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How Gina Wade is combining her direct mail strategy with online lead generation to land her deals

Gina Wade is an unique agent from Marietta, GA and she’s not shy about her approach to lead generation.

“A lot of people don’t reply to your emails, but when you send a personalized letter, people almost always acknowledge it. People always open letters.”

She has been working as an independent Realtor for only the last two years and is already thriving. Gina had to shift her career when she had her son. A move which has brought her a lot of success.

Where is she seeing the most success? From the addresses she is collecting with her Lead Generator system.

From time to time, real estate leads that Gina captures through her StreetText lead generation campaigns only provide their address, and no additional contact information. And regardless of just sharing their address – Gina is finding surprising success when following up with them.

With that being said, it’s hard to believe that Gina gets most of her clients through these submissions, right?

Real Estate Leads

Gina’s follow up systems are some that people strive to get. We’re constantly seeing requests from real estate agents looking for flawless “address only” submission methods, and Gina is holding the key.

Today I’m going to give you a breakdown of her systems. But don’t worry if it seems like a lot to try to take in. I’ve also included a free download of her systems at the bottom of this post.

Let’s begin with how Gina makes the Initial Contact of her addresses.

Gina captures leads that are interesting in knowing the value of their home. She uses StreetText’s lead generation funnel and Facebook ads to capture her leads and the dashboard to manage them. She says, the moment she gets notified of a new address, this is the first place she goes.

Then Gina’s off to the races.

First off, she sends her leads a wide ranging Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) – and sends it in a nice envelope, with a kind, handwritten letter. She leaves the CMA price range broad because she wants the contact to have a reason to touch base. Give them too much info the bat, and the contact has everything they need. Too little, and they feel the agent hasn’t done enough to deserve a call. It’s simply human nature.

She also mentioned that she loves making the letters look nice, with different stamps that stand out above the regular ones people send out. As Gina says, “This adds a personal touch.”

Gina Wade

Gina puts a lot of love into her systems, which is one of the reasons why she has such success with address submissions.

Gina also mentioned that even if she has the lead’s email address and phone number she’ll still send the homeowner a letter. The day we spoke, Gina mentioned that she had just purchased 200 stamps, which would have been gone by the end of the week. Talk about hustle!

“A lot of people don’t reply to your emails, but when you send a personalized letter, people almost always acknowledge it. People always open letters.”

This has contributed to 16 deals in just 8 months… 6 of which are deals from StreetText. With the average home selling for $200,000 in her area, Gina is doing exceptionally well with her current tactics.

The Follow up

Once Gina sends out her initial CMA, she waits about 90 days before sending a follow up letter.

In this letter, Gina provides more information that may be of use to someone selling a home, but mainly asks the lead if they’re still interested in selling their home – or if they are looking for more information.

This follow up period is key, because it opens the door for a line of communication again. Gina makes sure this letter has just as much personality as the first, and is hand addressed and hand signed.

Gina Wade

She also makes it a point to reach out and mention that even if they wanted to meet to chat about concerns they have or questions about selling – she’s open to help in any way she can. A lot of potential home sellers are nervous about making this step in their life of listing their home. Gina makes sure to address their concerns and empathize with the lead – giving them as much reassurance and assistance they need to be comfortable selling.

To learn how Gina takes address submissions and makes them into deals, download her template below. You can also take a look at how Gina handles objections through her Facebook ads.

Gina Wade Follow Up Template Part 1 – Facebook Maintenance

Gina Wade Follow Up Template Part 2 – Follow up letter (1)

Staying in Touch 180 days out

The last recommendation is contacting the same lead roughly 6 months outside of the initial contact.

Why you ask?

“They haven’t gotten back to me…so whats the point?”

Yea, we totally get it. It can be frustrating… but hear us out.

Contacting the same lead 180 days out gives you an opportunity to give them an updated CMA. Chances are – within the 6 months since you initially reached out – the market has changed.

Giving your leads an updated CMA gives them a chance to have a new and healthy perspective on their initial desire to sell. It also shows that you care and that you are serious about helping them when they are ready. 


Gina Wade is proving that she can turn leads that other agents may see as “low quality” into “high quality” transactions and referrals. On my call with Gina I was repeatedly impressed with her go-getter attitude and friendly personality. Based in Georgia State she was looking for a way to stand out in her community and get consistent leads. She already had successful follow up practices, a great mindset, and a growing business, what she needed was a consistent lead generator system that would fill her pipeline with opportunities. Since starting with StreetText she treats all her prospects the same, even the ones that only provide their property address. She sends them a CMA with a valuation range. 90 days later she follows up with a letter and again in the next 90 days.

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