Are you using Facebook Messenger?

Are you using Facebook messenger to contact your leads?

We always recommend emailing, but this quick video will show you a super cool technique to engage your leads through Facebook. 

Makes sense, they found you through Facebook. So why not communicate to them through Facebook. 

UPDATE: See a couple updates below the video.

Updates: Instead of seeing the Facebook and Twitter links on the right, you will now see them under the “SOCIAL” tab.


Click on the “Social” tab.

Social Tab Open

Then scroll down to see all the social links StreetText was able to find.

Social Tab Links

See How StreetText Works
See How StreetText Works
Click “Send to Messenger” to see a video on how StreetText works

Co-Founder StreetText, we connect Realtors to buyers and sellers using Facebook Advertising

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