4 secrets to drive organic promotion on your Facebook posts

Promotion is essential if you want to build a presence for your real estate business.

Real Estate is a relationship business. This is the reason Facebook can be so powerful for real estate agents. The following post is the first of a 3 part series to teach you how to Grow Your Influence Using Facebook.

In this post you are going to learn 4 simple tricks you can do to make your Facebook posts more visible. The first step to developing relationships and influence on Facebook is by being seen. By using the following simple techniques you will increase fan activity, your Facebook score and the amount your posts are shared to your fans, friends and community.

1. Drive engagement with images and videos.

It doesn’t take much to turn a mundane Facebook post into an eye-catching one with attractive images and youtube videos. Images are incredibly effective on Facebook, posts with photos get 39% more engagement on average.

By using catchy images and videos you create an emotional response from the viewer. The goal is to use emotion to compel people to like, comment or share immediately. Bernadette Jiwa of Striking Truths wrote, “We create outstanding visual images that people like to share on Facebook, driving traffic back to our own website.”

2. Write an appealing description.

If the content you are sharing to FB is great but the engagement is low it might be because the description is boring. Create an engaging description and you will watch as likes, shares and comments increase.

no you can't list this as an indoor poolFor example, we’ve all seen that FB post about interest rates getting almost no response. Why does it just sit there, lonely and without likes, when interest rates matter to people. By rewriting the FB description you can drive engagement. Compare the next two descriptions. Which would your fans be more likely to click? “The surprising effect interest rates are having on home prices that no one is telling you.” Or, “Bank of Canada is unlikely to change course on interest rates”.

Another trick is to write headlines that make you laugh or is focused on good news. Find a good joke, funny story, or hilarious anecdote.

3. Create conversations.

People love being part of conversations and Facebook knows this. “Respond to comments that your fans post on your content to increase the number of interactions per post”. Hubspot

When people comment on your post write an open comment back. The greater the number of comments on a post the more people will click it to check it out.

4. Build your affinity score.

Facebook has internal metrics to determine how “social” you are. You want a good affinity score on Facebook to get your FB posts shared more. A simple way of building it is by responding “to comments that fans post on your wall to increase your affinity score”. Hubspot

Congrats! You are now 1 step closer to being a Facebook influencing machine and top agent of your market. As you have just learned, it’s not very hard to make your Facebook posts stand out. We wish you the best in your business. And I would love to hear your results using Facebook to grow your Real Estate Business. Who knows, you may even get featured on our blog

Part 2 – Realtors what you need to know when building your reputation with Facebook

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Passionate about helping leaders grow their business, Jonathan Whiting is co-founder of StreetText. In addition to StreetText Hub, Jonathan has written for TechVibes and REM Magazine.

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