Why the mythical Bigfoot joined our team

If your company is venture backed and it takes off (think hockey stick curve) then it’s known as a Unicorn. But if you’re self-funded and things takes off like a rocket ship, then it’s something else,… it’s a Bigfoot.

Well… Our heart is all about helping authentic business professionals grow. And… We just so happen to be founded in the Pacific Northwest, home of the mythical Bigfoot. And what does Bigfoot love? Evergreen forests. And who doesn’t love an evergreen funnel. And Bigfoot just so happens to be a very humble and friendly ad expert. 

So when Bigfoot approached us about joining our team we couldn’t say no. For us, having the mythical Bigfoot part of StreetText just made sense.

The mythical Bigfoot loves digital advertising. Who knew. He’s a real pro at it. So you may see him pop up on your screen here and there as he does his favorite thing in the world and make your ads shine.

He’s working hard, behind the scenes, letting you know if your ad is working, getting leads, and turning driving results.

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