Gears to illustrate automated systems

Save time and make your sales follow up even better with automation

Gears to illustrate automated systems

A computer programmer recently left his job for another company. This is a true story. As his ex-colleagues went through his old computer files to wrap up any loose ends they uncovered a whole world of hidden tasks. If anything took longer than 90 seconds of his time he had written scripts to automate it.

Literally anything.

He had a file that detected if he was logged into his computer in the morning. If he wasn’t it automatically sent an email to his boss explaining that he would be working from home that day.

If he was working late, he had a script that prompted a text message to his wife picking a random reason. He even had a script that prompted the office coffee machine to brew him a fresh cup every day.

Everyone else in the office had no clue the coffee machine was even on a network.

While this guy was a genius, fortunately for the rest of us popular tools are making it much easier for anyone to automate those necessary but important repetitive tasks. Like remembering to email those new prospects and leads.

3 Ways To Automate Your Sales Follow Up

Take MailChimp for example. It’s a popular email marketing service. You can now connect multiple emails and have them trigger every X number of days.

Meet a potential client and want to stay in touch? Well it’s really easy now. Create an amazing series of introductory emails ONCE, then have them automatically sent to every one of your new prospects as you meet them.

You can even connect apps together. Today Zapier enables you to sync your favourite apps.

It’s really easy and you can create some amazing workflows. (We are on there, so I will use us as the example.)

Say you’ve generated leads with StreetText, you can automatically have every one of your leads sync to a CRM like Follow Up Boss and also trigger an automatic video email response from BombBomb.

Finally, if you don’t want to manually trigger those MailChimp emails? No problem connect StreetText to MailChimp using Zapier. And presto, every one of your new prospects now will automatically receive a series of great emails from you – without having to do anything.


In my opinion this is one of the most exciting times for the internet. Finally apps are being connected in a way that puts you in the drivers seat and allows you to save a ton of time while setting up an amazing system.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Let me know what you think? Are you automating any of your tasks?

How do you think you could improve your business and lead follow-up? I wish you well, and if you haven’t already consider investing in these great systems today so you too can free up more of your time for the future.

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