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How does StreetText and Facebook work?

Facebook advertising is a 3rd-party service. Just like any advertising, they charge you money to advertise on their platform. Facebook advertising works like an auction, so while you can set a Facebook ad budget of $5/day, you will be competing with every other business advertising there as well (think Nike, Adidas, etc). They bill in $50 increments. That's why we can tweak/recommend improvements to your ads after one-week of running them in your market area.

StreetText optimizes your ads to get the best cost-per-click based on audience, scheduling and conversions. With StreetText your Facebook ads get results.

StreetText's team will connect your Facebook Business page to our system, create your Facebook ads, build a StreetText capture funnel to reach new leads.

You will have full access to the StreetText dashboard, where you can manage your leads, take notes and more. You will also be immediately emailed all your new lead information.

Do you charge me for Facebook, or do I pay Facebook directly?

Facebook will charge you directly. You are in control of your Facebook daily spend.

What if I decide to cancel StreetText after I sign up, is it easy to do?

Absolutely, if you decide StreetText is no longer serving your business you can cancel 14 days before your next billing period.

If you signed up for a 6 month or 12 month contract because of a discount, you will then be responsible to pay 40% of the remaining contract.

Can I connect my auto responder, email and CRM to StreetText?

Yes, StreetText is by far the most open platform for connecting your systems.

We connect to hundreds of applications through Zapier. Everything from MailChimp to Gmail and 100's of other apps.

We also work with email parsing. This enables you to connect with any CRM, even if they don't provide native support.

I am not very technical, will StreetText work for me?

Yes, StreetText sets up your Facebook ad(s) for you and creates your own custom seller and buyer campaigns for your area to capture leads.

Can I reach home buyers and sellers?

Yes, we provide proven systems to capture more buyer and seller leads.

You will reach new clients beyond your sphere. We will expand your exposure by targeting new home sellers and buyers that are not yet connected to your Facebook page.

We have found the seller campaign to be the best place to start for all our clients. It allows you to experience the platform.

The buyer campaigns tend to be more custom to your needs, area and offer.

Will my brand get exposure?

Facebook is an excellent way to increase your brand's exposure. Your brand will be seen by thousands of people every month. You will get more views than a bus ad, park bench and print ad - COMBINED. Best of all, you only pay to be seen by people who are most likely to use your service. Most people don't realize that their Facebook page profile picture is in every ad we run. It will be shown in thousands of Newsfeeds. Facebook ads are so powerful they can quickly make a good business great or a great business excellent.

Will I get support after I sign up?

Absolutely. In fact someone on the team will be booking a private one-on-one coaching call with you to help you get the most out of the system.

We also provide email support. Need to discuss your campaign? Or ask about sales techniques? We're open. Reach us during office hours 9am-4pm (PST) using live chat in your account or email us anytime. We're happy to receive emails, birthday cards, or pizza any day of the week :)

Do I need a Facebook business page before starting?

Yes, if you do not have a Facebook business page you can learn how to create one here. It will only take you about 20 minutes set up.

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Jenifer Salter, EXP Realty NC

"Y'all know I love StreetText. This last week has exploded and so has that love! I am closing a StreetText deal next week. I have 2 listings going live this week because of StreetText and 1 listing going live next week! To say I'm grateful is an understatement."

Isaac Verge, Vision Realty Ontario

"I've used traditional advertising like paper, mail and TV and continue to do so. With StreetText I have more positive contacts with buyers and sellers and it hasn't cost my anymore than I was spending already."

Darryl Reuter, Royal Lepage British Columbia

(Grew from an individual agent to a team of 3 agents on StreetText)

"Everybody talks about how much money they are making per deal. The money has nothing to do with it for me. It's how many clients I can get an opportunity to work with. Every time I deal with a client, that's another one into my database that I can get referrals from. It's another one I can do a good job with. It's another one that I can do a deal with down the road. StreetText is good for me for that."

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Darryl Reuter Testimonial

Darryl Reuter

"Thanks to this program, I've closed 3 deals from StreetText, with 3 more pending. I'm very excited about it."