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6 Real Estate Pro’s on how to stay successful in a changing landscape

How do you stay motivated as the seasons start to change, and keep your success high when traction is low? Industry experts are predicting that the market is going to shift, which in real estate isn’t new. Change is the one constant, as they say.

We asked 6 leading Real Estate Professionals, one of whom has been in the market 34 years, how they have stayed nimble and competitive. Here’s what they had to say. (Watch the video below).

In the video we interviewed 6 leaders. These are individuals who have faced all sorts of personal obstacles, have chosen to continue, and are succeeding in real estate. They were interviewed separately and their answers were entirely unscripted. It was almost unnerving how similar some of their answers were.

What is leadership?

It’s simply choosing to be first to move in a direction that others later choose to follow. Leadership may look like starting a business that your family chooses to join. Or starting a career or trend that others choose to adopt. Every person who has a business is a leader. But being a leader isn’t always easy. That’s where listening to other’s share their stories of success, can refuel the mind and provide energy to continue.

Here’s what we learned

What’s interesting is that they all attributed their success to a few basic practices. A shared mindset of positivity, the willingness to try new things, and maintaining systems.

  1. “It starts with a Mentality of Success,” says Markus Willard. Julia Hurley shares, “You have to tell yourself everyday. You’re enough, you’re the best, you’re going to accomplish this.”
  2. When a person shifts their mind to a positive outlook, they are open to good outcomes. Nicole Hacault said when she chose an attitude of success, “It was boom boom boom. I’ve got a referral for you, this property just sold…” 
  3. Matthew Nicolas states, “I just get back to my systems. You know that as long as you’re making the calls, as long as you’re following up, it will convert.”

Taking it further

Earlier this week Tom Ferry shared, “The market is clearly adjusting, things are clearly going to be different. The market is always changing.” This is when you step up by doing the right stuff while no one else is. He added one more item to the above list.

He said, “Set a goal to get 100 appointments. What’s the worst that can happen?” You may say, “But, I’ve only done 20 appointments this year.” But Tom counters, “The world isn’t going to end, but you may do more business than ever before.” But most importantly, Tom says, the daily habit and push to hit 100 appointments will cause you to believe in yourself. That’s the most important change that will happen.

I attended a Leadership Summit where a world class speaker asked the crowd to, “Stretch your arms out as high as you can. Okay, is everyone reaching? Great, now stretch further…. How many people just found another inch?” Laughter erupted among the audience as everyone discovered they had more to give. One of the key takeaways from this video, is that when you think you’ve done it all, you can always go further.

Starting with a positive mindset is a sure fire way to ensure you increase your drive to go that little bit further. When you’re on a winning streak one looks forward to the next game. Choosing an attitude of success tells the mind it’s not only a good idea to push further, it’s fun.

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