How incorporating video into your business can transform your brand

The power of storytelling.

Stories have the ability to pull you in and enrich your thoughts. Traditionally, stories have been used to educate, amuse and expand the mind. Although tales and stories have mostly been used for entertainment, they’re also ironically useful when properly integrated into your business. Let me tell you what I mean.

Video integration in the form of a story doesn’t need to be left to the YouTubers and filmmakers and can be useful when looking to transform your brand, and even give yourself a bigger social standing in your market.

But before diving into creating new videos and clips for your website and automated emails, you need to understand the basics of social presences, and how to format your content so you leave a lasting impression with your viewer. It’s important to master, especially with video being one of the most powerful marketing tools – and taking your audiences attention spans into consideration.

With that being said, we’re going to break down some key components to video creation, so your next clip helps transform your business and your brand to the next level.

Look beyond the story 

What is your overall strategy for building a social presence with video?

Sure, knowing who you are is fantastic, and often helps your future clients have a level of comfort and understanding in who you are as a person.

Hope Horner explains this quite perfectly in an article and writes that Buzzfeed has done this perfectly through their new channel ‘Tasty.’ This channel has created bite-sized clips for aspiring amateur cooks on Instagram and Facebook. Their videos are no longer than 60 seconds long and provide the viewer with digestible material to help them make top quality meals. It’s geared to attract, hold and entice the viewer, and they do an incredible job at this.

Now, I’m not trying to encourage you to release cooking videos on your social channels, but I am trying to tell you to think outside of the box and beyond the structure that is a story. Here are some general themes that would fall into this style of video making, and be on par with Buzzfeed video structure.

  • Create short clips of home walkthroughs: This is a great opportunity to showcase homes from your perspective in under 60 seconds. Sure, it probably isn’t enough time for the viewer to get a solid idea of the home – but if you use to 60 seconds to show some high-quality aspects of the house, people will often time want to see more. In this scenario, you’re going beyond the story and providing the viewer with valuable content that means something to them.

Play around with ideas, as there are plenty out there. But long gone are the days of just creating introductions videos in your email drip campaigns. Start thinking of ways to showcase your brand via video beyond the traditional introductions.

Know your brand, and show it in every part of the video 

This will be important when people are remembering who you are.

Your brand isn’t only how you portray yourself, or the styles you evoke… your brand should have a sense of familiarity to it, so people know when something is yours.

As an example, one of my favourite YouTubers, Casey Neistat is known for his elaborate time-lapse videos, striking imagery, technical drone footage and fluid nature shots. I know what his video style is, which means if you had to make me pick his video from a group of 10 miscellaneous videos, I’d probably be able to do it.

Casey has created a sense of brand with the video style he creates, which means he’s been able to transform his brand so its recognizable to most people.

Keep things quick 

We’ve mentioned this a few times in previous sections, but it’s important so it requires it’s own section.

If you want to make an impact with your video content, you need to make things short and sweet. If your video content is pushing 20 minutes…chances are you’ve lost your audience – except if you’re providing high-value content. You’re allowed to have high value, longer content on YouTube because people often spend time on Youtube just as they would cable television.

In any other social platform though, you should be using smaller, quicker clips. Here are a few examples of content to help see what kind of content you could be creating that under 60 seconds.

  • Home walkthroughs
  • Tips and tricks to help during the buyer or selling process
  • Decorating tips
  • DIY techniques

These are all quick and easy ways to turn video into 60-second digestible videos that will attract your audience and begin building your brand.


At the end of the day, video isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking to grow your brand and your business though, it’s a good avenue to take.

Take some time to research good ways to launch video content, and see if it fits your brand. At the end of the day, you hold decide what will work and what won’t in your business.

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