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How I made 140,000 my first year in Real Estate

At one point or another – we all started out in the Real Estate world somehow. Whether it be through the family business, our true passion, or even by accident… we all have our paths to this business.

With this in mind, it’s important to consider that we all have one commonality when beginning in the Real Estate world.

We all had to start from the beginning.

Adam Wilson – Photo by Blondy Photography

Before the Holiday season, I sat down and spoke with Adam Wilson – an Edmonton Real Estate agent who has been in the business for a year as of early November.

Adam crushed his first year with a total closed commission of $140,000 –  Taking home roughly 125k, which means that his first year in Real Estate was incredibly successful. Over the course of our conversation, we chatted about his systems – but mainly how he got started in the industry.

Adam initially had an interest in Real Estate when he was fresh out of High School, and looking to make some career moves. He had several friends and family friends in Real Estate, so it was something he was familiar with growing up. From here, Adam made the choice to begin his education in business management. This lead him into several different businesses, which included running his own painting company.

Adam got into management – and worked at a cabinet shop for quite a few years. During our conversation, he mentioned that he did not mind directly managing people, but still felt like his career growth needed more.

This is when Adam decided to make his transition into Real Estate, despite being told that it might not be the best time for him. None the less, Adam dove into getting his license.

Here’s the start of Adam’s first year in Real Estate. Pay attention, because this is where it gets good.

Adam started in a small office of about 20 other Realtors, which was perfect because, within his first few months, he was able to get a lot of mentorship from more seasoned agents.

Adam Wilson - Photo by Blondy Photography
Adam Wilson – Photo by Blondy Photography

Adam was also given a pretty high goal to reach within his first year. When he initial sat down with the broker in his office, he was told that he wanted Adam to reach a commission of $100,000.

Remember, at this point in Adam’s career, he’d only been working in management – and had no experience in Realty until now, and the exposure he had growing up.

Now, before we continue, I want to remind you that Adam made a total of $140,000 in closed commission in his first year in the Real Estate industry.

You can imagine that right off the bat, this seemed like an impossible feat for Adam to achieve. But he did it. In his first year of being in the Real Estate industry, Adam was on track and then surpassed his initial goal. Throughout the year, he changed his target sales goal several times, as he knew he would reach it.

“I never thought it would be possible, but I still had a great year!” Adam had an incredible first year, which surprised even him.

When I sat down with Adam, I wanted to specifically pick apart his process. With such a successful first year, Adam is the anomaly. If Adam can make this amount of commission in his first year, any Realtor should be able to.

So let’s dive into it, starting with Adam’s Lead Source.

Adam has a few different lead sources that contributed to his successful year… one of which included StreetText. StreetText builds custom Facebook ad’s for Adam that helps him reach his target audience in his chosen areas. Leads then filter through his StreetText Dashboard, where he can then follow up with the information they provide.

Within Adam’s StreetText account, he also has access to a 9-Month email drip campaign that he can put any one of his lead on – as well as customizable pipeline creation and much, much more.

From here, we got into the breakdown.

I wanted to pick apart Adam’s follow up techniques, and systems because he has had such a successful year… and because it was his first year – I knew it was important to highlight for any realtor on the same path. We started with his full lead submissions – which means the real estate leads Adam receives that have a phone number, email, and address.

As soon as one of these comes in, Adam begins almost immediately with following up. Below is a walkthrough of Adams full submission process. Keep in mind, a lot went into finding a perfect algorithm for this.

Facebook Advertising

As you can see, Adam has a straightforward, yet detailed follow up technique for his full submission leads. Adam stressed the importance of consistency and making sure that the initial follow up is within the first few days, and as approachable and casually professional as possible.

Adam also has additional follow up processes for his address only submissions, which are submissions that come into his account that only contain an address and no other personal information. It’s imperative to follow up with these in the right way, as they are valuable leads coming into your account. For Adam, the follow-up consists of a handwritten letter that is personally addressed to their home provided – and delivered within the first few days of the submission coming in.

Adam also explained that this process is something that he is still playing with. Because address submissions are a little harder to manage, there isn’t a perfect algorithm for them due to location, market, and other variables.

What Adam did explain though is that he’ll implement a system for his business and test their success rate. As an example, he’ll implement a follow-up system and try it out for a few months. If this new systems doesn’t yield results, Adam will scrap, tweak and modify the system to see how he can build a successful system.

This isn’t even a key component for Realtors starting out. This is something all agents should remember when implementing any system to their business. Why keep something that isn’t working?

Put a limit on how long you may try something for, whether that be three months, three weeks, or 6 months. Putting firm timelines on your trial systems will help you weed out the unsuccessful systems – on closer to the gold star systems your business needs.

Real Estate Advertising
Adam Wilson – Blondy Photography

It’s important to remember that Adam’s systems took a lot of consistency and determination. Adam mentioned several times that if something didn’t work, he didn’t spend too much time on it. “There’s no point in keeping up with something that isn’t yielding the results you want or need,” said Adam.

So the take away from Adam’s story?

With the right amount of commitment, connections and willingness to grow, you too can have a successful first year in the Real Estate world. Keep building your systems, trying different things, and building contacts. You too can have success. Refine as much as you can, so you too can build a year as successful as Adams.

For more information on StreetText, Facebook Advertising, and StreetText Academy, reach out to us personally! We are always more than happy to help.

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Case Studies Interviews On Marketing

“I’ve already doubled my deals from last year”

In just six months, Dave has already doubled his Real Estate deals from last year.

Dave Ehlke is a real estate agent in the Minnesota area, Forest Lake to be exact. He’s a husband, and father of two who left his job in corporate America to follow his dream of working in real estate. Fast Forward three years later, and Dave is already rising to the top of the real estate world.

He had success early on in real estate, but was having a challenge growing his business beyond the plateau of repeats and referrals.

Real StreetText client, Dave Ehlke, RE/MAX Results – Forest Lake, Minnesota

Online lead generation was important to Dave, but it turned out to be more difficult to “crack the code” than he anticipated.

Before he started with StreetText, half of his problem was not being able to find the right Facebooks ads and algorithms to keeping leads coming in. Now, StreetText does it all for him, which means monitoring ads is something he no longer has to do.

Dave Ehlke has been with StreetText for over a year and is seeing tremendous results in his target areas through his Facebook lead generation.

Dave values time with his family. Because Dave has a busy work schedule and is devoted to his family – StreetText helped him take his online lead generation off his plate.

Dave shared his mind set, “If I need to get out 100 letters, I won’t do anything else until they’re done.” He’s dedicated to his practice and takes time to finish everything because every detail is important to his success.

StreetText is giving him time to focus on the activities that generate business and serving his clients. For Dave, nothing else happens until his important tasks are taken care of. Dave has a deep-rooted drive to succeed and will do just about anything to make sure he’s on the path to success. Now when his follow up is done, he feels good knowing he can go home to his family while his lead generation is taken care of.

Now, Dave is closing several deals a month. These are single family homes starting at $225,000 – $270,000. Dave is growing an exceptional amount in his area.

Dave Ehlke, RE/MAX Results – Forest Lake, Minnesota

I asked Dave how he is converting his leads into transactions? Dave explained that he immediately dissects each leads that he gets through StreetText.

He shared that in order for him to approach the lead properly, he does an extensive amount of research into who they are, what they do, and where they live. Dave wants to know everything he can to make sure he’s providing his leads with what they need to list their home, and potentially purchase another.

After he gets their information, they’re instantly set up on a monthly postcard campaign. He’s also regular with door hanger campaigns for address submissions, where his 10 and 12 year olds bring around coffee cards and other small promotions to make sure people are remembering him.

Dave put a lot of importance on providing value and keeping these promotional items local. Giving someone a gift card to their favorite bakery is going to be leaps and bounds more valuable than sending them to a Starbucks.

During our 30 minute conversation, I could tell that Dave had a very strong sense of community. He is a father of two, working to better his family, and helping as many as possible in his area. Knowing his community is a huge part of who he is as a realtor because he’s a working professional – but he’s devoted to being a part of his leads life and affecting them in a positive manner.

Real StreetText client, Dave Ehlke, RE/MAX Results – Forest Lake, Minnesota

Not only does Dave work hard to help each of his leads, he works extremely hard on personal goals that he targets on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. He mentioned during our conversation that these are important for him to keeping on track and reaching all of the benchmarks be wants to obtain professionally and personally.

Dave mentioned that StreetText helps him take his business to the next level to reach his professional goals.

A lot of people are really focused on the sale, which is important to Dave… but he brings a very humanistic quality to the industry. His professionalism, mixed with his desire to make lasting connections makes him a natural in the real estate world.

His ads are relevant and getting great clicks, so there’s nothing else to worry about. He also mentioned that it’s his most affordable form of marketing, and he is excited for what else will come with his time with StreetText.

My final question to Dave was one that often leaves our realtors a little perplexed. I braced him for the obscurity of the question, and asked: “If you had the opportunity to turn back the clock, and give yourself one piece of advice from when you first started off in real estate, what would you tell yourself?”

Dave paused for a moment and replied with a confident statement.

“Keep doing you, and keep focusing on yourself.” Dave added that if he could, he’d explain to his past self that this industry is a roller coaster but to keep trusting in himself, and keep moving forward. He returned to the personal development, and personal growth he works so hard towards. Keeping himself focused and grounded would have been the best piece of advice he would have given himself when first starting. Have you ever thought about what yours would be?

To learn more, click on the button below and chat with one of our Facebook conversion specialists!

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On Marketing Tutorials

A Walkthrough: Email Parsing and app Integration with StreetText

We want to set you up for success, so here’s a walkthrough of how to connect your StreetText account with other applications, and email parsing to apps such as Five Street and similar applications!

Follow the steps below to connect Five Street with StreetText:

1. Login to your StreetText account

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 1.52.36 PM








2. Once here, click on the settings gear on the left-hand side of the screen
Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 1.41.15 PM










3. This will take you to another ‘Settings’ tab, ‘Pipeline’ tab as well as ‘Tags’ tab.
Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 1.41.31 PM








4. Once you’re in this section, click on the Settings icon again.

5. After, a drop down will appear that will include an ‘integration’ tab. Click on this tab to continue.
Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 1.41.53 PM







6. Once you’re in the integration section, you’ll want to put in your Five Street email in the designated email section
Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 1.42.06 PM








7. From here you’ll want to make sure the format is set to default

As always, if you have any questions please comment below! For more examples of best practices, and exceptional lead generation, book a demo with us now!

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How To On Marketing Strategy

5 tips on how to turn address only submissions into contacts

It’s much easier to call, email, or text a lead…so why is it so hard for us to go door to door? Why is approaching someone directly such a scary thought? Most of us approach people every day and it’s not at all a big deal. We purchase our morning coffee from a total stranger, we sit next to a total stranger on the subway to work and end our days buying groceries for dinner from a teller we’ve never met before. Every day we put ourselves in positions where we’re interacting with strangers – and it doesn’t seem to faze us. So why is the idea of going door to door so difficult?

We all get address submissions, and they can sometimes be overwhelming. So here are 5 tips for making these interactions much easier, and how to turn them into full-fledged contacts.


1. Introduce yourself: provide your lead with a bit of information on who you are, and how you’re going to help them.

This can be done in many forms. If you’re feeling incredibly brave, you can introduce yourself in person. This can often be a very successful method for some, however, if you believe you aren’t able to do the bold introduction, say hello through a nice handwritten card, or a typed letter. These are the easier methods for some,  and they also save time. Leads are busy, just like you and I…so dropping off a letter might be a better option when giving your leads an introduction. You’ll have a better chance of getting an email or phone number by adding some personal touches to your address only interactions. Click here to see an example of the methods Donna Swanzy uses to close deals.

2. Use this initial interaction as a way of enticing them, but keep them wanting more – be direct with your purpose and who you are as a realtor.

Provide them with the information they’ll need to bite at the chance to sell their home. Since you haven’t done a walkthrough of their home to know what its true value is, provide them with a few numbers of similar homes in the area or an estimate. If someones interested in selling, they’ll want to know exactly what their home is worth – which means if you provide them with a rough idea of the cost, they’ll want to contact you again to get a firm idea of their property value. Give them just enough in that first letter to make them incredibly curious.

3. To leave a lasting impression, provide them with a small token of your appreciation for reaching out.

This could be a coffee card or coupon for your favorite ice cream parlour. Something that’s personal to your neighborhood and makes your lead think “wow they really know this neighborhood.” Giving them this small item will let them know you’re appreciative of the contact, and make you stand out from the other dozen realtors in your area. You want to have a ‘wow’ factor that makes you stand out amongst the crowd. With this, they’ll be more inclined to give you a call or send you an email about the evaluation.

4.  Provide them with a list of past clients so they can look into contacting people for information.

This will put them in a bit more of a comfortable position when considering selling and when considering reaching out. If your lead can contact past clients of yours to see how you function, how you sell, how doing business with you was, it might allow them to be a bit more comfortable contacting you with follow up information. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, so having past clients talk you up will help with any type of lead you have in the future.

 5. Consider that every lead will be in a different situation.

Empathize, or ask why they’re selling. Get to know the reasons why they want to move on from this specific property. People will appreciate you getting to know them, and understanding why they reached out for the evaluation in the first place will show value and trust. It’s also important to consider that people do things at their own pace. Keep nurturing your address only leads, because people might not be ready to sell right away. Don’t give up on them, and provide them with the support and guidance they may need for making the decision to sell. They might just need it all for a rainy day.

For more information on address only submissions, Facebook marketing strategies, letter examples as well as the best ways to contact your leads, book a demo with us today!

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On Marketing On Real Estate

Why online leads are waaaay more likely to work with you than you think

When you are bombarded with a busy schedule – appointments, re-stocking flyers, calls, contracts, leads and listings to follow-up with – prioritizing your time is essential. You’ve probably witnessed agents who’ve been really busy one month and then stuck in a lull the next. Whereas top producers have systems that work on their business while they are busy working in their business. It’s why they are consistently active with deals month-after-month. Online leads provide you with new deals when the other agents are slowing down.


How do you advance your business when you are busy?

This is a great question to ask and a good problem to have. It means you are moving into the next stage of your business.

The answer is leverage. For a Realtor there are two types of leverage. People and Technology.

Having a part-time assistant can streamline your business and make your time more effective. An assistant can handle some of the repetitive tasks like weekly emails to your client database and lead database. A Realtor’s schedule is unpredictable. Whereas an assistant can have a consistent schedule which makes it much easier to do the important growth building tasks week after week.

Millionaire Realtor Breffni McGeough says, “If you’re task-driven and you get your tasks done, then you don’t have to worry about commission because people come to you.”

The second leverage you can setup is technology. Most critically, lead-generation technology. Tried and true activities like door-knocking and mail-out campaigns work. But they are painful. These activities demand your time on the street and you have to go one-by-one. The system we’ve designed enables you to do this in much better way.

StreetText leverages Facebook to digitally door-knock on thousands of potential home buyers and sellers, everyday. While you are busy closing deals or following up with an inquiry, StreetText is working on your business. When setup our technology is working on your behalf generating new business – putting you above the clouds.

If you don’t have a steady stream of incoming leads you need to stop everything you are doing and start generating them. It’s the lifeblood of every real estate agent. And it’s something you need to do really well.

~ Gary Keller, “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent”

Why online leads are way more likely to work with you than you may think

Would you agree that it’s worth focusing your marketing time and money where real estate business comes from? I think most people would agree with that.

According to real estate clients come from 3 main sources. (2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers)

Referrals, client database, and lead generation.

Here’s a quick breakdown of where home Buyers and Sellers clients came from in 2014.

Home Buyers:

1. 40% of home buyers found their agent through a referral.

2. 12% of home buyers worked with an agent they had used before to buy or sell a home.

3. The remaining 48% of home buyers were available through lead-generation marketing.

Also noteworthy:

Two-thirds of buyers only interviewed one agent before choosing their agent.

88% of home buyers reported that they would recommend their agent.

Home Sellers:

1. 38% of home sellers found their agent through a referral.

2. 22% worked with an agent they had used before.

3. The remaining 40% of sellers were available through lead-generation marketing.

Also noteworthy:

70% of home sellers only contacted 1 agent.

83% of home sellers reported that they would recommend their agent.

But how well do online leads convert?

Well we’ve recently released our survey of 5000 online leads generated for a large brokerage. The leads were tracked from capture to the conveyancing office. Of the 5000 leads generated, 3500 were Buyer leads and 1500 were Seller leads.

The results of the study showed that 678 of the leads closed a transaction at the brokerage within 12 months.

Here’s why it works for busy agents

Busy agents usually have a few things working for them. They have an assistant or tools that help them stay in touch with their client base (database). Secondly, they have a drip-email system to nurture their leads. Also, they tend to be generating some leads through various forms of marketing already.

Busy agents can leverage these existing systems to make online lead generation a good fit for their business. Isaac Verge, a high performing agent based in Windsor Essex Ontario, implemented StreetText in his business. Isaac has good clients and a good reputation in his community. But in his own words, “I decided that the risk of using the advertising budget I was currently spending to try something new would be small.”

Isaac’s assistant does all initial follow-up calls to his prospects generated through StreetText. He then goes to the booked appointments. By working with his assistant he is able to leverage his time much better. As far as results go, Isaac says, “With StreetText I have had more positive contacts with buyers and sellers and it hasn’t cost me anymore than I was spending already.”


Digital door-knocking (online lead generation) offers one of the greatest opportunities for Realtors of this generation. This is going to be the difference that separates real estate agents who put in place digital marketing from the rest.

StreetText is for people wanting to seriously grow their lead database list. It is an automated system that generates leads with really good marketing. The benefits of StreetText will easily help you get in front of new buyers and sellers, capture leads, meet prospects and advance your business.

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On Motivation On Real Estate

20 Mile March to Success

Success Motivation Hike Photo by Zach DischnerBefore I go to bed at night I iron a shirt or two, I constantly do this Sunday through Thursday night as part of an evening routine to set in motion the following day.

Because this has become a habit, once I start the process my body and mind immediately go into the sleep routine and I just follow the steps all the way to bed like clockwork.

Also I mentally prepare for success the following day. For my job I do not need to wear dress shirts. So why would I bother spending the time to iron them week after week? Because I take what I do seriously, and I remind myself of it each night before I go to bed.

When my alarm goes off at 5.30 my subconscious knows it is “go time.”

I hate ironing though and often I have to iron 2 shirts a night to get the job done by Thursday evening. So when I am feeling “more in the mood” I often want to iron as many as I can in one evening, saving me work later in the week. However this would be a mistake…

The 20 Mile March

In 1911 Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott set out to make history. They both wanted to be the first explorer to reach the South Pole.

As you can imagine the trip was treacherous and cold. Both men however had very different approaches to how they would accomplish the task.

Amundsen stuck to a specific routine. He would travel 20 miles per day, in good and bad weather. It was tempting for him to push hard on the clear sunny days, but he restrained his team.

Where he felt the most difficulty in this restraint, was the knowledge that his competitor may use every opportunity to press ahead when he had stopped. However he stuck to this, and even in the worst weather his team pressed ahead to achieve their 20 miles.

Scott in contrast pushed incredible hard on the clear days, he would push his team to exhaustion. And on the bad days he was known to write in his journal that he could not imagine any man venturing out in the bad weather.

Amundsen however was out in that weather on his 20 mile march.

It is worthy to note that there were a few days that not even Amundsen would travel. However by the time he reached the North Pole he had on average travelled 15.5 miles per day, 360 miles ahead of Scott.

Scott had no daily routine and as a result he kept slipping further and further behind. By the time he reached the South Pole, a month later, he was discouraged to find a flag already in place.

By this time Amundsen was already 500 miles ahead on his return trip.

Scott and his entire team perished on the way back.

For more on this read Jim Collins book Great by Choice

In your Real Estate business, it is important to remember this key principle.

The 20 mile march:

  • It sets in place good habits
  • Helps maintain momentum
  • Allows you to take on the right amount of work at the right time
  • Allows you to work within the recourses that are available
  • Helps you win in the good times and the bad times.
  • Keeps your growth constant
  • Helps set balance within the company and within yourself
  • Is measurable

Practical Use:

This of course can be a challenge. “Make hay while the sun shines” right!

How many Realtors do you know that go up and down like a yo-yo? Exactly for that reason, Realtors work on the business under their nose and hustle until they are exhausted. Suddenly things change and now that same agent goes through a dry spell while they try to find ways to drum up new business. This cycle of course further confirms in that agent’s mind to work super hard again when the sun shines because they “need it”.

Rather than working smart. Doing what is required each week without crashing and burning, and in turn seeing long term growth and success.

Compare the above example with a Realtor who sets a weekly habit of what MUST be done. And includes in the week to run a Marketing program to attract new leads.

When the sun shines and things are getting busier the Realtor does not hit the brakes on the marketing or the follow-up required. Instead, this Realtor either hires on help to handle the increased work load or chooses to pass on some more time consuming “deals”. Never forsaking the “boring” weekly tasks.

As the sun goes behind the clouds and most Realtors are panicking for business, this Realtor is doing business from the leads he has been generating week after week. In fact his database is so large that he has brought on another full-time agent to help grow his business.

This is the 20 mile march.

It is not glamorous and can often be boring to follow, however it recession proofs the agent’s business and sets in the weekly required tasks to be successful in the long term.

Hope you find this useful.

“How you spend your day, is in fact how you live your life.”

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