New Facebook ad ranking algorithm goes live

Next week Stephen and I will be returning to the Facebook F8 conference. It’s an invite only event and last year Facebook previewed upcoming rollouts to Ad placements in Instagram, WhatsApp, and what type of ads on Facebook newsfeed would be driving results. Hint: “comments”

It’s also an opportunity to connect with the leaders in the space and unearth new strategies. And of course, we bring all of this information to you.

Last year also marked a major shift in the way Facebook delivered ads via their API. Facebook was reviewing every API and shutdown thousands of ad accounts. We believe in the direction Facebook is going, have a good relationship with them and were given a heads-up on these changes.

This 2019 year is no different. Technology keeps adapting.

How are you adapting with it?

Facebook is officially rolling out their new ranking algorithm on April 30th and dropping relevancy score. This means the way that ads were getting extra impressions with a high relevancy is gone. Instead they will be using the three new metrics to drive “buying power”.

In case you haven’t noticed, they are also lighting up their spam detection. Sadly, they’re getting this as wrong as they are getting it right. The good news is they’ve made it easy to request a review and have a human fix their mistake. But they are improving their algorithm and it’s going to get better.

What you can do with this?

  1. Conversion rank is used to detect offline conversions. Make sure your landing pages convert.
  2. Engagement rank is used to measure how much users are responding to your ads. Reply to comments in your ads, this drives engagement and increases your score.
  3. Quality rank is used to compare how your ad is perceived against competing ads. Test various creative and ensure that what you are telling users on your ad you are providing them when they click it.

Finally, don’t worry if your new ad is marked as spam. Facebook is learning how to make this smarter. Your ad is likely compliant and you simply don’t have enough history for Facebook to know that you are. Simply request a review and Facebook will approve it.

Ad Hack: The more ads that you review and are approved, the better your overall ad account will perform.

I hope this helps clarify things. Facebook is making changes but we’re here to help make it easy to benefit from the changes and drive down your cost per lead.

What’s new in StreetText?

Adometer scores. Know exactly if an ad is working to get leads for your market. And get actionable recommendations to improve your ad performance.

10 new seller ads. Launch ads that work, without all the work. Choose from the latest ads working in today’s market.

New email editor. Sending engaging emails doesn’t need to be hard. Write it once and send it to the right people at the right time every day. Our highly requested update to our email editor is now live as of last week!

What’s coming next?

We have some exciting features that we’ve been beta testing that will ensure you are staying front and center of your growing influence base. Stay tuned.

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