Part 1: The PERFECT Technique to Turn Facebook Seller Leads into Appointments

One thing is certain whether you are in Real Estate or any sales role, you will find yourself on the phone with prospective clients.

In this short interview with Julia Hurley you will hear how she does it, we call in the “sales dance” and she does it brilliantly.

Her PROVEN technique turns phone conversations into Listing Appointments.


Key Listening Points:

  • 0:30min 8 Appointments, 2 cancels, 2 WON listings.
  • 1:40min Based on Type of Lead Call Immediately!!!!
  • 2:00min Objection handling PRO
  • 2:25min Uncover TRUE motivation
  • 3:18min The “Take Away”
  • 3:47min “They want to sell they just don’t know it yet – Free Money”

Share what you think of her strategy and what you have used yourself.

See Part 2 Here. Julia’s strategy to win listings on the spot.

To learn more about Julia you can visit her website

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