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Donna Swanzy – The systems bringing her success

Just as Dave Elhke does, Donna Swanzy has her own unique systems that are working for her and her business growth.

In fact, Donna has a unique approach, that goes against the grain with what is standard in the Real Estate world. She doesn’t call leads.

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Donna closed 6 deals in one month through StreetText, and 12 deals that month in total. Donna did all of this without making a single call to a lead.

If you’re like Donna and prefer not to call people, and to door knock as little a possible…maybe her strategy can help bring your business to the next level. Read below, and see if any of her strategies and systems that you might want to implement into your business practices!

Stage one

Donna initially gets the majority of her leads through StreetText’s custom-made Facebook advertisements. She doesn’t have to monitor these and focuses on what she does best…listing and closing deals.

Once people click on her Facebook advertisement, the leads will filter through her StreetText dashboard for her to address. Donna has a few different systems she uses, including her CRM, and an organized system for her address only leads. Once these are filtered through, Donna begins nurturing each lead.

Stage two

Once a lead comes in, they will automatically get an email from Donna. This email is automatically sent through her StreetText account and is sent once someone requests a home evaluation. From here, the email provides them with all of the information they would need to initially get in touch with Donna.

To download a version of Donna’s initial lead email, click on the downloadable link provided below.

Donna Swanzy – Initial Auto Email

Stage three: Address Submissions

From here, Donna will handle any and every address submission, because no lead goes unturned. She mentioned in our latest Webinar session that she always contacts her address submissions by letter.

Donna highlighted the importance of making this a handwritten, and very personable letter, as well as providing the lead with all the information they’ll require to keep them intrigued to get their valuation.

Just like Dave, Donna doesn’t provide them with all of the information. She provides them with just enough to stay curious and to contact her back. For an example of the letter Donna sends her address submissions, click on the downloadable link provided below!

Donna Swanzy – Reasons to Sell Example

Stage four: Phone Numbers

When Donna receives a phone number, believe it or not…she doesn’t use it. Donna has made it very clear through several conversations her and I have had, that she doesn’t like calling leads, and doesn’t enjoy door knocking.

Donna has continued to be successful, regardless of using phone calls or not. Her personal mantra is that she doesn’t enjoy being called, or talking on the phone, so why should she do that to others?

This system has clearly been working wonders for Donna. Now, it’s important to remember that Donna does eventually call her clients if need be, and only steers clear of calling when the lead is new, and not a client yet.

Stage five: Email Follow up

Donna explained to that her email systems have changed during her time as a realtor. She initially started by sending emails individually to all of her leads, and is now using a 5-week email campaign to contact all of her prospective clients.

Now, Donna uses Peak Producers, build by Brian Buffini as her primary CRM and will filter all of her leads with an email address through this. Once they are put in her CRM, Donna can place each of these on her pre-scheduled email campaign.

All of her emails are built – each lead will receive an email a week for a specific duration. These will vary, depending on content, and what Donna wants to send out that week. Much like Matthew Nicolas, and Dave Ehlke…Donna focuses on changing these emails and systems every few months. That way she keeps content fresh and enticing for her leads.

For examples of content, Donna sends to her leads, download the documents below.

Donna Swanzy – Drip Campaign High Demand Letter

Donna Swanzy – Drip Campaign Informative Letter

Donna Swanzy – Drip Campaign Market Activity letter

Donna is a hard-working real estate agent who has tested systems and seen what’s worked best for her business over time. We always recommend that when you venture into building different systems, that you try out a series of different ones before settling on one system. We also recommend constantly changing your approach and systems so your leads stay intrigued, and educated with the content.

Remember, try something – and if you don’t see results…change it! Systems will always need tweaking and changing, even if they’re successful systems. Take the time to know what works, and build similar systems around those strategies. This will make all your future plans foolproof.


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On Marketing On Real Estate

How to get in front of new Buyers and Sellers

How to get in front of new clientsRemember the days when you finished the Real Estate Course and first got your license? The course does a good job of preparing you on how to protect your client and prepare real estate contracts. (Well it does a pretty good job). Most of the time we end up scrambling to complete our first contract hoping that we did everything correctly.

What the course doesn’t teach Realtors is the art of getting in front of new Buyers and Sellers. As you likely discovered early on in your career, it’s hard to find new clients. There’s a lot involved in running a Real Estate business beyond serving your clients well, protecting them from lawsuits, and bringing them the best deals. You’re running your own business. There are a million plus Realtors in Canada and the U.S. running small businesses, hiring assistants and contributing to the health of the economy.

Every business from Real Estate to Wall Street needs to do 2 things really well. Deliver the best product and service to their clients and generate leads.

How to get in front of new Buyers and Sellers

There are 2 main models in Real Estate to grow a business:

  1. Listings and Referrals

This is a common strategy among many agents who’ve been in the business for a few years. Get as many listings as possible. Use the listings as a net to capture buyer leads.

Ask every Seller and Buyer for a referral as soon as the deal is done.

  1. Leads and Marketing

Another common strategy among agents is the “investment” approach. Find a marketing method that generates leads. Reinvest a portion of every deal you get from that marketing method back into it.

As your business grows, so does your marketing budget, which in turn grows your business.

How to do both models better:

What are Top Producers doing?

In his book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Garry Keller describes a successful Real Estate business as one that focuses on Listings, Leads and Leverage.

He found that Top Producers don’t do one model or the other, they combine both models. It can take time to get your business to the place where one is able to implement this 3rd model. But once implemented, you will have set your business to grow, year-after-year.

The Third Model

  1. Leads, Listings & Referrals

First and foremost Top Producers understand the power of an outstanding reputation with their clients. They put the needs of their clients first.

Isaac Verge, for example, explained to me how he is in Real Estate to serve his clients. That’s what drives him. Asking for a referral is an opportunity to get feedback from your client to see how well you’ve done in their eyes. This is important information as you grow your reputation in the market. If you’ve done something well, you’ll want to share it. Likewise, if you’ve done something poorly, you’ll want to improve it.

Next, Top Producers work on getting listings. In a Buyers Market this can add some pressure, as you’ve likely experienced. The needs of the Sellers increase as you do everything you can to get them a fair price for their home. Stephen, StreetText’s co-founder, used to say one of the hardest conversations he had to have was telling a Seller that their home wasn’t worth as much as they thought it was.

But the reward is worth the pain. Listings provide you with a “lead net”. They get you more inquiries and more opportunities to convert those leads into clients.

Also, listings give you market presence. The more your name is seen in the market place, the more credibility you get in the eyes of your potential clients.

Finally, Top Producers put into play good lead systems. The majority of our clients are Top Producers. Their is a reason they are consistently busy.

When Summer turns into Fall a lot of Realtors slow down as the market activity dwindles. Smart Agents stay busy because they’ve spent the prior 3 months investing in lead nurturing.

Darryl Reuter said that working with StreetText was the thing that made him consistently busy. This is a common statement among many of our Top Producers.

The best method that we’ve seen to get in front of new Buyers and Sellers is using StreetText with Facebook to digitally door-knock on thousands of homes.


Wherever you are in your journey to grow your Real Estate business I want to encourage you to continue. Real Estate offers a great quality of life and is a rewarding business. Where else do you get an opportunity to see that young family get that perfect home, or to help a nice family make a big transition to a new town. Keep up the good work, you’re the reason we’re in business. We want to see Realtors that love their jobs and clients succeed.

What else can you do to get in front of home buyers and sellers?

Case Studies On Marketing On Real Estate

How quality Realtors are using online lead generation to get a competitive edge

This post is going to be a little bit different than my usual ones. Instead of giving marketing tips and tricks I want to talk about some of our clients’ experiences and how they are using StreetText’s Facebook lead generation tool.

StreetText Technology For Realtors

Partners Mark Norman and Wally Lane, savvy Realtors out of St. John’s are true full-service agents. It shows from the feedback they are getting from their clients.

“I cannot thank Mark or Wally enough for being there every step of the way and answering all of my questions. My son Samuel and I thank you both for everything. You guys rock!!!!”
Germaine W. – St. John’s NL

Wally recently shared on Facebook about his experience with StreetText. Wally wrote, “Hey Everybody, We’ve been using StreetText for about 3-4 months now and have been finding the result great. In our area we are currently in a buyers market. So, we are using our StreetText advertising to attract buyers, which are more easily converted into sales in our current market environment.”

Wally Lane Facebook comment

We don’t talk about StreetText Evergreen Lead Generation very often. So here’s a quick overview of how it helps.

We did a survey of all our users. The majority of them said that they would be very disappointed if they lost the tool. We asked them what the biggest benefit of the tool was. Almost universally it was, “I love the consistent leads! This is by far, the best investment I’ve made.” Many have become evangelical about the power of Facebook.

“Facebook is by far my most profitable marketing using StreetText,” she notes. “The StreetText platform is amazing.”
Sydney Waits, RE/MAX Heritage TX

“I’ve used traditional advertising like paper, mail and TV and continue to do so. With StreetText I have more positive contacts with buyers and sellers and it hasn’t cost me anymore than I was spending already.”
Isaac Verge, Vision Realty

“I love it! People tell me all the time that they’ve seen my ad on Facebook. Also I’ve had quite a few closings thanks to StreetText”. Karen Haug, ReeceNicholos Real Estate

One of the toughest questions our clients face every day is when they ask themselves, “What will take my business to the next level?”

StreetText solves this problem by giving Realtors a marketing system to effectively capture leads consistently from Facebook. You can even setup text messages to convert your leads from within your StreetText account, automatically.

Our users now have an evergreen lead generation tool that integrates into their business to take it to the next level.

“Every person we’re working with now, if it isn’t a repeat or referral, they’ve come through StreetText.”
Wally Lane

Matthew Nicolas is a smart Real Estate Professional at Royal LePage. Matthew services Winnipeg, Manitoba and uses a clever strategy to target his marketing to a specific neighborhood. Matt has used StreetText to position himself as a leader and to create more value for his partners by providing online lead generation strategies to his clients. He was recently named among the top 100 agents in Canada.

Matthew Nicolas facebook comment

Another of our users, Julie Hurley, a hard-working Realtor based out of beautiful Nashville, Tenessee area says, “I genuinely care about my clients and use StreetText to reach people who want to sell their home.”

The greatest privilege of building StreetText is getting the chance to work with intelligent and hard working Realtors. As much as the StreetText team gets to share our knowledge of effective marketing tools and strategies, we get to garner and learn from successful Realtors creating unique and compelling businesses.

To learn more about StreetText, click here.