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How Brenda Beiser is landing more home sellers and paying for her daughter’s Ivy League education

Most of us have a goal of growing our marketing budget, but not Brenda. Brenda isn’t primarily concerned with her marketing budget, because it’s minuscule when compared to the college tuition she’s paying for her daughter to attend Columbia University.

What a concept right?

“This year I want to do 52 closings. Next year I want to do three times as much business as I do this year. I’m currently on track to hit my goals. I want to cover my kids Columbia University tuition, and right now I’m doing that. “


Brenda Beiser

Real Estate Agent

I bet you’re wondering how she’s doing it, because trust me, so was I. Let’s dive into her background so you can get a better idea of how Brenda is working her market to transform her investment into revenue – and an Ivy league education.

Brenda Beiser is a Realtor in the Philadelphia area but has only been working in the industry for 2 years. While she got her start late in the game, she has a passion for Real Estate.

Brenda Beiser

Brenda’s previous career was that of an Options Trader in Chicago, which meant she’d been used to high stress, intense jobs. When asked what options trading was like, Brenda responded by saying that “I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Trading Places’ where they’re in the trading pits. That’s the kind of job I had. Wasn’t quite like that… but it’s what I did!”

Fast forward a few years. Brenda has left the options trading world and is looking for new ventures to keep herself occupied. She landed into Real Estate. Since her previous career had taken her all over the world, she was lucky enough to own properties in London, New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. With the familiarity of homeownership and having had a driver seat view of the seller’s process, Brenda felt ready to take on this new adventure.

Brenda began working mostly with buyer leads… which for her, was an excellent start. She told us that, “It was really fun at first!” Over time, however, she began to realize that home buyers weren’t the clientele she wanted to pursue. “It takes a lot more time to write up buyer agency agreements in Philadelphia. It’s different in every state, but when you’re getting a listing, once you get it, once you figure out how to do it, it takes so much less time. I can be on my kayak and handle a seller lead.”

She realized she needed to get in front of more home sellers… but how? She had no idea where to start when looking for real estate sellers, which is when she discovered StreetText. Brenda turned to StreetText to capture home seller leads from Facebook and Instagram, grow her sphere, and build herself a database of potential home sellers.

“I found StreetText just online. I started looking around at options. I just about went crazy because I would sign up for every trial if it was free, and you can imagine my phone was ringing all the time with junk. Really… I then saw [StreetText’s] ad and I thought, ‘Okay, it looks kind of believable.’ You never know, but I thought it seems kind of legit. I felt when I did that trial, I felt like, ‘Wow, this is great because it’s door knocking at midnight.'”

Since signing up with StreetText, Brenda’s life has been transformed. It’s completely removed the uncertainty of where her next deal can come from. “The beauty of StreetText is that it gives you inventory. I am able to work with someone who I otherwise would never have met.”

After taking some time to see what worked, and what didn’t – Brenda landed on a system that was a little more clear for her. She attests a lot of her success to being able to “answer the phone faster than anyone else I know!” Brenda tries to be totally responsive for her clients. “I try to always be there… maybe a bit too much sometimes. I even joke and say that handholding is my speciality. I just take care of them.”

Brenda uses Email and Text messaging to turn her inquiries into conversations and appointments. She uses a drip email system integrated into her StreetText account that follows up with prospects for up to 9 months. She has also added a drip text-message feature that follows up with her leads for 7 days from within her StreetText account. She gets great responses from her text messages.

“Part of the problem is that I got very busy in the spring. I just didn’t have the bandwidth with the number of submissions. I’m sure I could max them out, but it almost drove me crazy last summer.”

Brenda is now focusing on the long-term plan (which includes her email drip feature), building a database, and using her tools to grow her sphere over time – all while being able to cover her daughters tuition at Columbia University as well as her monthly marketing budget for the ads she has running.

Not only is Brenda driven – she’s also built for building and sustaining lasting relationships with her clients, which has made her an exceptional Realtor in her area.

“StreetText has helped me meet so many people that I otherwise wouldn’t have met. They might live half a mile away from my house, but without StreetText I wouldn’t have met them. For me, that’s the most important thing about StreetText.”

For Brenda, it all comes back to building relationships and meeting new people in her market. With that as a primary focus, there’s no wonder she’s making waves in her second year in the industry.

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Book a demo through the link here, and ask us any questions. We’re here, to help you grow your business.

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“The value in building relationships speaks for itself” – How Emily Ching nurtures her leads, and inevitably gains more clients

How well do your follow up systems work? Are you finding yourself falling short, or unable to convert some of your leads? If you are, then you’re not alone. Converting leads isn’t a perfect science, because there are a lot of factors to ensuring a lead works with you. It depends on their needs, the urgency for your services and even their market. It’s hard, but there is one thing that stays consistent in the lead nurturing process. Value.

Providing value is easy for Emily Ching is a realtor in the Vancouver, BC area. We’ve had the pleasure of chatting with her on numerous occasions, and time after time are inspired by her mentality and persistence to succeed in the industry as well as the systems she’s using to grow her business.

Emily stands out as a realtor because of her unique follow up systems. She’s able to build lasting connections with her leads and focus more on value than the sale component that agents often too focused on. Let’s dive into her story.

Emily was born in Asia and moved to Canada with her family some years ago now… Making Canada a second home for her, and allowing her to spread her roots in a new area.

She never thought Real Estate would be the path that she took…but she’s pleased with what it has brought her in her life.  She mentioned to us that “I never thought I would be a realtor. It happened because I was a stay-at-home mom… and my husband and I needed a double income again.” Emily fell into real estate by accident, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the talent to back it up. Emily was previously running two of her own online shops where she sold baby apparel and merchandise for parents. With that as experience, Emily has a head start to the real estate game because she had a well-versed knowledge in online marketing.

“My husband is in architecture and we knew that we wanted careers that complimented one and other. Real Estate made sense.”

With having the experience she did from her online presence, Emily jumped in full force into Real Estate and hasn’t looked back since. The hours were adaptable, and she could work with her kids around and it be a non-issue. She continued by explaining that, “the first three years were a struggle!” Because Emily didn’t grow up in the Vancouver area, she didn’t have the same sense of community, or knowledge of the area as some realtors do. Since Vancouver is a large city, with plenty of small communities around the city centre, there was a lot to keep up with.

Emily was struggling with knowing her area, being an expert in her market and trying to gain new clients – It was getting frustrating for her. She had tried Facebook on her own to no real avail and worked with a lead generation company who provided little to no value for her.

This is when she decided to sign up with StreetText for some marketing and ad assistance. “I got tired of prospecting. I got tired of people who don’t need the service. I wanted to hire a lead generation company who would provide me with leads to find people actually raising their hands ready to sell or buy.”

To make the most of the seller and buyer leads Emily has coming into her account, she works with multiple follow up systems she’s personally created. She said that “I realized that in some cases, it’s a long-term game. I knew I had to develop good relationships before I could turn anything into a transaction.” To aid in this long-term plan, Emily has several drip systems, as well as campaigns for her leads.

Emily is unlike a lot of realtors in this sense. She continued to explain to us how valuable the relationship with her leads was because at the end of the day people need to trust who they’re going to be listing their home though, which is why she sends them information with plenty of value. Too many real estate agents focus on the sale or the commission and the end goal and forget about the client. Emily takes the time to understand, appreciate and value what her clients need, which means she’s building strong connections that will inevitably provide her with deals, and even referrals. Take the email below as an example:

Emily provides her clients with individualized emails for any occasion to keep the connection strong and the value high. She also provides her leads with a little video clip of herself (built with bombbomb), which provides them with a little security in who she is, and how she would operate as a realtor.

Lastly, she provides leads with reports and market activity so they have a better understanding of when they should sell their home. Emily is constantly providing value, which makes her a little more unique – especially in a highly competitive market.

As she began describing more of her follow up systems, it was clear to us that Emily provides her leads and clients with as much value as possible. She mentioned to us that, “Once I put my leads into my CRM, it doesn’t stop there. They’ll hear from me a few times a month, and it’s strict value. I’m not pitching them anything.”

Whether that providing her leads with design advice, market information or even the worlds best vacation spots. She focuses on providing them with information, rather than over saturating them with pushy sales tactics. Take the following as an example:

Again, providing value and information where it’s needed so her leads have all the information they need to make an educated decision on their next steps in their home buying journey.

When asked about how she keeps herself moving and pursuing her dreams, Emily said that “You should be able to fail forward. It’s about not being held back by your fears. Sometimes I would be afraid of talking to people because I would fear them saying no…I’ve learned that I don’t need to do everything on my own, and you can always reach out for help.”

Emily keeps pushing forward despite sometimes getting objections. She believes in learning from her mistakes but feels that she can also learn from mentors, and mistakes others have already made in the past.

“I think personal development is the basis and the foundation of everything. If you don’t know how to deal with leads, what to do with them, you’ll be wasting your money. You can go broke with Facebook ads because you might not know what to do with your leads. You have to learn these steps first or at least get someone to teach you… otherwise, you’re wasting your money.”

Emily is striving for greatness through the connections and relationships she’s building. She’s devoted to the long-term systems, which means she has the patience a lot of clients are looking for out of their real estate agents. After taking the time to get to know Emily, I can confidently say she is an anomaly amongst agents. She’s focused more on the relationship, than the final goal.

Start a 7 day Trial through the link here, and ask us any questions. We’re here, to help you grow your business.

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How Jennifer Ivy closed 7 extra transactions in less than 6 months using Facebook Lead Generation

Many agents reach the first tier of success around their sphere and then struggle to grow their business beyond 12-24 transactions a year. With two kids, a family, and an upcoming move Jennifer Ivy is a real estate agent on track to grow her business beyond her sphere, taking it from 33 transactions last year.

Jennifer Ivy grew up in the world of Real Estate in Auburndale Florida. Real Estate was a huge part of her childhood and is now her personal passion and career. Her mother, both her mentor and teacher, was an agent for 30+ years – where Jennifer attests to getting most of her knowledge. Jennifer has been actively working as a Realtor for roughly 5 years.

Initially, jumping into it head first was a little overwhelming for her, but after getting her first transaction from one of her mother’s previous clients, Jennifer felt comfortable and ready to tackle anything that came her way.

She initially grew her business from her sphere and soon began to work more independently. To branch out and continue growing her clientele, Jennifer knew she needed to start looking for different ways to generate business and started that journey with Facebook. She had been finding people from the Facebook business page she built, as well as her personal Facebook account. Regardless of her presence on her Facebook page, and having roughly 2000 likes, and trying ads with little success Jennifer realized she needed a marketing plan. She ultimately wanted to bring in more business.

“I was previously running Facebook ads but didn’t have a landing page to guide my leads to my business. I basically would just work with messaging people – and trying to get my lead’s information that way.”

Jennifer jumped into trying Facebook advertising on her own, which is a task a lot of agents take on. As ambitious as this is… it’s unfortunately unsuccessful for a lot of people. “Before StreetText, things were very frustrating. I tried different ads and it just never seemed to work. It was difficult never seeing results. It was a lot of time and a lot of money.”

You might be a lot like Jennifer in this way. A lot of realtors try and navigate the Facebook waters, but there are a lot of factors to consider when going out on your own. Jennifer even explained that while she was running ads herself, she didn’t even have her own landing page. People were clicking on her ad… but there wasn’t a place to collect their information. It was all done manually.

Jennifer turned to StreetText to help her with her ads. Having tried advertising herself, she believed in the potential of Facebook for her business, but her expectations were realistic.

StreetText set her up with a campaign to attract sellers, a custom landing page to collect lead information, and a dashboard to manage her inquiries. Seven months later Jennifer shared that “StreetText has the biggest role in my business. It’s where I’m getting most of my clients… all through the ads I’m running through StreetText.”

StreetText took the stress of coming up with a working campaign off her plate. She was looking for a better cost per lead, an automated way to get leads, and ultimately a predictable strategy to grow her business.

But any business generation strategy requires two-parts to be successful. First, a campaign to get leads consistently. Second, a follow-up strategy to convert the leads into appointments and business.

“She’s devoted to long-term follow-up,” says social media marketing expert, Markus Willard. He explained that “One of the best things Jennifer does is create personalized follow-up emails. When you make your follow-up a little more personalized, you’ll have a greater chance of building a better, long-lasting relationship with your leads.” Jennifer spends time crafting personalized drip emails in her StreetText dashboard as well as her Liondesk CRM. She hits them with emails as much as possible, but the personalized aspect makes those interactions a little more genuine. This has been a huge contributor to her success because she explained that she took the time to learn and develop a system that complimented her business.

Jennifer has been with StreetText since May of 2017, and within her first six months, she closed 7 additional transactions through leads she acquired using StreetText. Since she’s getting 2-4 leads per day in her account, Jennifer has been fuelled with confidence and is making waves in her market.

“It just makes me feel confident. I have leads coming in and I know I have leads coming in.” Jennifer shared.

Along with her personalized drip email sequence, Jennifer recommends every agent focuses on their own follow-up systems. “Follow up is key. You’re never going to get someone right away, you need to follow up!” 

Jennifer had a busy year in 2017 with closing over 33 deals. And she’s currently on track to meet and even exceed her goals this year. For most of 2017 she wasn’t able to attract sellers and said that with having integrated StreetText into her business, she’s getting way more sellers. She told us that “her market is mostly buyers and she needed to use StreetText to transition into the sellers in her area – So far it’s basically a goldmine.”

During the conversation, she also explained that she really knows where her strengths are. Jennifer explained that she knows she isn’t good on video and doesn’t like door knocking. Because of this, she focuses on where her strengths lie, which is personal follow up using email and text messaging in order for her to get the business she wants.

Facebook is the lead generation opportunity of this century.

“Like I said… If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll be wasting your money, which is very frustrating. What’s unique about [StreetText] is that it works! There’s so much stuff out there, but nothing has given me the results that StreetText has.”

If you see yourself in Jennifer or are struggling with developing lasting systems that really make an impact on your business – decide if Facebook Lead Generation is an avenue you would like to take. StreetText is devoted to helping you grow your business, and get a handle on your Facebook advertisements so they’re successful and generating the right lead sources for you.

Ask us any questions. We’re here, to help you grow your business.

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How incorporating video into your business can transform your brand

The power of storytelling.

Stories have the ability to pull you in and enrich your thoughts. Traditionally, stories have been used to educate, amuse and expand the mind. Although tales and stories have mostly been used for entertainment, they’re also ironically useful when properly integrated into your business. Let me tell you what I mean.

Video integration in the form of a story doesn’t need to be left to the YouTubers and filmmakers and can be useful when looking to transform your brand, and even give yourself a bigger social standing in your market.

But before diving into creating new videos and clips for your website and automated emails, you need to understand the basics of social presences, and how to format your content so you leave a lasting impression with your viewer. It’s important to master, especially with video being one of the most powerful marketing tools – and taking your audiences attention spans into consideration.

With that being said, we’re going to break down some key components to video creation, so your next clip helps transform your business and your brand to the next level.

Look beyond the story 

What is your overall strategy for building a social presence with video?

Sure, knowing who you are is fantastic, and often helps your future clients have a level of comfort and understanding in who you are as a person.

Hope Horner explains this quite perfectly in an article and writes that Buzzfeed has done this perfectly through their new channel ‘Tasty.’ This channel has created bite-sized clips for aspiring amateur cooks on Instagram and Facebook. Their videos are no longer than 60 seconds long and provide the viewer with digestible material to help them make top quality meals. It’s geared to attract, hold and entice the viewer, and they do an incredible job at this.

Now, I’m not trying to encourage you to release cooking videos on your social channels, but I am trying to tell you to think outside of the box and beyond the structure that is a story. Here are some general themes that would fall into this style of video making, and be on par with Buzzfeed video structure.

  • Create short clips of home walkthroughs: This is a great opportunity to showcase homes from your perspective in under 60 seconds. Sure, it probably isn’t enough time for the viewer to get a solid idea of the home – but if you use to 60 seconds to show some high-quality aspects of the house, people will often time want to see more. In this scenario, you’re going beyond the story and providing the viewer with valuable content that means something to them.

Play around with ideas, as there are plenty out there. But long gone are the days of just creating introductions videos in your email drip campaigns. Start thinking of ways to showcase your brand via video beyond the traditional introductions.

Know your brand, and show it in every part of the video 

This will be important when people are remembering who you are.

Your brand isn’t only how you portray yourself, or the styles you evoke… your brand should have a sense of familiarity to it, so people know when something is yours.

As an example, one of my favourite YouTubers, Casey Neistat is known for his elaborate time-lapse videos, striking imagery, technical drone footage and fluid nature shots. I know what his video style is, which means if you had to make me pick his video from a group of 10 miscellaneous videos, I’d probably be able to do it.

Casey has created a sense of brand with the video style he creates, which means he’s been able to transform his brand so its recognizable to most people.

Keep things quick 

We’ve mentioned this a few times in previous sections, but it’s important so it requires it’s own section.

If you want to make an impact with your video content, you need to make things short and sweet. If your video content is pushing 20 minutes…chances are you’ve lost your audience – except if you’re providing high-value content. You’re allowed to have high value, longer content on YouTube because people often spend time on Youtube just as they would cable television.

In any other social platform though, you should be using smaller, quicker clips. Here are a few examples of content to help see what kind of content you could be creating that under 60 seconds.

  • Home walkthroughs
  • Tips and tricks to help during the buyer or selling process
  • Decorating tips
  • DIY techniques

These are all quick and easy ways to turn video into 60-second digestible videos that will attract your audience and begin building your brand.


At the end of the day, video isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking to grow your brand and your business though, it’s a good avenue to take.

Take some time to research good ways to launch video content, and see if it fits your brand. At the end of the day, you hold decide what will work and what won’t in your business.

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Implementing change: 3 things to consider when making lifestyle enhancements

I think we all attempt some kind of healthy lifestyle change at some point in the year.

Some of us attempt this for the first few weeks in the New Year, while others make changes going into summer or even the fall seasons. It is, however, safe to say that we all attempt lifestyle changes at some point or another – and most of us have zero follow through with the goals we set.

If you’re anything like me though, you probably have some habits that are making you want to make a shift for the better.  Whether that’s drinking less coffee, spending less on takeout, or making some changes to your professional life & or workout routine. We all look for ways to improve, and today we’re going to set you up for success… so your follow through to make said changes are just that…. concrete follow through, that provide you with the results you’re looking for in your lifestyle changes.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Deciding you need a change – The Driving Force or the ‘Unfreezing Stage’

I’ve said this before – and it’s something I like to stand by as a firm standard and structure. You need to have a driving force to implement change.

Lewin’s Change Theory, a utilised medical theory used by nurses describes this initial stage as the unfreezing stage, which is  “the process which involves finding a method of making it possible for people to let go of an old pattern that was somehow counterproductive.”

People won’t make a change unless they really want to. What do I mean by this, specifically? I mean that people can’t be forced into change. If you want to make a change in your life, you have to decide that you want it, and made a decision to follow through and want to see change and results. Here are a few things you can ask yourself before implementing change:

  1. Write yourself a letter – If you want to change a habit, write yourself a letter from your future self. Paint the picture of what this change looks like… so you have more motivation to get there.
  2. Make a list – Creating a list of reasons you’d like to break this habit will help you see the good out of breaking said habit. It’ll also help you easily see why you actually want to shift your life… for the better.

Lifestyle changes are very difficult and come with a lot of work. But once you’ve done the initial legwork of deciding you’d like to make changes, you’re halfway through the battle.

Deciding you want to make a change is the first step… and one of the biggest steps. Once you’ve created the driving force behind change, you’ve made the first strategic moves, of many.

Sticking to your guns – The Restraining or the ‘Change’ Stage

To implement proper change, you need to stick to your guns. In order to see long-lasting changes, you need to stick to your guns and follow through with the rules you’ve set for yourself.

Here’s an example… I recently ran a half marathon. It was my third, which means I should have been prepared, and knew what I signed up for. The marathon itself was subpar, and I finished outside of my goal time, and at the end of that race, I decided that I wanted my next one to be successful, which meant I needed to start a harder, more focused training regiment.

Well… this lasted all of a month – and with my next race around the corner, I fear that it’ll have a similar outcome to my last.

So let’s talk about restaining, or the change stage. Lewin’s Change Theory explains this second stage as the stage used for people to adapt to their desired change, and eventually find a binding equilibrium towards said change. It’s meant to “decrease the restraining forces that negatively affect the movement from the existing equilibrium.” Here are some ways to help you better stick to your guns:

  1. Create a schedule – build yourself a workout schedule, meal plan or even a countdown. Having things planned out makes it easier for us to achieve in the long run.
  2. Crete some healthy competition with friends – Is your friend also quitting smoking? Great – build some sort of healthy competition to help you both get there. It’ll be fun, keep you accountable and help you with motivating yourself.

Basically, the restraining stage is focused on the ‘re-training’ component of your brain. You will need to re-train yourself to make sure you stick to your guns and follow through with the results you’d like to see. This can be seen through different thoughts, methodology, and feelings. This can take a while, but its the biggest hurdle to get past.

Finding Balance – The Equilibrium or the ‘Re-freezing’ stage 

If you’ve made it this far, then you’ve surpassed me.

The Equilibrium stage or the ‘re-freezing stage’ is “finding a combination of the first two methods.”

You want to take this change and make it a new habit. This new desire to be more productive, eat better or even work out more needs to now be your new normal. The theory also explains that “The refreezing stage is establishing the change as the new habit, so that it now becomes the “standard operating procedure.” Without this final stage, it can be easy for someone to go back to old habits.” Here are a few ways to help you keep the balance:

  1. Have a cheat day – Have a day where you indulge in things you’ve so strictly been avoiding. Whether that be relaxing and watching a movie instead of working out… or having an awesome meal. Give yourself one day a week, or one day every few weeks to indulge and reward yourself.
  2. Reward yourself when you’ve reached a new milestone – If you’re quitting smoking, or drinking then consider celebrating little milestones. After 6 months of being cigarette free, use the money you’ve saved to plan a trip! Be nice to yourself, because you deserve it.

Studies say that it takes the average person roughly a month to break their habits. Once you’ve broken those habits, you just need to work on keeping this new change as the primary focus – and not fall back into old trends. It won’t be easy… but considering you’ve worked this hard, it’s the best stage to be in.


Change is hard… but it’s possible.

Making changes to your lifestyle might be one of the hardest things… but you know better than me that it’s probably worth it on more than one level.

Whatever your change may be, decide why it’s important for you, and go at it full force. It takes hard work, and a lot of dedication… but man once you’re there you won’t be disappointed with the outcome or the work you’ve put in.

Take these steps, and figure out what your personal change will be. Whether it’s healthier eating, working out more, being less distracted in the office, or putting more work into your work… figure out how this will look for you – and giver.

With a little hard work, and dedication – you can be on the path to a better you.

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How Nicole Haucault is consistently getting appointments and closing deals with Facebook Lead Generation

Nicole Hacault is a 6-year real estate expert in the Manitoba area who’s making strides in her market.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nicole and chatting about her systems on a few different occasions. She’s a wonderfully motivated businesswoman, as well as a mother – and is consistently listing homes and closing deals in her community.

Nicole initially came to us because her business used to solely depend on referrals… which could only take her so far. She wanted to grow her business beyond her sphere and needed a way of getting in front of home buyers and sellers that she couldn’t otherwise reach. Referrals are great, and a major component to any business… but Nicole knew she needed more in order for her business to grow at the rate she wanted it to. Nicole is also a full-time mom, so it was important for her to have a few automated systems so she can be more hands-on with her growing children.  During our conversation, Nicole shared that “I had built my entire business on repeat and referral and I was looking to branch out and find new clients. I had tried mailers, door knocking, and other forms with little to no results.”

That’s where StreetText came into play for her, proven Facebook ads, consistent lead generation and automated follow-up.

Let’s dive into her story so you can get to know her, as well as learn from the systems she’s built to bring her success in her career.

Nicole and I are alike in the sense that we love consistency. She initially got into Real Estate because she disliked working in the hospitality industry, and having inconsistent hours. From working on Holidays, long hours, never getting stat time… She was exhausted with not being able to dictate her own schedule and wanted to make a shift. I’m sure you can imagine how frustrating that could be, as we’ve all worked those jobs before.

Nicole had a natural love for real estate. “I bought my first house when I was 19 and loved the process. I thought it would be something I would enjoy as a career.” Nicole began her business as a Realtor, growing where she could, and gaining clients through referrals.

We chatted a bit about her techniques before using StreetText for online lead generation. Nicole explained, “My only source of business before StreetText was referrals, so StreetText added another dimension to my systems. It helps me to reach my goals and numbers that I could never reach on just referrals.”

Nicole is friends with one of our long-time clients, and Real Estate mogul, Matthew Nicolas – and has him as a mentor in the business. She explained that the reason she decided to sign up to StreetText was that Matthew Nicolas couldn’t stop raving about us, so she had to try it herself. She said that…

“I previously hired someone else to help me get online leads, he was apparently a social media expert and I fell for it. I had spent 6 months, and about the same amount as I do each month on Street Text and hadn’t received a single lead. I finally fired him and signed up with StreetText the next day as my colleague [Matthew Nicolas] recommended it. Honestly, I was sceptical. I had spent thousands with this other guy and hadn’t received a single lead, how could this actually work… but it did! I was overwhelmed with the leads that were coming in and was completely unprepared for dealing with it all. I called my colleague who also works with street text and he helped me formulate a plan, and then I worked on my drip campaigns in my CRM.”

Since then, it’s been nothing but success for her. She even uses some of his systems for her follow up, which include the “Get off the Fence” letter and “Holy Smokes Package” Matthew sends out to his address only submissions.

Nicole explained that she consistently has appointments with StreetText clients, and has even closed multiple deals through the leads she acquires through us. She continued by saying that since being with StreetText, she’s closed 5 deals, and has numerous listing appointments in the future. She told me that “It has been absolutely amazing meeting new people. One of which has turned into 3 deals as they have referred me their friends and family.”

When she’s working she dedicates her time to lead follow up and her clients. She does follow-ups, calls prospects, and answers any questions people may have.

“Build your database. Follow up, follow up, follow up and follow up. Fortune is in the follow-up. And love on your leads,” says Nicole. When I asked what “loving your leads” meant, she laughed and explained that by loving your leads… she really just means that she takes care of them. It’s that simple.

Since Nicole spends a good chunk of her day with her Family, it was important for her to have systems that were a little more automated. Nicole is currently running a buyers to sellers campaign with StreetText that comes with an SMS text messaging feature that starts and sustains conversations for her. She’s currently seeing incredible success with this campaign.

She mentioned that “The next ‘problem’ that I have to solve is a new strategy with the buyer to seller funnel that just started as it is producing an abundance of leads! I have to get to work calling them all ASAP.”

Nicole’s process, determination and willingness to succeed all contribute to her fantastic achievements. We’re so excited to be a part of her journey and cannot wait to see what she has in store for herself in the months to come. If you’re interested in our Buyers to Sellers Campaign, SMS Text feature – or just want to chat about your options… feel free to give us a call. We’re devoted to clarifying your processes for you and simplifying your systems so you can be as successful as Nicole.  

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How To On Marketing Tutorials

How to use StreetText to automate the way you start conversations with text messages

Take a guess: How many times have you sent emails, text messages or left voicemails to leads this past year? Here’s another question, how many times did you reach out before giving up on the prospect?

When it takes 7-13+ touches to deliver a qualified sales lead, it’s no wonder that the average industry conversion rate is so low.

Automate Text Messaging with StreetText

This is in part, why many agents rely on drip email to stay in touch. Email helps us connect, communicate and coordinate but is it overused? We receive an average of 94 business emails every day. It’s no surprise that it takes weeks, months and sometimes years of emailing prospects before they respond. Bottom line, the benefits of email often come at the expense of time.

Can you wait 3 months for your first consultation and 4-5 months before you see a deal from online leads? That takes a lot of commitment to your strategy and strong mental staying power. Using drip email to nurture your leads is a “must do” but it is a long game strategy.

Fortunately, the team behind StreetText has developed another way.

Save time: How to create custom text message introductions with StreetText

Today you’ll learn how SMS can trim time off of your lead nurturing through the power of automation.

Starting conversations with leads using SMS

starting conversations with SMS

The automated SMS feature allows you to make connections through a primary means of communication… text messaging. More leads replying, more conversations starting and all happening faster than they’ve ever been before. The results we’re seeing are fantastic.

Best of all, you can respond from within the conversations tab in your StreetText account, or take the conversation over directly with your phone.

The automated feature will function a lot like a drip email campaign. The text messages will go out to leads on a schedule. Once the lead replies to the message, the automation will stop, and you can interact with them via text as normal! 

What is Drip Text Messaging?

Automated drip text messaging using StreetText

You are probably familiar with drip emails, but have you ever heard of drip text messages? The idea of drip nurturing came from drip irrigation. It was a way to water your prospects to maturity automatically in order to get the same or better results than one would when having to water them manually. Well, today we would like to introduce you to drip text messaging.

It works just like drip email, only with the sole intention of starting conversations.

Setting up your text message automation workflow

If you want to supercharge your follow-up workflow, tailor custom text messages to your communication style. Let’s get started.

  1. Start by hitting the “New Workflow” button, which will open up a blank template to work with.

  2. Next, click “Add Trigger” link, which will open up a window to choose how you want to start your workflow automation.

New workflow trigger

  1. When the window opens, pick the type of automation trigger you want to use. If this is part of your lead capture process, choose a form. Make sure you choose a form that includes a field for a phone number.

Note: SMS automations can only be sent to contacts that provide their phone number. It’s important to make the conversation feel as natural as possible and to provide value to your contact. For that reason, StreetText’s system will automatically hand the conversation over to you as soon as a response is received and will stop sending further automated messages. That way, once the conversation is started, you can personally assist your new contact.

Form trigger

  1. Next, pick the form step you want to include in the workflow. To increase form conversion rates, StreetText forms can be broken down into micro-commitment steps. The added benefit is you can create unique workflows depending on how your lead interacts with your lead capture forms.

Pick your form's step for the workflow

  1. Click the “Add Event” button.

Congrats! Now you are ready to add a personal text message response :)

  1. Click “Add Action” directly below the newly added trigger

Example, add action on StreetText workflow

  1. A popup window will open. Next, choose “A text message” under the type of action

Text message workflow action

  1. Enter the message you want to send.

Text message workflow action

  1. Click the “Add Event” button, and congrats your first text message is created!

Wasn’t that easy?

Now your text message will send automatically whenever a new contact fills out that form. Add a couple more messages with delays and you will be able to customize how you reach out to your new contacts, automagically!

text message automation using StreetText

Okay, that’s cool. Now, how is it working?

What do you respond to faster? An email or a text message? Most of you will probably have the same answer – especially when the average person checks their phone more than 94 times a day.

Turns out the same is true of your online leads. They respond much faster to text messaging. Here’s an overview of what we’ve been testing and the results.

So far, more than 40% of people are replying to the automated messages, and of those, more than 50% are currently interested buyers.

With that in mind, why would you wait to connect an automated SMS drip to your lead capture system?

Automated SMS feature


Does StreetText have a campaign setup and ready to go?

Some people would prefer to have this solution, without having to think of what to say. No worries, StreetText can provide you with that as well.

StreetText will set you up with an 8-day text message campaign designed to start more conversations.

When the messages go out, they are sent by your ‘new’ assistant Julie

Julie automatically texts every lead on your behalf and touches base with the lead over the course of 8 days. She’s been built to personally start conversations for you, while always providing value over the course of the 8 days the messages are being deployed.

Stats show that 80% of leads will respond within the first 7-13+ contacts… especially since the average human checks their mobile device at least 94 times a day. With numbers like that, it’s a no-brainer why we wanted to build a tool that helped you get your name on a frequently checked platform, automatically.


The results are in, text messaging is starting more conversations faster than drip email, by a lot. Email is still important as we know, as people are more comfortable sharing their email than their phone number.

We believe that providing value is the best way to make a great first impression with your prospects. Text messaging is the same. Conversations start when you provide useful and actionable questions. Technology like this is about making it easier to connect people, not to replace that human-to-human contact. Once the contact is made, StreetText’s SMS gets out of the way.

The next time you need more conversations with leads… oh wait, now you can rest easy knowing that StreetText is taking care of starting conversations on your behalf, no matter how busy you may have been last week.

Interested in checking out StreetText’s conversation manager? Feel free to Book a Demo and say “hello” to your personal conversation manager.

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4 things you MUST have on your professional website

Building a website can be difficult.


With really trendy website builders like Squarespace and Wix… it’s no wonder people can run into a creative wall when building their sites. How do you live up to some of their amazingly trendy examples?

No need to fret though, we’ve got you covered. We’ve been working with clients all over the world, and have seen every kind of real estate website out there.

With all that knowledge, we know exactly what you should be putting on your website to drive traffic, look professional, and be appealing to all sorts of prospects in your area.

Let’s walk through a list of 3 things you’ll need to make on your website:

1. Contact info

This SHOULD be a no-brainer.

You need to have all of your information in a clear place. Too many times have I visited a website where the contact information was either hard to find or in a goofy place.

This could honestly be one of the biggest deal breakers for prospective leads.

Since they’re already filled to the brim with information while they’re looking to buy or sell their home… finding your contact information should be the easiest part of their journey. Trust me when I say that if your contact information isn’t easily accessible and clear – they’ll be leaving your website faster than a Canadian leaving a hockey game to avoid the inevitable traffic jam.

What we recommend: We recommend having a separate tab on your page that clearly holds all of your contact information. Preferably every means of contact you are comfortable showing, as well as your Facebook business page, and any other social sites you may have for your business. It also wouldn’t hurt to have this information laid out at the bottom of each page as a footer. That way it’s everywhere and visible.

We also recommend including video on your site. Video introductions can act as an initial icebreaker, and help people learn a little about you before they meet you.

2. Clean layout & Updated

No clutter!!!

Seriously, don’t clutter your site. Have the things you need, and don’t embellish too much.

Distractions are a huge reason people leave sites without taking action. If you have 10 different tabs, with 5 dropdowns in each of those tabs – people will honestly be overwhelmed and leave your site… almost immediately.

Keep things simple, easy to find, and clean!

The other worst thing you could do is forget to remove a listing from last month that you ended up selling… or someone requesting to look at a home you’ve already taken off the marker.

Keeping your site updated will not only help with your professionalism, it’ll help keep you organized at the end of the day. Which in my opinion… we all need a little more of in all of our lives!

3.  A section about you

I know that some of you might not like talking about your successes and milestones… but people love hearing about them!

Since your leads are looking for help with one of the biggest purchases of their lives, it’s important for you to give them confidence when offering them your services. With that in mind, creating an about section on your website is one of the most important things you could do.

You don’t have to divulge everything. And to be honest, it’ll probably be better if you don’t! Give them a few professional facts that instil confidence in your services, and maybe a little about how you got into real estate. People want to know what drove you into the industry so you appear knowledgeable and trustworthy.

I also recommend putting a little bit of information in this section that humanizes you a little.

Even though a lot of us work a ton… we’re not robots attempting to blend in.

As much as you are a professional, confident businessman/woman – people also want to see that you’re a real human. Tell us a little bit about your family, hobbies or even passions. This will make you much more relatable and even more approachable when you begin meeting leads in person.

4. Info info info!

Guys, this one is big.

Have a resource section. Your prospects might be first time sellers or buyers… which means they probably won’t have all the information they’ll need.

Being resources for your leads will make you look even more knowledgeable – which means they’ll probably want to rely on you on their buying or selling journey.

Realtors like Sarah Allen, who is a part-time agent, full-time college professor AND interior design guru always gives her clients a bit of info on how they can make their home look a little better for those interested in buying their space. She’s able to instil more value through a little bit of knowledge. Not only does she benefit from this, her clients do too, which makes her a valuable asset and a realtor you’d want to have.

A little knowledge can go a long way… especially when you’re looking to acquire new clients.

The good thing about a website is that it can constantly be updated, and be a ‘work in progress.’

You’ll always be making updates, improvements and changes – because they do need frequent maintenance. When you’re initially looking to build a site – make sure you do a bit of research, see a few examples and proceed knowing all the facts.

The last thing you want to do is launch a site that isn’t up to snuff… or doesn’t contain all the info needed. Take some time, so you build a long-lasting, professional page.

For everything else… let StreetText help you.
more great articles Elysse Bujold

Happy Building!

Book a Demo to See StreetText - Lead Magnet
Book a Demo to See StreetText – Lead Magnet

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How Sarah Allen is on track to double her annual transactions by setting goals and using a lead system

Mankato, Minnesota. A town that maybe a lot of us haven’t heard of? Yet, we’ve had our eye on the Mankato area for a little while now, and it’s because of the local Real Estate talent that’s making waves in her town of 42,000 people. Two

Sarah Allen is that local realtor… one who’s changing the game, and we’ll tell you why.

Sarah began working in the real estate industry part time as of October of 2016 while still working as a college professor and specializing in Communications full time… Sarah also had an exceptional eye for interior design, and a love for home renovation and decorating that couldn’t be left stagnant, which is why she decided to venture into the real estate world.

Sarah mentioned that she’s “always had a strong connection to people, including being able to read emotions and nonverbal really well. Buying and selling a home can be very emotional and stressful for many people, so I feel my background in communications has helped me to connect with my clients as well as to fully understand their needs.” With an empathy for others and a natural gift with words, Sarah was off to a great start when deciding to venture into Realty.

Within her first year, Sarah was able to hit the goal she set for herself and even received an award from her broker which she said, “felt amazing!” She continued by explaining that, “Considering I was only selling real estate part time, and teaching full time… it was a huge honour.”

This year, her main goal is to double what she listed and made in 2017, and so far… she’s on track to hit that goal. Sarah is also an individual that thrives on setting herself individual goals each week, each month, as well as the year. During our conversation, she mentioned that “It’s great to hit goals, but I also like setting goals so high they seem unattainable to really push myself.”

A huge component of staying on point, driven and towards your goal is creating these benchmarks – which is a fantastic skill that Sarah already has dialled in. She even went a step further and quoted expert sales coach Grant Cardone by saying that “he says to 10x everything in your goals, so I try to do that to push myself to succeed even further.”


With this much success, let’s dive into her systems and how Sarah approaches her leads.

Sarah uses StreetText to help her generate online leads. We’ve strategically built an advertisement for her, that helps in attracting the right client to her personalized funnel, and then directly into her StreetText dashboard. “StreetText is where I get 90% of my leads” she explained. When asked how her lead flow was, Sarah mentioned that “I get about 1-2 leads a day, so it keeps me busy.”

For the leads that come through her account that provide Sarah with a phone number, email, name and address she follows up within the first hour they come into her StreetText account.

The first thing she sends out is an email, which includes her Bombbomb video. Sarah is great at covering all her bases, and even mentioned that “I send this [Bombbomb video] via e-mail, but if there is a phone number, I send it via text, so I know they are more likely to open the text message.”

Already, within the first couple years of being in the business, Sarah has an expert follow up strategy.

After Sarah touches base with her initial email, she begins working on her prospects CMA. “I make sure to get this to them within the first 24 hours of their submission,” she says. From there, Sarah does the following:

“In the email that contains their CMA, I explain that I am going off of online data and that the range I am giving them is simply based on comparables sold in the last 6 months in the area. I stress the point that I need to be in the home to get a more accurate assessment and that I would like to schedule a free home walk through with them. This is where I try to close the deal to get the listing. I will point out in the email that with the home walkthrough I can also offer suggestions on small home improvements that can help get them top dollar for their homes, and sometimes include before and after photos of projects I have helped with. All the listings I have and have lined up are all as a result of going through this process. I really think the video and setting up the home walkthrough is crucial to getting the lead to convert to a client.”

Not bad right? A precise strategy that Sarah has taken the time to test, and perfect.

Sarah lives in a market where sellers are getting top dollar for their homes, the seller lead advertisement is working wonders in her market because people want to know how much their homes are worth. Sarah also mentioned that people are often genuinely shocked when they discover how much their home may actually be worth through the CMA Sarah provides them with.

Although she has her full submissions dialled in, she’s still working on developing systems her address only submissions.  She mentioned that she’s working on implementing a few different systems that she hopes to see some success in over the summer. Some of those included creating a postcard campaign that would operate on a 3-4 week basis.

All of the puzzle pieces are coming together for Sarah.

She explained that “I have another home being listed on May 3 and another going on at the end of May. I have several others that are going to list this summer but are going to do some small home renovations that I suggested before it is listed. It took about 3-4 months before I got my first listing though StreetText, but now that I have a good system working, I am able to convert more leads.” Sarah joined StreetText in October of 2017 – which means she worked through the hard Minnesota winter market and was still able to come out on top with listings. We’re excited to be joining her on this journey and to continue sharing in Sarah’s success.

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4 tricks to keep you motivated while you’re feeling down

Look… this happens to everyone.

Every once and a while, we all get to a place where we just feel a little less motivated. These feelings come and go, and show up without rhyme or reason… and mostly at some pretty inconvenient moments.


Two weeks ago, I woke up and immediately knew I was going to have a harder, less motivated, and distracted day. Sometimes, it just happens, and un-motivated days don’t discriminate.

Since these days come and go so frequently, it’s important to know how to tackle them full force, and have the most productive day as possible regardless of the distractions or inevitable feelings of dread that burrow inside us.

Here are some things you’ll want to do in order to stop the unmotivated feelings and get back on track to be more motivated in your day today. Trust me when I say that these tricks are a little more simple and easy than you’d think.

1. Listen to Music

This might be one of the easiest tactics to help you with unmotivated thoughts and feelings.

Most of the time, music has this ability to uplift us, and bring us back to moments that bring us happiness and joy. Turn on your favourite jam, dance with your kids or… if you’re anything like me, dance with your dog… and get your groove on!

Our favourite tracks have this magic ability to return us back to places of happiness, and jubilation which can be incredibly helpful in these unmotivated moments. The truth is, music can be a great motivator.

There are obviously acceptions to this rule, as music can evoke an array of emotions – but in these unmotivated times in your career and life, it’s your responsibility to not fall into the emotions and unmotivated behaviour… because this would be counterproductive.

2. Call Someone

I don’t mean just anyone. Call a friend, family member!

Often times, calling a friend or family member and getting out of your head for a moment can be really helpful in getting your life back on track. Whenever I’m feeling down, less motivated or even just sluggish… I contact one of my best friends. She’s a full-time mom, entrepreneur, artist and wife. She’s literally doing it all and doing an amazing job while she does it.

Does this help me get re-motivated? Yes, absolutely.

I’m not telling you to compare yourself to others, but I am saying that there is value in listening to others to know and understand what they might be going through.

Apples and oranges. No two scenarios are perfectly comparable. I don’t have a daughter, and business and an art career – but I do have my own struggles that may cause me to be less motivated. Sometimes chatting with someone about how their life is going can help put your struggles and to-do lists in perspective.

3. Be Physical

Have you ever has such a bad day that the only thing that seems to help ease the stress and struggle is a kickboxing session? Or even better, a long long run with your favourite tunes?

This… this is often times my saving grace.

Physical activity can break unmotivated patterns based on the chemicals that are released in your brain when you’re active. It’s honestly just that simple. I know that sometimes it might be hard to get out for that run when you are so unmotivated… but if you strive through that initial pushback, you’ll really benefit from the outcomes it will give you.

Not only will this help break the unmotivated patterns you might be feeling… but it will also help you sleep better and with your overall self-esteem and happiness.

Go for a run, try Zumba or Kickbox your way to new set motivation.

4. Write a To-Do list

The final component to this is putting it on paper.

Making a list of all the things you need to get done can actually be a lot less threatening than it sounds. Often times, the tasks that were piling up in our minds is a lot less than we actually think.

Take this morning as an example. Before starting my work week, I made it a priority to list off all the MAJOR things I need to get done this week and outlined all of the MINOR things. Doing this helps me see all of the things I need to get done and allows me to see them in terms of importance.

Honestly, this is one of the most effective tactics for getting things done and remotivating yourself. Seeing it all laid out on paper often helps you see your tasks a bit more clearly… and somehow – it’s all a little less intimidating and more approachable.

At the end of the day, you’re going to find the perfect skills to keep you motivated.

We’re all wired differently, so it’s okay that your methods might be different than others. The important thing to remember is that everyone goes through these lul’s and you’re not the only one who occasionally hits a wall that causes you to spin out a little.

Take things day by day, and begin learning the tasks that will ultimately help you out of your moments of being unmotivated. Once you’ve figured those out… your less motivated days will turn into hours, and soon you’ll have tricks to combat the unmotivated beast that lives in all of us.

Book a Demo to See StreetText - Lead Magnet
Book a Demo to See StreetText – Lead Magnet

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