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5 tips to organizing leads without an assistant

Do you ever feel like you want to do it all, and get it all done your way? Do you truck through your workload with purpose and drive, but occasionally feel bogged down my the amount you have to do, or how you organize your workflow and leads? Do you ever wish you had an assistant to help you through your day to day?

Gift Present Celebrate Party Wrapped Simple Concept

If so, and if you’re the type of person to do it all yourself, then this article is for you. Some people function well without assistants, but at times we understand if it gets to be too much and you become overloaded. To make sure you’re keeping up to speed without an assistant, take a look at these 5 tricks to keeping your life organized and on track so you close as many deals as possible!

Stay cool, calm and collected

Understanding what you can do, and what you’re able to achieve is the first step to getting it all done. After you get each lead through StreetText, don’t panic! Chances are you’ll have a lot coming at you at once, so making sure you stay cool, calm and collected is important before tackling everything in front of you. Start thinking about how to organize your workflow or the areas you know you need better organization. What is stressing you out the most? Start a checklist or a sprint board and focus the task that takes priority. Take things on one at a time, and as organized as possible. Take a few deep breaths and even meditate to refocus your mind.

Take notes

The honest answer to this is not many people use pen and paper anymore. Smartphones have taken over as our primary source of note taking, so start using it to your benefit. Every time I have an important task, grocery list item, or even action item I’ve given myself from a meeting, I’ll text it to myself so I get the notification at a later time. This way, I’m notified of the note and can move the task to a more organized location later. You can even download a different note taking app to see which method works best for your lifestyle. This will range from formal notepad apps to an easy ‘post-it note’ notification. Try a few different things out and see what works best for your lifestyle.

Put things where they belong

Having a home office is great because everything is accessible and always at your fingertips…but clutter can sometimes take over and start to disorganize your day-to-day. It’s important to make sure this space is clear of clutter, and that your virtual space is organized too. Organize your leads any way you prefer, but make sure its a system that works for you. Colour code them, write them out on a whiteboard and erase them when they’ve been contacted. Yes. This takes time and work, but leads need nurturing too. They don’t list without a little bit of work. Click here for some tips and tricks to make your home office that much more organized.

Understand what your priorities are

It’s important to understand what you need to do, when you need to do it. Often times, people pile tasks on their plate. This is great, because it gives you a lot to do, but it’s important to know what tasks need to get done because they are vital tasks, and what can be put on the back burner. Not to say that some of your tasks aren’t important, but some things can wait. It’s understanding what tasks you NEED to be done to keep the ball rolling smoothly. Imagine you’re holding a bunch of different boxes, some big and some small. In order to hold them all, and not drop anything you may need to put some of those smaller boxes down in order to properly deal with the larger ones you’re holding. You can easily move those smaller ones later.

Work-life balance

Sometimes its easy to take home with you, but it’s important to remember that leaving work at work, and home at home will keep you properly balanced. It’s important to stay driven and focused on your business objectives, however, you do need time to recharge to make sure you’re staying focused and successful. Take time with your family, friends or even co-workers. Recharge, and focus on having a healthy mind so you return to work ready to go.

StreetText is here to help you start those conversations. Book a demo with us today for more tips, tricks, and how to generate seller leads on Facebook.

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A Walkthrough: Email Parsing and app Integration with StreetText

We want to set you up for success, so here’s a walkthrough of how to connect your StreetText account with other applications, and email parsing to apps such as Five Street and similar applications!

Follow the steps below to connect Five Street with StreetText:

1. Login to your StreetText account

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 1.52.36 PM








2. Once here, click on the settings gear on the left-hand side of the screen
Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 1.41.15 PM










3. This will take you to another ‘Settings’ tab, ‘Pipeline’ tab as well as ‘Tags’ tab.
Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 1.41.31 PM








4. Once you’re in this section, click on the Settings icon again.

5. After, a drop down will appear that will include an ‘integration’ tab. Click on this tab to continue.
Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 1.41.53 PM







6. Once you’re in the integration section, you’ll want to put in your Five Street email in the designated email section
Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 1.42.06 PM








7. From here you’ll want to make sure the format is set to default

As always, if you have any questions please comment below! For more examples of best practices, and exceptional lead generation, book a demo with us now!

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The art of contacting leads

If you’re interesting in making a positive first impression with your leads, and who isn’t at this point, you can’t escape hearing about the power of context marketing. Pelle Snickars said it first, “If content is king, context is it’s crown.” Context Lead Generation is understanding who your lead is, what they want, and most importantly what stage in the buying process they are in.

quote power of first impression

The problem with online leads is that the model is broken. Many Realtors are being sold leads without any knowledge as to what that lead wanted. To add insult to injury, often those leads are being resold to multiple agents.

The result is a really bad experience. Both for the Realtor and the prospect.

The lead doesn’t get what they were expecting and the Realtor doesn’t get what they need, a future client.

If the story ended here it would be a very sad story indeed. There is a solution, but first let’s start at the beginning.

1. Why are online leads so valuable to your business?

Lead generation drives growth. Most importantly, lead generation keeps you busy month-after-month. Many agents get swamped in summer time. While they are working in their business they need a system in place working on their business.

Because some agents aren’t doing anything to generate leads when they are busy, they come out of summer and find their business in a sudden lull.

A lead generation and nurturing system ensures this won’t happen.

2. Why isn’t my website getting online leads?

There are 2 reasons your website isn’t getting you online leads. First, agent websites are designed to sell you and are not designed to convert leads. They educate visitors about your service, why you are credible, trustworthy and good at Real Estate. Websites are ill equipped for lead generation. The forms don’t convert because they were never designed with lead conversion in mind, and even if you spent ten or twenty thousand dollars optimizing it, personal sites don’t get nearly enough traffic to make them effective.

3. Why are agents buying bad leads?

The industry has gotten used to the fact that 99% of online leads are useless. For some agents a good lead is worth 99 bad phone calls. The sad truth is that many agents are okay with bad leads.

4. Is there a better option?

Absolutely. It’s called “context marketing”.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s different. Leads submit their contact details in a form. This captures the prime suspects “name”, “email”, “phone number”. Most lead capture tools stop there. After getting the contacts name and email they call it a day and pass the lead onto the Realtor.

But, they don’t know if the info is correct, valid, or if the lead even wants to be contacted. So really these are unverified leads and not true leads.

“Context marketing” takes it 2 steps further.

1. It shares with the Realtor the reason that the lead submitted the form.

2. It asks the lead more questions, such as what exactly they are interested in, and shares those answers with the Realtor.

 5. How do I make a good impression when contacting leads?

When you have insight into what a lead wants you know why you are contacting them. Making it much easier to prepare prior to the conversation and really knock your leads socks off.

But… there is a secret to making this first call even better.

StreetText contact leads

 6. How to get introduced to your leads before contacting them

Dale Carnegie, author of “How To Win Friends And Influence People”, suggested that the best way of winning friends is by talking about topics that others are interested in. When you know what your lead is interested in because of “Context Marketing” you can talk about things to get keep them hooked along the funnel.

And then use systems (like your assistant) and technology (like email) to introduce yourself to them earlier in the process.

The result is that your leads will learn who you are and why you credible while you provide information that is interesting to them.

That way when you call your lead they are expecting you to contact them. Making your experience way better and your first impression a positive one.

7. How to I convert these leads

A staggering 80% of online lead conversion happens during follow-up and nurturing. Smart agents like Darryl Reuter and Isaac Verge have systems in place to ensure their leads get weekly drip-emails and follow-up phone calls.

This is the real secret behind online lead generation. To learn more about a long-term lead generation strategy click here.

8. How do I get started with lead generation like this?

If you are interested in a solution like this, we offer an amazing Lead Generation platform that you can check out here.

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Top 10 online lead generation mistakes to avoid

Generating leads online isn’t always sunshine and quick deals. Here is our list of the top 10 mistakes agents make when generating leads online.Lead Generation - original photo by Matthias Rhomberg

Mistake #1: Losing touch with a lead.

A lot of agents get in contact with a lead only to find out that the person is a long ways off from entering the market. This is true for all leads, whether they gave you a call to view one of your properties, or you met them through your online marketing. Nobody wants to work with “tire-kickers” so they let these ones go unconnected.

Don’t make this mistake. There is a difference between a long time-frame and a time-waster. Use technology like email automation, or notifications from your MLS, to stay in touch with these leads without much effort on your part.

When they are ready to hit the market, you will be first on their list.

Mistake #2: Waiting too long before responding to a lead.

Work life can get busy. Between showings, appointments, and negotiations it can be tough following up with inquiries. If a person inquiries with a genuine question, but it takes a long time to respond with an answer, that person very likely found their answer elsewhere in the meantime. They no longer have any reason to be in contact with you, and the opportunity to provide any value is gone.

Having a part-time assistant can make a big difference when it comes to following-up with leads.

Mistake #3: Forgetting to uncover the lead’s motivation for contacting you.

We often think that every lead means a deal. But often, their real motivation may be a bit different. We will never know without asking why they filled out the form, called you, or sent you that email.

When you find out why they are inquiring you are much more likely to get the sale.

Mistake #4: Treating all leads the same.

If you have a marketing campaign running, such as a Radio Ad or Facebook campaign, because your first contact will likely be by email or phone it’s easy to get caught in the trap that all these leads are the same.

However, these are all real people that are reaching out to your marketing offer, each with individual needs. Use the communication you have with your lead to create a tailored response for each one. If for some reason you can’t get in touch with a lead, that’s when it’s a good idea to use a broad follow-up response.

Mistake #5: Overloading the lead with too much info.

You’re an expert at real estate. Most of your leads are not. A little bit of information goes a long way when helping people buy and sell homes. Keep your emails short. If you have a Buyers or Sellers package, wait until you’ve had a couple conversations with them prior to sending it their way.

Mistake #6: Really long email signatures.

We’re all proud of our achievements. If you want to include these in your signature, include 1 or 2 that really stand out. I’ve seen many emails from agents and it is common for an email signature to be twice as long as the email content.

It can be hard for the reader to distinguish between the content and the signature. This makes an email seem intimidating to a reader. Also, it is very unlikely that your recipient will read your entire signature.

Often long signatures can come across as “salesy” and may turn off people before you’ve had an opportunity to meet them.

Mistake #7: Providing value for a while… then stopping.

One of the biggest value-drivers you can build in your business is your lead list. These are people that you stay in touch with weekly via email. You may have never done a deal with them, but as you keep sending them emails, you will.

Leads go through “peaks” and “valleys” of interest. A valley can last months to years. So keep sending those emails and your monthly deals will keep growing.

Mistake #8: Not explaining next steps.

It’s easy to have a great conversation with a lead and forget to outline the next steps. Outlining “next steps” create a reason to have the next phone call or to send follow-up email.

Also, from your leads perspective it is nice knowing what to expect for next steps. You appear very professional when it’s clear what will happen next.

Mistake #9: Not getting leads on an email campaign.

Leads require nurturing. People new to lead generation often expect that they will pick up the phone, call their lead, and have a new client waiting on the other end. While that happens occasionally, veterans at lead generation have learned that leads require nurturing.

After providing value and having an initial conversation add all of your leads to an email list. You may be surprised who you end up doing a deal with. Sometimes you will have written off a lead based on the first conversation and then 2 months later they give you a call about listing their home.

Always add every lead you have permission to email to a weekly campaign. Here’s an article that explains how to do this for Seller leads.

Mistake #10: Not doing everything you possibly can to get in contact.

Calling a lead once and leaving a voicemail rarely turns into a contact. Make it a habit to do what ever you possibly can to get in touch with that lead. Call them, email them, text them. If you cannot get in touch with them and you have permission to email them, add them to your email database.

Bonus Mistake: #11: Not providing value.

Often times we think that a lead needs to be a qualified buyer or seller today before we are willing to provide value. This is a huge mistake.

Today’s market place is driving by a value-first mentality. Furthermore, the easiest way to build trust and add credibility is by providing value to someone else free of charge. If you are afraid that it will lower your value if you provide work for free – know this. Instead of lowering your value, it bolsters it, because you are letting your leads know that you value them. Today all professionals are doing this. Lawyers to Accountants to Realtors. It’s the best way to do lead gen.

Action steps:

If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas about how to do lead generation, share them in the comments below. Make sure to checkout StreetText’s lead generation software, we’re a friendly bunch and are working hard to provide great value to you and to our clients.

Want to know how to generate leads online? Click here to read a tutorial explaining how.

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How to Generate Real Estate Leads Online – Including a Case Study Return on Investment

Welcome to the complete overview of everything you need to know to generate real estate leads online.

Maybe you’ve heard about how to generate online leads. You’ve been told that it’s important to follow-up within 7 minutes. You may even know that Facebook and Google are good platforms to advertise on. But what can you expect from these leads? Will they bring you business in the slow season? Do online leads convert? How long will it take to make a return on investment and how much time, money and energy will you have to invest?

This article will break the real estate Facebook lead generation strategy down for you. You will learn how it works, why it works, and how long it takes before you will see a return on your investment.

A picture of an evergreen tree representing consistent real estate online lead growth

How to Generate Leads Online:

1. Create an Advertisement and offer something of value to your target audience.

Make sure the message of your advertisement resonates with your audience.

2. Create a landing page where people will go when they click on your Ad.

This page is meant for one purpose: conversion.

Keep it simple, repeat the message you used in the Advertisement.

Have a form that people can submit their details in return for your offer.

Make sure there are no links that might take people away from completing the form.

3. Capture the lead

Store the lead in your database. You will want to be able to collect any notes about the lead, such as if they wanted more information or if they would like to be contacted at a future date.

If possible, track the leads steps through your landing page and form. This will give you a good idea into how interested the lead is.

We offer an amazing program to capture leads online with StreetText. We’ve already done the hard work of implementing the best conversion practices and ensuring your message is right. You can learn more about that here.

Why online leads turn into clients:

90-92% of home buyers and sellers start their process online. We all know this to be true, but do we really believe that? Stephen wrote a very insightful article that explains exactly how online leads work.

In summary, 70% of people work with the first Realtor they speak to. Even though most of us believe that the majority of business is generated through referrals and previous old clients, it turns out it isn’t the case.

Only 12% used an agent they previously worked with and 48% said they found their agent through a referral. 40% used agents they found from online and offline marketing. When you think of the amount of transactions that take place every year in your market, that’s a really big number.

These stats highlight 3 key growth areas for all Realtors to spend time on. Referrals, past/existing clients, and online marketing.

We’ve worked with lots of amazing Realtors, and in my experience, agents are most successful when they have good systems in place to nurture referrals and their client database first. Then once they’ve established those 2 cornerstones in their business they move onto online lead generation.

Many of the same systems that are used for maintaining good relationships with past clients and current ones (assistants, follow-up, email-lists) can all be use effectively to follow-up and nurture leads.

That said, you are unique, and you may very well be able to be successful with Lead Generation as you grow your list of past clients.

How long does it take to make money from online leads?

This is the biggest eye-opener for many people. Leads go through “peaks” and “valleys” of interest. You can read more about the peaks and valley cycle of leads here.

When a potential lead clicks through one of your advertisements and completes your form they are at a “peak” of interest. But, as is normal, life get’s busy and the lead quickly get’s distracted and goes into a “valley” of interest. It may take 2 months, 3 months or even 2 years before that lead moves into a high peak of interest where they then make the decision to enter the market and buy or sell a home.

At StreetText, the average time frame we see is 6-7 months. Woah! You say, “That’s a long time.” It’s true it is a long time, and that is why it is so important to have a good follow-up nurturing system to capture and convert those leads.

One of our clients, Darryl Reuter, didn’t see his first deal close until he had been with us for 4-5 months! Most new agents couldn’t afford this program, that is why it works best when agents are already doing deals every month or so. *Some of our clients have done deals in their first month of using our program, one of the agents using our service even got a client in the first 4 hours of using our program. That, however, is highly unexpected.

Today, Darryl has done numerous deals, and every month the number of deals he does from his StreetText leads list grow. Here’s why.

CASE STUDY: The timeline of online leads explained

If you have a good marketing campaign in place, you will capture new leads each month. As you do the number of leads you collect will grow month after month.

Below I will be referring to a case study we made with real estate agent Darryl Reuter. This shows the actual time frame it took before his leads from StreetText turned into deals. It also highlights the monthly growth as the leads mature into “market ready” buyers and sellers.

Team Reuter
Team Reuter

In the graph below, you will see that Darryl was collecting an average of 4 good leads per month. Obviously the amount of leads you generate will depend on the size of your advertising budget and the competitiveness of your market. Some of our clients are spending thousands of dollars per month on advertising and generate a staggering number of leads.

New Online Leads Added To Your List Monthly
The line in yellow shows the amount of online leads in the email list each month as it grows

With good follow-up you will get in contact with 75% of these leads by phone. 100% of these leads have given permission to be emailed and were added to Darryl’s drip-email campaigns. You can learn how to do the same strategy to convert online Seller leads here.

Now the nature of online real estate leads means that these people are generally starting their search and are in the discovery phase. They are not ready to buy or sell just yet.

Below was the timeline of Darryl Reuter’s leads as shown in green. You can read a complete interview with Darryl Reuter here.

Online Leads take 3+ months before they are ready
The line in green shows the number of leads entering the market. These leads took 2+ months before they were ready to enter the market.

Darryl saw his first deal in 4 months followed by another one shortly after. For privacy reasons the revenue shown here is not the actual amount of the commission, but is shown purely for demonstration purposes. It’s worth noting that these deals resulted in referrals, with the promise of more business in the future.

Below you can see the correlation between the number of leads “maturing” and the number of transactions occurring.

The point at which a commission was earned
The line shows the point that a deal occurred

As you can see in the graph below, his real investment was $1800 by 6 months into the program. Had Darryl stopped 3 months into this strategy he would have spent $900 and had a $0 return. However, by 4 months in he had made more than 5 times return on his investment. Each month his return keeps growing.

StreetText ROI
Investment versus return

Today Darryl re-invests a percentage of each deal he makes from this program back into his marketing budget. In this way he is ensuring his growth continues.


Online leads are an excellent way of growing your business. The key is to know that online leads can take 3-6 months to convert. At StreetText we see this as a partnership between you and us. You are committing a minimum 3+ months into this system and we are committing our time and resources into you as well. We’re not interesting in making bold claims that aren’t realistic or true. Instead our desire is that every person that uses our tool is successful with it. We provide strategies on our blog, email updates, maintain the system and provide phone and email support. It also means being upfront with what we expect, what you expect, and making sure we are both the right fit for one another. As such, we look for agents of integrity, with a growing business, who believe in serving their clients well and aren’t afraid of rolling up their sleeves to see results.

Once you’ve crossed the “first-deal” chasm the system starts to work really well.

Each month you will have new deals to work with. Darryl Reuter remarked that because of this system he understands why some agents are consistently busy. The key for you to be successful is knowing that you will need to invest 4 or more months before you see your first deal. Having realistic expectations, and setting in place systems to ensure that you have good follow-up and drip email campaigns running each week.

To learn more about StreetText, or to speak with an expert, click here to view the product page.

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5 Steps to Convert Seller Leads Online

proven marketing models for online lead nuturingConverting online leads does not have to be hard, but it does require a strategy.

I have outlined a simple model below that you can follow to attract, nurture and convert online leads. Sound interesting?

You will be successful with this strategy, the key is doing the work. Like going to a gym, you could have the world’s best trainer, but only you can lift the weight and manage your diet. If you are too busy to implement these tasks yourself, then find people on your team that can take leadership roles and are accountable to the actions (like making phone calls), not the results (how many converted).

The reason is that everybody can control/influence their actions, but no one has control over if/when someone else chooses to do work with them.

Alright, let’s get to it.

“Activity breeds results”

Here is a strategy for converting online home seller leads into listing appointments. It works over and over again, provided the steps are followed.

1. You need to attract seller leads.

It doesn’t matter what technique or channel you are using to attract sellers online. If it is working keep doing it. This article assumes you already know how to generate seller leads online.

2. Follow-up with all lead inquiries immediately with these 3 objectives.

Send all leads an email that…

  • Remind them how they found you.
  • Layout the next steps that you want them to take
  • and build rapport

Follow-up as quick as possible. Real Estate demands an irregular schedule. Agents that are most successful with this strategy have an assistant or system make the initial follow-up.

Remind them how they found you

Start your email with a quick reminder of how your lead found you. This is important, as crazy at it sounds, often people forget that they made an inquiry as life can get busy.

“Thank you so much for coming through my Facebook Offer”

Layout the next steps

Next, you will want to highlight the next steps your lead can expect from you and what you need from them. Here’s an example snippet you could include in an email. You could say the same thing on a phone call as well.

“Thank you so much for the information you provided, I am currently researching the property and will most likely need a few more details so please expect a call from me in the next hour or two.”

Build rapport

First, get people excited about the market.

Your timing couldn’t be better, currently the market has really started heating up.”

Then create trust by communicating your intentions, professionalism and trustworthiness.

Just a reminder that this is complementary and completely confidential. Also I do not expect you to “list” your home right away, I am more than happy to provide you the exact value of your home so that you can get an opportunity to see what level of service I provide for my clients. “

Finally, include a testimonial. A positive referral creates the best form of business, and a strong testimonial is a close second. It shows the fact that someone else is putting their reputation on the line to recommend your services.

I know you do not know me yet but I wanted to share this quick testimonial with you from a past client, feel free to learn more about me by clicking this LINK.”

Closing remarks

End every email with an action step. This keeps the conversation between you and the lead alive – and it keeps the momentum moving in the right direction.

“Looking forward to chatting shortly, and if it is more convenient for you to send me photos of your home so I can see inside instead of a walk through feel free to reply to this email with those pictures. 

Your Name

p.s. As a bonus to help you keep a pulse on the market I will keep you posted periodically on properties selling in your area.

With StreetText you can setup an automated email response that is sent to every lead inquiry on your behalf. This way it doesn’t rely on a busy person having to send it.

3. Make the phone call

You can choose to make the first call yourself, or have someone on your team do it for you. Darryl Reuter keeps a list of all his inquiries with him so that he can follow-up through the day while driving between showings. Whereas Isaac Verge has his assistant reach out to all prospects via phone on his behalf. Find a follow-up workflow that is executable for you, your team and schedule.

If you get voicemail

You: “Hi (First Name), this is (Agent) with (Company)

You went through my home valuation site and requested the value of your home, could you please call me back at xxx-xxx-xxxx or feel free to respond to the email I sent you today.”

When they answer

Here’s a good script that you can use when making your phone call.

Lead: “Hello,”

You: “Hi is this (Their Name)?

Great, this is (Your Name) from (Brokerage) you had requested the value of your home.

Did you have a chance to go through my email?

Lead: “No”

You: “That is okay, when you get a chance I recommend taking a quick look at it. And just a reminder this is completely free, confidential and I do not have any expectations that you will list your home. But I do have a few questions about your home to help prepare that evaluation for you..”

Lead: “Okay”

— If they are interested, keep going with this

You: – Go into what you found so far, what you need and try to set up an appointment to hand deliver the valuation. If they ask for you to email it, say yes, and then ask what works for you to call back and review it with them over the phone.

— Or, if they are respond that they were only curious

Lead: “I was just curious”

You: “That is totally fine, I will be able to send you a range on your home that should be pretty accurate. And as you get closer to selling I will, for free, be able to come through and give you a super accurate price closer to that time frame. As the price of course could be different then than it is today.

Oh and by the way would you like me to email you occasionally properties that sell in your area so that you can keep a pulse on the market?”

— Continue the conversation

4. It actually does not matter if you get them on the phone. Add them to your email campaign. 

The reality is that it is hard to book an appointment in the first phone call.

This is good news believe it or not, why? Because it is the reality, so knowing it helps set your expectations. And because it does not affect your conversion rate.

As important and great as that first phone call is, you do not have to rely on it to win the listing.

Because of these two principles:

  1. Online Lead Dilemma: Leads that come online are often start their search 10 weeks before they are willing to take action.
  2. Peaks and Valleys: Leads go through peaks and valleys of interest as they approach that “action” and it can change suddenly, what you need to do is position yourself as the agent they chose when they take action.

Next, add your prospect to your drip email client. Make sure you have email permission first. With StreetText we make sure that we ask all your leads for email permission.

We recommend MailChimp if you don’t have an drip email client. It’s free for up to 2000 subscribers.

Watch a quick video of me explaining how to do this with MailChimp

Here’s why drip email works.

For example: Jane (a potential home seller) fills out your Seller campaign because her husband and her are bouncing the idea around of selling in the summer. However they consider themselves curious at this point and not motivated. They do not want to “waste an agents time.” They become your lead, you leave a voicemail and add her to your weekly “Why did it sell so fast” email. You email her weekly so she has a pulse on the market. 5 weeks in her husband receives a promotion and they decide to list their home, and reach out to you.

However you did not manage to get her on the phone and your first interaction is 5 weeks after the day she became a lead. 3 weeks later you have sold their home and have an offer on a new larger home.

This is because of two more principles:

  1. 70% of people will work with the first agent they speak to.
  2. Providing short valuable emails start conversations when a leads hits a peak interest point.

5. Set the frequency of your emails and stick to it.

Pick the same time and day of each week or every second week. I recommend setting a reoccurring reminder in your calendar.

Darryl Reuter uses this very strategy. His assistant sends out emails every week to his list. As his leads request more info he is able to tailor the content for their search.

In his interview on adding consistency to his business Darryl says, “I’ve seen the backend of it start to snowball where we have a few hundred people now that are on the foreclosure list, or another list that we’ve setup for them, and that’s just starting to come back to me big time. People see the branding now, they see it every week. The ratio of emails I get back every week are starting to go up. ‘Hey, I noticed this one… what about this one… could you show me this…’ We are getting interaction almost weekly now where before it was just sending out the list to people.”

The 5 steps above work, follow them to grow your business.


Here’s how you can take this strategy above and beyond.

  • Hand deliver or mail the CMA.
  • Mail a hand written thank you note: “Thank you so much for the opportunity to do an evaluation on your home, whenever you are ready I would love to complete the evaluation for you”‘
  • Add their property address to your mail outs marketing campaigns.


Hope you found this model useful. Wish you the best in your business. Feel free to investigate StreetText and how we can help you grow your business.

Gary Keller who wrote The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (Highly encourage you to read this!) lays out a powerful concept.

It is best to work from proven models and then once the model is in place you can further innovate the model. In other words rather than reinventing the wheel follow what works, and then innovate on top of that to go further.

To learn more about why online leads are so important to your business read Online Leads Dilemma.

Complete Email Script

"Thank you so much for the information you provided, I am currently researching the property and will most likely need a few more details so please expect a call from me in the next hour or two

Your timing couldn't be better, currently the market has really started heating up.

Just a reminder that this is complementary and completely confidential. Also I do not expect you to "list" your home right away, I am more than happy to provide you the exact value of your home so that you can get an opportunity to see what level of service I provide for my clients.

I know you do not know me yet but I wanted to share this quick testimonial with you from a past client, feel free to learn more about me by clicking this LINK.

Looking forward to chatting shortly, and if it is more convenient for you to send me photos of your home so I can see inside instead of a walk through feel free to reply to this email with those pictures.

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