How to create the best letter campaign ever

We’re all trying to reach more people, with the best content we can. With the end of 2017 approaching, why not consider some new and different approaches for 2018?


StreetText is all about education and growth. We love learning new systems, and new tactics to help you grow your business. We are also aware that reaching leads through door knocking and letters can be the hardest and take the most time. But don’t worry! We’re here to provide you with a few different systems, and tactics that you can try in 2018.

Address submissions & initial contact

We’ve seen many realtors create introductory packages, for their address only leads.

From time to time, our users will get what we call ‘Address only Submissions.’ These occur when leads fill out the valuation request, but only leave their home address.

This doesn’t happen often, but when it does its a good idea for our users to have systems in place to ensure these are still a successful method of reaching out to a lead.

First off, we recommend reaching out to them in some aspect. A lot of people will get address only submissions, and bypass them completely because they believe they are hard to convert. There are a few tricks to them, however…which start with an initial contact.

Most of the time, our users decide to send their address only submissions an initial handwritten letter. This shows the lead that the person they reached out to for the valuation is personable, and committed to taking the time to reach out. Nothing shows more devotion than a hand written letter. Those take time, and energy to write, and send out.

Handwritten letters are also more commonly opened than a standard postcard campaign or a typed letter. People are always curious of who they maybe got a letter from, and open it almost immediately.

Introduction Package

Instead of sending your leads an initial letter, consider sending them a package. Matthew Nicolas is a fantastic example of this, as he sends his leads something called the ‘Holy Smokes’ package.

This package is sent with a Purolator packaging so its validity is a lot higher. People who receive a package sent from Puralator, they are much more likely to open it, than a regular letter.

If you don’t quite have the budget for this method yet, that’s alright! The good news? You have a few more options.

Instead of sending a Purolator package, you can send letters, coffee cards, and other items in a different envelope. This can be an envelope made for documents, an envelope with a different design, or even something a little more artsy. The point of making this a little different is to catch your leads eye and send them something they’ll want to open.

Added Value

We always want to add value to anything we send leads. With letters, the first component will be to send the handwritten letter. But are there more ways to add value to letters, that isn’t just through a handwritten letter?

The answer is YES! There are so many different ways to add value to your letter campaigns. The most popular? Sending Coffee cards.

Often times, this is the easiest approach for realtors. Providing leads with a simple coffee card is intentional, adds value, and provides them with that ‘wow’ factor.

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