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$79 /month

$59 /month

Save $240

Add texting for $49/month Add texting for $39/month
  • Grow features
  • Up to 25 Leads/Month
  • Unlocks Lead Gen Templates
  • FUB Integration Basic
  • Ad Specific Email & Text Automation
  • Ad Split Test
  • See Returning Leads
  • Monthly Ad Spend Tracker
  • Zapier Integration
  • See more
  • iList Ad Funnels
  • Email Parsing
  • Group Classes
  • Mastermind Invite
  • Ad Stats
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Unlimited Facebook Pages
  • Unlimited Ad Accounts
  • Unlimited Ad Spend
  • Automation Entry Points
  • Import/Export Leads
  • Social Profile Lookups
  • Zip Code Matching
  • Email Address Verification
  • Perfect Attribution
  • Webinars
  • Affiliate Referral Account
  • Contact Filters
  • Tasks
  • Lead Conversion Courses Availible for an extra fee
  • Private Facebook Group
  • ROI Tracking
  • Track Deals
  • Pipelines


Be omnipresent

$159 /month

$129 /month

Save $360

Add texting for $49/month Add texting for $39/month
  • Everything in Grow plus
  • Up to 100 Leads/Month
  • Ad Bundles (50 Ads, 3 Bundles)
  • Unlocks Remarketing Templates
  • Custom Audiences (10)
  • Ad Rules
  • Custom Ad Templates
  • FUB Integration 2 Way Sync for Remarketing
  • Reuse Ad - Quick Launch
  • Remix Ads Ai
  • Customize Proven Ad Templates
  • Ai Ad Text Automations
  • Video Ads
  • Homebot Integration


Ads on autopilot

$249 /month

$199 /month

Save $600

Add texting for $49/month Add texting for $39/month
  • Everything in Pro plus
  • Up to 400 Leads/Month
  • Auto Relaunch Ads with Ai
  • Premium Support
  • Ad Onboarding & Account Setup
  • Ad Bundle (Unlimited Ads, 20 Bundles)
  • Custom Audiences (20)
  • Webhooks

Included with every plan:

Weekly training
Insider Facebook group

Get more done with these add-ons

Julie & FUB inbox & notes
Managed ads
Sub accounts
Team mates
Custom domains

Julie & FUB inbox & notes

StreetText's "Julie" is your very own Text Number that you can use as a stand-alone product with FUB to manage Text Automations. Or alongside of StreetText's Ad Platform. If you appreciate Speed to lead and the power of staying in touch. You will Love Julie. You can rename Julie to any name you like.

$49 /month

Managed ads

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$300 /month

Sub accounts

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$50 /month/each

Team mates

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$5 /month/each

Extra custom domain

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$50 /each

Frequently Asked Questions

StreetText provides a 7-day free trial which gives you a chance to connect your Facebook page, set up your account and test out our ad templates. This provides you an opportunity to receive leads and establish a general idea of what type of leads and the cost to acquire those leads in your market. The trial also gives you the ability to explore how you can integrate your incoming leads with your current systems and processes.

StreetText does not charge users for the 7-day trial period. We do not require any payment method upfront and will only collect a payment method should you choose to move forward with a subscription when your 7-day trial expires. Any ad spend with Meta will be charged and collected from you directly by Meta during (and after) your trial period.

You may cancel at any time. We ask users to provide 7 days notice of cancellation to ensure our billing team has sufficient time to process your request. Your account will be canceled effective the end of the current billing cycle.

Typically users spend around $7-9 a day on average for Meta ad spend. Lead costs can vary depending on ad type, the local market, and your goals.

Yes, you can use your own ad account (this is not your business page) to launch ads from.

You can run ads through your business page. On the initial connection between StreetText and Meta you will connect via a personal profile to unlock the access to the business page and ad account.

No. To take advantage of the 20% discount you must pay the annual amount for your desired plan upfront at the beginning of your membership.

Yes, you may downgrade your subscription at any time. Downgrade requests will take effect for the next billing cycle.

Yes, you may upgrade your subscription at any time. Upgrade requests will take effect immediately, with the cost difference being prorated and charged at the time of the upgrade.

Save Time with StreetText

  • Launch an Ad Funnel in Seconds
    Skip the Ad Building Time
  • Sync with your CRM
    Have your leads go to where you want them to go
  • Be in control of your text message automated AI (Add-on)
    Reach out to your leads quickly and efficiently with AI
  • Custom Domain
    After iOS14 running conversion ads became much harder. StreetText has you covered and includes a custom domain to meet Facebook requirements.
  • Masterminds
    Learn from the best, new strategies of what’s working in today’s market by agents
  • Webinars/Exclusive Content
    Learn from the best, new strategies of what’s working in today’s market by agents

Save Money with StreetText

  • Library of high performing ads
    Get a lead within 24 hours. Launch the best ads to get the most of your ad spend
  • One Click Split Testing
    Tap into the lowest cost of the lead, matching it to the best audience
  • Perfect Attribution
    Always know which ad is driving which outcome
  • Homebot Integration ""
    Easily sync your leads to your Homebot Account
  • Zapier Integration ""
    Send leads to the apps that you love most.
  • Follow Up Boss Integration ""
    Sync with FUB to Remarket to your entire database.
  • 100% of Ad Budget spent directly on Ads
    100% of your ad budget goes to growing your business.

Earn More Money with StreetText!

  • Ads with real time performance insights, data & metrics
    Know which ads are working best for your market.
  • Unique pre-built text and email automation for each ad
    Start more conversations with each ad launched.
  • Full Ad Funnel you can personalize
    Each ad comes prebuilt with proven Emails & AI text messages (Add-on) designed to start a conversation.
  • Pre-build audiences & facebook placement
    Optimized to perform.
  • Build your own brand
    Don’t build your lead providers brand, build your own.
  • ... and so much more!

Trusted by agents everywhere

It’s so much more than lead generation

"I love the community and the ads work!!"

Michele Johnson
Susan Rupert Group®

"I just want to thank Markus, Isaac, Stephen and Logan for being real. No system I have ever used, or attempted to use, has had the kind of transparency, support, education, and congeniality of this system. You practice what you preach, above and beyond. You deliver in every way. Thanks guys. Thank you for bringing us into the fold as well as identifying users with tips and tricks. Highlighting these creative users helps us all."

Brenda Canady
Churchill Properties

"Guys! I just signed a $750,000 listing from StreetText yesterday! Second one this year!! Whoo hoo!!"

Hector Valdes
New Century Realtors®

"10/10 The amount of leads, ease of process, and customer service."

Jackie Dearth
JP & Associates Realtors®

"I wanted to share that I LOVE StreetText!!! I just got my 2nd listing from StreetText and I've been a member for less than a month. I have more leads than I can keep up with. You guys are the best, THANK YOU!!!"

Shawna Grace
The Caleo Group

"I have had a good return on StreetText. I think if you truly nurture the system and put in time it will do you well."

Chelsea Dillick
eXp Realty

"Great follow up, training, help, support, and pricing."

Michelle Swift
Providence Properties

"I'm pleased to announce my first WIN - WIN!!! July 28th I got a StreetText lead that was "just curious." Our average sale is below $250,000 ... Long story short, after searching and searching for their next home, we found the one and got under a contingent contract at $330K, putting their home on the market the same day we had acceptance. My clients are beside themselves with joy! THANK YOU STREETTEXT !!"

Vicki Watson
ONE Group Sahuarita

"Good lead generation platform and good funnels."

Kuljeet Sekhon
Century 21 Empire Realty Inc.

"New StreetText listing #11. I think it's good to have StreetText. Thanks for all the trainings and support. Without StreetText I was not able to build my business that fast as a newbie."

Maryam Mohavvelaty
ONE Group Las Vegas

"It is easy to use & great group coaching."

Hilary Johnson
eXp Realty LLC

"I'm in almost 5 months. I completely turned off my ads for about 30 days thinking this was just like every other gimmicky lead source. But then.... in the last 7 days I have had 2 in person appointments with 2 sellers that are READY TO SELL... I got in front of them tonight and it's a $450K listing. I should know in the next day or two if I got the listing but the point is, keep at it! Opportunity is all around it just takes time. I'm building brand awareness with my ad. I've tweaked what email I send out and I'm starting to get responses."

Kelly Finley
New Century Realtors®


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Darryl Reuter

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