Referrals – Why are they so important?

A few weeks ago, we released an article discussing the importance of word of mouth real estate referrals. In this article, we mentioned that word of mouth referrals can be hard to break into.

Last week, we were fortunate to do a webinar with Dave Ehlke, a realtor in the Minnesota area. Dave is a perfect example of someone who has mastered word of mouth referrals – and here’s why.

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Watch Daves video here!

Dave explained early on in our conversation how important it is to follow up. He told me a funny story of a time he got a home valuation request with a phone number, and email address…something we all love to see. Within minutes, Dave had already called this gentleman to follow up.

Initially, the man he called voiced that he wasn’t gravely interested in selling his home at this time, and Dave understood without a push to sell. He provided him with the information he needed and continued having a candid, casual conversation about their areas.

Before the call was over, Dave explained that he would be available if he needed anything which may have provided his lead with a big of a humanistic quality he otherwise was not used to from previous realtors. In that moment, Dave’s lead said “You know what? My parents are relocating here next month and need a home – you’ve been wonderful to chat to, and at no point pushed the sale on me. I would love for you to give them a hand when they need their new home.”

Just like that. Dave immediately had a referral – from one call!

Furthermore, after he sold his leads parents a home, they referred him to their daughter who was moving to the same location. Dave had two different referrals from one single phone call.

The important piece here is Dave is contacting people the way he would anyone. He holds his leads experience so close to him, that he wants them to have a positive and rememberable experience through him. His humanistic, and natural ability to have conversations makes his leads exceptionally comfortable with him – and adds a level of trust

To watch a brief video of Dave explaining his process, and which techniques are working the best for him – Click here! 

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