relationships and strong connections with your leads, much like Donna…book a demo with us now! 

StreetText wants to help you focus on your business objectives and to make sure you meet those. To learn more about how we can help build your business – and to learn more about Facebook ad Marketing, book a demo with us through the link below

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